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I quote R squared. Ahem, "The real cliff-hangers haven't even started yet." And "Cliff-hangers are when characters are left in imminent danger."

Oh my dear reader, I have 2 evil plans to spoil your joy now. Hehehehe. Your obsession pleases me. Throughout this story I will try to take away people's readers to can and even then store them in a jar and give it back to you at the end of the story, which is a long wait.


Hehe the authors note at the end made me laugh. I'm guessing it isn't supposed to be funny, but it is! Update soon and I lurv this story (the only thing stronger than love is lurv) and I lurv PERCABETH!

I didn't intend anything in the AN to be funny or not, I intended to express my thoughts about updating stories in the middle of the night. If the only thing that is stronger than love is lurv then I would have to make Percy and Annabeth say "I lurv you" instead. And the only thing that is longer than forever is five-ever.


good idea about not going into lovey dovey straight away you made it start out like any normal relationship I think anyways because I don't have a girlfriend or anything so I wouldn't know really liked this chapter update soon

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This story is in a community and I had a heart attack and started fangirling.

~~~~~~~~~~TIME LAPSE~~~~~~~~~

Date: March 20th Calypso's PoV

I was absolutely ecstatic! I used to go to Goode and then my parents transferred me to a school in London, which really upset me because my closest friends Grover, Juniper and Percy were there. Well, Percy was different. I was hoping that Percy would change or friend status to something more than that. Anyways, in London I dated a couple of guys but that never changed how I felt about Percy. The good news is I am transferring back to Goode (AN in my eyes this is not good news in anyway) so I get to see Percy!

Am I worried he got a girlfriend? Not a chance. When we were 14 he couldn't get a girl to even talk to him, other than his friends, of course.

Today I walked into school in my usual baggy white dress and sandals with my brown side bag for books. I went to my locker and passed by Grover. I smiled and waved at him while he stared at me in shock.

"Calypso! What are you doing here?" he asked, "I thought you moved to London!"

I laughed, "I did," I responded pulling my braid to one side, "But I moved back. Hey, where's Percy?"

Grover sighed, "At his locker, but –"

I nodded, "Thanks!" then I ran off.

I kept on thinking He'll be so happy! Then, since he's so happy to see me, we could maybe become more than friends and –

I was cut out of my thoughts, my smile faltering. Percy, who could have been – no, should have been – mine, had his arms around another girl. A rather pretty girl.

He was leaning against his locker, she was facing him. He had one arm around her waist and the other twirling her blonde, curling hair, they were talking and laughing and he was so happy. She had one hand on his chest and the other arm around his neck. They were way to close to have just been friends. I looked around then turned on me heels and fled.

At Home Economics

Class was really boring; we were learning how to make various types of soup. I kept on thinking back to seeing Percy at his locker. He had a girlfriend (and he looked a lot better than the last time I saw him, perhaps leaner?).

The teacher droned on and on, "… Now let's get started. Remember, you can stir up anything as long as you have the skill."

My head snapped up.

You can stir up anything if you have the skill…

I smiled slightly.

I have the skill. I have the skill to stir up trouble!


Muhahahahahahahahahaha. Now there will be 2 girls who want to stir up trouble. Rachel and Calypso. I can't say go after because all the females of the student body are probably going after Percy so yeah.

My evil plan :D

Hand over your abilities to can please. Not to worry, I'll keep it safe.