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Haha. It will be Percabeth obviously. FANFIC SPOILER: In the end Calypso and Rachel will be nice.

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Percy's PoV

So we were hanging out in my room, sitting on the ground. Well, I was sitting on the ground Annabeth was in my lap reading a book while I played with her hair. She keeps telling me I can't just make her hair curlier. Pfft… You never know.

I heard the front door click. Annabeth and I both raised our heads. Calypso popped up in my room and smiled.

Calypso's PoV

Earlier that day:

"So, Rachel." She turned to me uninterested. "See, I know you don't like me because I like Percy, but listen, we have something in common!" She stared at me like I was crazy. She obviously wasn't the brightest girl in the world. I sighed, "We both want Percy and Annabeth to break up."

"Oh. Right. Yeah." She smiled, "Keep talking."

"So I was thinking, we could work together, how does that sound?"

"Great idea!" she beamed, "Then they'll break up much easier."

"Awesome, so here's the plan."

Alright, Percy's mom let me in as she was leaving the apartment, when I walked into the apartment and headed for Percy's room I saw them cuddling, which made me want to puke, and smiled. Time for action.

I walked in and their heads snapped up. Annabeth slipped of his lap and stood up, "What do you want?" she growled. She looked like a bomb ready to explode. Annabeth must know I like Percy, I thought, Perfect.

"I just wanted to talk to Percy." Then I walked past her and she took a deep breath like she was trying to calm herself. "So, Percy…"

He slipped past me as quick as he could and grabbed Annabeth. "Hi."

He led us out of the room and to the door. I continued, "Percy, I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me." Then I rolled my eyes, "Oh, right! I don't need to ask I know you want to go on a date with me." I got really close to his face. Then I felt myself get shoved into the wall.

Annabeth was right up in my face now. "Listen, Calypso." She said my name like it was poison, "He is my boyfriend and you need to back off."

I examined my nails calmly. "Anniebelle… Aren't you that girl who's a nerd/wannabe pretty-girl."

Percy stammered, "Look, uhm, I think –"

Annabeth's eyes snapped towards me, "You might wannabe shutting your face now." (AN couldn't resist this. Got it from victorious.)

Percy stepped in front of her. "Calypso, leave. Now."

I sighed, "Percy –"

He glared at me and I admit, I flinched back a bit. "Now." He snapped.

I shrugged. "Fine, Percy. Your loss."

AN: OK you have every right to hate her now.

Percy's PoV

When she left I sighed. "Finally, I thought she would never leave." Annabeth looked furious, "Well, she obviously came here for a reason."

I blinked, "Yeah, but, it's not like that Annabeth."

"It looks exactly like that, Percy." She snapped. Her words cracking like whip. "No, Annabeth. I swear it's not."

She shoved me, "You're making it worse for yourself. Stop lying."

"I'm not!"

"Ok, you're right," her voice dripped with vicious sarcasm, "That explains why she was so sure you were going to say yes."

"But I wasn't! I swear! Annabeth, just listen to me for once!"

She glared at me, "Forget it, Percy. Just forget it. Forget this whole thing, OK? Forget the relationship and everything we had 'cause apparently, you didn't care about any of it!" She grabbed her jacket left and slammed the door for extra effect. Then as if on cue there was a boom of thunder and lightning flashed illuminating the entire apartment.

I yelled in frustration and banged fist against the wall. Then I turned around and slid down against it. I sat on the ground, running my hand through my hair several times.

I tried so hard to think clearly but it was so difficult. I groaned and hit my head against the wall.

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