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aPJOluvinGUEST: I 3 the Percabeth :):) Great story hope U update soon Yes ma'am/sir BeautifulMystery23: Oh my gods I felt my anxiety level shoot down right there. Did someone make Zeus angry? An wouldn't Percy be dry since water doesn't get him wet? A shout out to Percabeth-is-endless because I went on my email and I had 18 in my Fanfiction Folder (I'm so organized lulz) and it was all these beautiful reviews :D. Percabeth-is-endless: OH GODS THAT SONG GAVE ME SO MANY FEELS JUST UGH But that was so sweet just so Percy and perfect and I love you Welp. My mission is complete. I love you too! Haha. Anyways, the answer to your questions is that if you refer to my description of the story it says AU. - MAGICAL TIME LAPSE. They are in grade 12 and are almost graduating. Annabeth's PoV I was sitting the couch at Percy's apartment, his head was on my lap and I was playing with his hair. He was watching TV while I read Harry Potter.

"So, who are you asking to prom?" I asked, I mean, I knew he was going to ask me but it's still good to tease him.

He shrugged, "I was going to ask you, but if you don't want to then…"

I slapped his arm. "Well, you didn't ask me so I just assumed you didn't want to." I said teasingly. He pouted and whined, "You know that's not true!"

"So you do want to go to Prom with me?"

"I believe I just implied that."

"Then why didn't you ask?"

"I wanted to surprise you."


"So you'll go to prom with me?" he asked. Wow, he is dense. "Yeah, of course I will."

There was silence. Then I decided to tell him something.

"Now I don't have to go with some pervert football player who had the sick logic that I would actually say yes when they asked."

He sat up so quickly it shocked me. "What?" he snapped furiously, "Who asked you?" he demanded. I raised an eyebrow but didn't comment on his anger. Instead I listed the names.

"Well, there was Dean Rogers, Taylor Gale, Neil Daniels and Toby Jones." I said flatly. His eyes were narrowed and he said, "Good, their lockers are all in the same area."

Percy Third Person POV

With the help of Layla, Percy had lured them all into the park near the apartment. It was simple. Layla disguised herself as a different person and sent each of them fake secret admirer notes that told them to meet her at the park. Then she also attached a picture of herself in disguise. One disguise per guy.

When they guys got to the park they were ready. Layla smiled her cruel, cruel smile and sneered, "Looking for someone?"

They looked at her.

"You guys are so stupid. Those notes were fake."

Dean Rogers spoke up, "Why would someone do that?"

"Because you four asked my girlfriend to prom." Said Percy, walking up to them.

Neil Daniels laughed, "Its Percy Wimpy Jackson!" Taylor, Toby and Dean laughed as he glared. Percy grabbed him by the collar and lifted him clear off the ground.

"You asked Annabeth to the prom. I don't approve of that." He snarled. Neil gulped in fear. You are so dead, Daniels, Percy thought.

"Ha, as if she even likes you." Neil snarled. Percy's green eyes narrowed. "You know, Daniels, for someone who just currently two feet off the ground, you are pretty confident."

This time Dean spoke, "Jackson, your little girlfriend is pretty damn sexy and I think she would be great in bed." (AN: SO dirty….)

Percy tensed. Dean just crossed the line.

He dropped Neil and turned around then effectively punching Dean in the gut. Before he could regain composure again Percy flipped him making him land hard on the ground with a thud.

Taylor charged and Layla flung herself into action. Being extremely strong for her size and being trained in martial arts, she quickly kneed him in the stomach then grabbed his arm and twisted, slamming him into the ground.

Toby looked scared he was never much of a fighter. Layla let Taylor go and the four of them fled.

At School

Dale Andrews walked down the hall. He wanted to ask Annabeth to prom. She knew she had a boyfriend, but as far as he knew, Percy Jackson had not asked yet.

When he arrived at her locker, where she was getting ready for first period, he smiled sleazily.

"Hey, Annabeth."

"What do you want?" she asked without looking up. He grinned, "Just wondering if you wanted to go to prom with me." He said casually. But after less than 2 seconds there was a slam and Percy had his arm on Dale's chest and had pinned him furiously to the locker.

"Listen, Andrews, if you flirt with her one more time I swear I will run you over with my car." growled Percy.

Percy hated that guy. Dale was a player and he cheats on half the girls he dates. The other half is the girls he cheated on with.

"Jackson, let me go." Dale snapped back.

Annabeth put a hand on Percy's other arm. "Come one, Percy he's not worth it." He glared at Dale and let him go. Dale brushed off his clothes and stalked off.

Annabeth turned to look at Percy. "When did you get so protective?" she asked with an eyebrow up. Percy smirked, "When I noticed how many guys liked you."

She gave him a little shove. "Come on, Seaweed Brain, let's get to class."

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