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First off this story is AU. Layla's last name is Jackson because Percy's dad in an AU story (or mine at least) is Poseidon Jackson. So when he got married to Sally she changed her last name from whatever her parent's last name was so she is now Sally Jackson. Who gave birth to Percy Jackson. Then they divorced and then Poseidon went on and had a daughter with someone else and therefore we have Layla Ann Jackson.

Also, yes, Percy will get soaked by rain because no Poseidon is not the God of the Sea in this story.

Also, I hope you guys read my Author's notes at the beginning of the story or you miss out on a lot of awesome-ness going down.

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If I had a girlfriend that I knew would be with me for ages and someone said

that well let's just say when I lose my temper in a fight I cannot control how

I fight and I would feel sorry for the person who would have to clean up the

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I love how Percy is so protecive! That us so sweet! i love this story!


So protective :3 so damn cute :3 Percabeth five-ever


cool story, i really like percy over-protectiveness

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Lovely lovely chapter my darling. Simply amazing. Please update soon.


THERE'S GOING TO BE A SEQUEL?! *happy dance of joy* Anyways, I find Percy's protectiveness really endearing and I just love him. And thanks for that shout-out ;) And this review wouldn't be complete if I didn't mention HOW AWESOME LAYLA IS I MEAN COME ON SHE DID LIKE A JUDO FLIP ON A FOOTBALL PLAYER.

Haha, there's going to be two sequels. One for College/University and one for "The Adult Days"

I was afraid I made him too protective. And the shout out, well you're welcome. :)

And Layla's karate awesome-ness is something I could never do. Apparently, she's only like me personality wise.

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Third Person PoV

"Come on Annabeth! Just pick some dresses!" Layla complained. Annabeth, Layla, Piper and Hazel had gone dress shopping. Well, not Layla, she refuses to wear dresses.

Piper and Hazel had gone off to the other side of the store (it's a big store) and Annabeth was stuck with Layla. Mostly, because Annabeth wasn't exactly good at picking formal attire.

Annabeth looked around, "Look, I just don't like dresses that much. I don't wear them too often."

Layla smiled a bit. "I know that. That's why I'm here." She scurried off and went to grab a couple dresses from a rack nearby. Annabeth's gaze followed her suspiciously.

When she came back she shoved 4 dresses at her. "Try these."

"No, too sparkly." Said Layla.

Annabeth tried the next one on. They exchanged a glance and said at the same time, "Too tight."

The next one she tried on Layla said, "To much ruffling and such."

When Annabeth came out with the 4th dress Layla was walking back from the rack. "This one," she pointed to the dress in her hand, "Is perfect."

Annabeth tried it on. Layla was right, it was perfect.

It was pure white with one strap. It looked like a peplos (AN if you don't know what that is then it's basically a toga for girls. Search up on google or something). But instead of the baggy top it was slightly tight. Around the waist there was a golden belt with a neutral amount of sparkles. The dress went down loosely and ended a couple centimetres below the knee.

Layla smiled and gave a thumbs up, "And I have the perfect shoes for that."

Annabeth had let Piper do her hair. Basically all they did was pin her hair to one side after tightening her curls. She slipped on some flats and went outside. The thing that surprised her the most was that Layla was leaning on the hood of a white limousine. Annabeth got in and realized that Layla had already picked up Thalia, Piper and Hazel.

Annabeth, still in shock, asked, "How did you get a limo?"

Layla smiled, "I pulled a few strings with my cousin, Apollo. Not much really. I just have to return it to him unharmed."

They parked in front of the school where a bunch of people were admiring Rachel's ride. A read convertible apparently. Everyone stopped and stared at the limousine. Layla put it on park and stuck her head out the window. She yelled at Rachel, "Hey! Could you move that car of yours! We have no space!"

Rachel, red with fury, got into the car, did a U-turn and parked at the other side of the road.

First out of the car was Piper. She wore a strapless white dress with black feathers on the top and bottom and a black ribbon around the waist that tied into a bow. She smiled at Jason who was wearing the classic black and white tux which made him look like an official businessman with his blue eyes and blonde hair.

Out stepped Hazel. She was wearing a simple brown dress (both straps, if you must know) that had a coffee brown bow attached to one strap. Frank spent the next 5 minutes trying to pronounce a proper word.

Thalia walked out of the limo. Her black dress had a punk-like look to it but it was also fancy-ish. It had fluffy feathers around the bottom and it matched her hair which she had added blue streaks to. Under her dress she was wearing fish nets. Luke grinned at her and kissed her cheek.

Percy stood impatiently to the side waiting for Annabeth. When everyone was inside Annabeth stepped out.

How does one put this nicely? Let's just say Layla had to catch him. She muttered sarcastically, "Manly, Percy. Very manly."

Layla smiled and ran off to go backstage and help Leo with lighting and sound.

Annabeth walked up to Percy. He grinned and said, "You look amazing." Annabeth smiled, "You don't look so bad yourself."

This was actually very true. He was wearing a normal black and white tuxedo, but he didn't where a tie or a bow. His hair was at least a little calmer than it usually was and his green eyes shone excitedly. They walked off to the gymnasium together. Rachel went after them, fuming to no end.

Rachel's PoV (gasp!)

I saw Percy standing outside waiting for Annabeth. I hadn't accepted any date to the prom and neither did Calypso. We went together and we were planning to snatch Percy away ASAP.

I was definitely surprised when a limousine driven by Layla pulled in by the school.

Unfortunately, Annabeth came out of that limo with an admittedly fabulous dress.

Then the worst part was when they started laughing and smiling with each other.

Ugh… I'll have to wait another day, for all I know, they'll be by each other all night.



So I drew Annabeth, Piper, Hazel and Thalia's dresses but I don't know if you want to see them. If you do, put it in your review.

They're not that nice.

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