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Percy's POV

I felt like a complete idiot. First, I face planted onto the floor of my bedroom when I was getting up. Then, I had to go back into the apartment halfway to school because I forgot my cell phone. Lastly, when I got to school I slammed into the only girl who doesn't dump her entire makeup drawer on her face.

So I (tried to) play it cool and pretend that I didn't just wake up as the World's Dumbest Person.

When we walked into homeroom the first person to talk was obviously Layla. She's my half-sister on my dad's side (AN if my story wasn't au then my oc would a daughter of Poseidon) and she has more energy than a chipmunk after a double espresso.

"Hi, Percy! Hi! Hey! Hey! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hey! Hi!" she squealed skipping around like a mental hospital patient.

"You know Layla? A simple 'Hi' or 'Hey' would do."

"Hey!" she said turning to Annabeth, "You're new here! I don't know you. Therefore I must now know you! I'm Layla Ann Jackson. What's your name?"

Annabeth stopped for a second and gave her a look as though saying This person is crazy before saying "Annabeth Chase. Uh, are you like Percy's sister or something?"

Layla smiled widely like she just found out her birthday was coming up (she has, by the way, forgotten her birthday before). "Well, I'm his half-sister. On dad's side, of course. I live right across the hall from him in the apartment building. By myself. I normally either order food or order Percy to bring me food from his place." Then she skipped off to go talk to her friends. Let me explain, she isn't in my grade put she was put into an excel class so she has some classes with me. Homeroom. Oh, yeah, and she also eats lunch with my friends and I.

We took our seats and chatted. Of course Thalia sat with Luke.

Thalia's PoV

I saw Percy talking to his crazy sister, so I, as a sensible person, made a run for it. I found Luke who grinned at me then leaned over and kissed me on the cheek (AN: Thaluke :D I ship it, not as much as Percabeth).

"Thalia, why do you still hang out with Jackson? I mean, come on, you can hang out with my friends and I." Luke said.

I looked at him and said, "Well, he is my cousin, and he's not as bad as you think. He's really nice to people and he doesn't hate you for no reason."

He just huffed.

Basically, the only reason he hates Percy is because apparently, he could have been the hottest guy at school if it weren't for Percy. Obviously, Percy is oblivious to this and never understood this concept of thinking someone is hotter than another person.

I looked over at them and saw Percy talking to Annabeth and they stopped talking for about 5 seconds, Annabeth obviously found this awkward cause I could see her ears burning from here. Of course, I had to snicker.

Annabeth's PoV

Percy was talking to me.

What a miracle.

You can tell from all the girls staring at him he was considered really, really, really, hot. I could tell even without the girls.

He was just talking casually and cracking dumb jokes that I had to laugh at cause it was really cute the way his eyes were always shining when he talked.

He was really nice. I mean, like really, super nice.

He paused and looked at me for a minute. I hope my face wasn't as red as it felt.

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