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Lunch Time

Annabeth's PoV

"Percy, Percy, Percy! Did you hear? Thalia's going to be having a party it's going to be awesome! I love her house! There's a pool table and a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi and an air hockey table and lots of music and delicious food and…" Layla trailed on for a while until Percy grabbed her and covered her mouth with his hand and said, "Yeah, yeah, we get it." Then he turned to Thalia, "Your hosting a party?"

"Yeah," she said as Layla tried desperately to pry Percy's hand off, "Just some friends."

Percy removed his hand from Layla's mouth and she gasped and started eating her food ravenously. "Now, Thalia, I know from experience that the last time you said 'just some friends' you had a full blown party."

"Shut up, Kelp Face."

"And is Luke going to be there?"

"Well," Thalia said, "He kind of is my boyfriends."

"Then I'm not coming."


"He hates me!"

"No he doesn't! He might want to be your friend!"

"Oh, yes! That must be it! That explains why he came up to me when I got him out in dodgeball and said 'I hate you, Jackson' Yes that must be it! You can totally tell how much he wants to be my friend."

I could help it. I busted out laughing. Along with Layla who had been drinking chocolate milk and spewed it back into the container.

A girl with color changing eyes and choppy brown hair and a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes just like Thalia's, then Nico followed after them.

"Oh, hey guys, this is Annabeth. Annabeth this is Jason," He gestured to the blonde-boy, "He's Thalia's brother. This is Piper McLean." He leaned over and whispered, "Her dad is Tristan McLean. You know, the actor."

"Percy," Piper said exasperatedly, "I heard that. I told you not to tell people."

"But Annabeth's our friend. All of our friends know!"

That's when a girl with green eyes and frizzy red hair came over.

Percy's PoV

Rachel walked over to our table and sat down. My red-headed nightmare. Thalia's eyes narrowed. I sighed. Piper looked interested in her food suddenly. Jason looked at her like she just fell out of the sky. Nico and Layla talked in hushed tones (something along the lines of "Haha, this is going to be great!" and "I want to rip her head off.").

Annabeth looked a little confused.

"So, Blondie, I see you're new here. Well, I am Rachel Elizabeth Dare, and this is my school. Percy is my boyfriend."

I snapped, "First of all, I am not your boyfriend. Second, her name isn't Blondie, its Annabeth."

She looked taken aback. Then she smiled, "But you will be right?"


"Everybody denies it at first. But everybody falls for me sooner or later."

"Right," said Layla, "and then you dump them and break their hearts. Boys are not toys."

Rachel huffed and left.

The bell rang and we dispersed for class.

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