It's songy song time! I'm going to be using songs for my fanfiction now.

This is kind of just a bit of a filler thing. I just feel bad that I didn't update for a while. Last one for now.

Disclaimer: I would totally want to own PJO characters but the story would suck and all so Rick Riordan owns them.

I will try 365 days

365 ways to get to you

-365 Days, Victorious

'cause I see, sparks fly, whenever you smile

Get me with those green eyes, baby, as the lights go down

-Sparks Fly, Taylor Swift

Annabeth's PoV

So it's been one month. October is here. I got to know Percy really, really well. Apparently he likes swimming, surfing any water sports in general. His dad is Poseidon Jackson, owner of a cruise ship company or something.

I also had to get accustomed to having a mini heart attack every time I see him and trying not to blush when he smiles. It was getting on my nerves. Speaking of nerves, Rachel has been getting on my nerves too. I literally want to gut her like a fish and feed her to dolphins.

Then there was the thing with his eyes.

I would literally just be listening to him talk and then I would start staring at his eyes and he would notice and stop talking and freeze on the spot. I would realize what I was doing and go awkwardly say "Um, you were saying…?"

It's gotten ridiculous.

I can tell it was scaring him a little. But, seriously, how can you not look at his eyes.

Percy's PoV

It's been a month now. I got to know Annabeth. Apparently, she likes architecture and wants to be an architect, she loves volleyball (AN: I hate volleyball, it's just I can imagine Annabeth playing volleyball) and her mother is the architect Athena Chase.

Sometimes she would stare at me and I would feel really awkward and I just stop talking to her and she snaps out of something and tells me to keep talking.

And I love her laugh.

And her smile.

And her hair.

And her—

OK this is getting ridiculous.

So here we are today, we're just sitting under a tree chatting when some words I don't expect come tumbling out of my mouth.

"You want to catch a movie with me or something?"