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Annabeth's PoV

"Your mom did what?" said Layla when she found out what happened. "You know what? I'm going to find a way to center your mom's hate on me!" I looked at her skeptically.

"Layla, I don't think that's a good idea." I said, "Her hate is very harsh."

She raised her head defiantly, "I have a strong will. She won't break me."

Percy who had appeared out of nowhere and laughed, "Layla, Annabeth and I aren't even dating. Why do you care so much?"

Layla waved him off then mumbled, "'Cause Percy got himself a little crush."



"You broke up with Luke?" I asked. Thalia just nodded. She looked on the verge of tears, but Thalia never cries. "Why?"

Thalia frowned and said angrily, "Because I caught him making out with RED. Of all people," she paused, "Of all people, it was her."

Layla walked by and stopped. She fanned the air like she could smell something horrible and said, "I smell a girl talk. What happened?"

I turned around and told her in a quiet voice, "Apparently Luke was making out with RED and Thalia caught him and they broke up."

She turned towards Thalia, "What?" her eyes were wide, "But you were so happy with him."

Thalia's eyes were cold, "I was, but that was before this incident."

Layla looked Thalia in the eyes and said, "You still love him."

I gave Layla an 'Are you crazy?' Look and then Thalia, who looked like she might blow a fuse, got into her face and said in a very angry tone, "No. I. Don't" there was a ding and Thalia pulled out her cell phone.

Layla looked at her as if she knew who it is. "Hand me the phone, Thalia."

Thalia looked shocked, "No!"

"Hand it over, Thalia."

I was so shocked when Thalia obliged and handed Layla her iPhone. "Okay," she mumbled as she scrolled through Luke's texts, "He says here 'Thalia, I didn't do anything, she kissed me and wouldn't let me go' and here it says 'Thalia, talk to me please. Stop avoiding me' and—" she paused and cooed, "Aw… he said 'Thalia, I love you. Please stop ignoring me'." At this point Thalia snatched her phone. "He did say that..." She whispered.

Then Layla had that I-just-thought-of-something-that-has-nothing-to-do-with-the-current-situation look. She said in a very bubbly voice, "Let's go to a Karaoke Club!" she started bouncing with excitement, "We can bring Percy and Jason and Piper and Luke and Leo and Frank and Hazel." She squealed with delight, "It will be so fun!"

"What? They can sing?"

Layla stopped jumping. "Well, Percy can. (AN I know he probably can't but I need this so my story will work out ay okay) He just doesn't do that a lot."

"I can do what?"

Layla whirled around and said, "Sing! You can sing! We're going to the Karaoke Club down the street."


"And we'll bring all our friends! It'll be great!"

They all looked at each other.


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