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Percy's PoV

"Layla, we don't want to go to the Karaoke club." I said slowly like I was talking to a foreigner. She looked at Percy with big sad eyes, "Why not?" she practically whined.

"Because, we have things to do." I replied

She laughed, "Like what, Percy?"

I glared at her and said, "I have basketball practice. Jason has football. Frank probably doesn't want to go anyway. Hazel will probably stay with him. Luke hates you almost as much as he hates me. Piper is probably going to be at Jason's practice. Plus, Grover just came back from a vacation so I have to pick him up later."

She just shrugged. "Fine, I'll go with Kylie then. She'll want to go."

Then she walked away.

Annabeth turned to me and asked, "Grover?"

"Childhood best friend." She just nodded.

-After School-

"Thalia, he already told you, he didn't do it. I don't think he would ever do that to you." Annabeth said. I sighed and added on, "As much as I dislike him, Annabeth's right."

"But still," Thalia said in an upset voice, "I can't just take him back without proof that he didn't do anything. I mean –"

A loud voice broke in and yelled, "Your problems are solved!"

We all turned around. Thalia looked at a happy Layla, "Right, and how are they solved?"

Layla smiled mischievously. She pulled out a laptop and inserted a DVD. Then she smiled smugly as it loaded, "Well, with my superb knowledge on technology I was able to hack into the school computer and apparently they caught the scene with a security camera. Just watch."

Luke was in the gym. He was shooting some hoops when the doors opened. Thinking it was Thalia he turned to say Hi but caught himself. It was RED. She actually used to be a friend but then she turned into a slut. She wore skimpy clothing and probably dated more boys than he had veins in his body. He growled, "What do you want?"

Rachel smiled like that was a cute question. "Now, now, Luke, dear, no need to be hasty. You're so-called girlfriend isn't here. You can talk to me the way you really want."

Luke looked exasperated. "I really want to punch you in the face right now."

Rachel smirked. She pushed him against the wall. Despite how thin she looked she was incredibly strong. She leaned over and kissed him. He struggled and muttered, "Rachel, get off me." She pulled away but went back right away again.

There was a creak. A gasp. Then a sudden slam of doors. Luke shoved her off.

"Thalia, wait!"

When the video stopped all of us sat there frozen, jaws on the countertop. Layla had a triumphant look on her face.

Thalia was the first to recover and she smiled a bit, "So, he was telling the truth." She pulled out her cell phone and left the room.

There was a bark from her phone. She pulled it out, read the text and she smiled. "OK, guys, you hang out here while I resolve another relationship." She turned around and muttered, "Forward to Lacy and Mitchell…" Then she was gone.

Thalia came back and smiled her electric blue eyes seemed to glow. "We're back together."

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