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That was a great chapter! They finally got back together! Update again, and


I know. I know. It did come out. I spent all morning running around the school yelling, "Happy Mark of Athena Day!" and I pre-ordered it. It's not here yet *sobs* but it will be here. I read the ending on tumblr and I cried internally all night because If I cried externally my parents were going to refuse to let me read Mark of Athena when it gets here.


Awww I knew Luke was a good guy (no comments here, please, to me he'll always be a good person) Your explanation was pretty much awesome, now Percy's sister IS a stalker, a really creepy but funny stalker :D

You, my dear, know how to flatter a writer. And Percy's sister, that was exactly how I intended her to be. She's generally supposed to be smart (sort of like me) but extremely lazy (exactly like me) I sort of based her off me because fanfiction was the only way (other than tumblr) that I could stalk Percy and Annabeth.

Have some cookies reviewers (::) (::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)(::)

Annabeth's PoV

*cue weird time lapse thing I like to do which means it's now February 12*

Luke had his arm around Thalia (who was obviously happy to be there). I was standing in front of a smiling Percy who was leaning against his locker (Luke learned to not hate Percy). Layla was playing with a robot Leo had built Hazel was talking animatedly with Frank. Jason was trying to convince Nico to where brighter close (which was pointless but everyone was bored) and Piper was talking frantically to Lacy and Mitchell about a girl who obviously liked Jason (I think her name was Reyna). I thought about it for a bit. Reyna was cool enough. She didn't seem like the girl who would try to potentially steal Jason from Piper. She decided that Reyna wasn't going to.

Then Thalia said, "Hey! Want to have a party at my place?" Remembering the first time we all declined. We did the same this time.

Layla walked over and looked at them. "Come on! Thalia and I planned this for a while! The least you could do is come."

Percy snapped up. "You and Thalia. Nope. No way. If I know anything you planned for something crazy weird and embarrassing to happen."

Thalia glared at him. "No she didn't." she looked at all of them, "I checked."

Everyone shook their heads.

Then Layla came up. She looked at Percy in an innocent and said way. "You said no to the Karaoke Club. Can't you just say yes to this? Please?"

I smiled. Not because I really wanted them to go, but because she was clever enough to hit a soft spot on Percy. He was too nice to say no and disappoint people. He only said no to karaoke because he was busy, but she just pushed a couple buttons on his soft spot and his gaze immediately softened. Then he glowered and muttered, "Fine." Then he said louder, "You guys in?" After a couple of 'fine's and 'alright's they dispersed.

Thalia's PoV (the next day before the party)

"Layla! Did you finish typing?"

Layla tapped the iPad a couple times and then nodded. See, Layla always played the idea giver. Since she was always good at embarrassing people, she came up with the ideas, also because she doesn't like playing and prefers watching it so we let her be the idea giver (not just because the last time we tried to make her play she started chucking oranges at us).

-30 minutes later-

"Now what do you want to do?" asked Percy. Layla jumped up and squealed, "Truth or Dare!" I nodded in agreement. They all looked at each other and exchanged glances. They shrugged said "Fine."

In 20 minutes flat Jason was face was covered in peanut butter, Grover looked like a drowned goat, Leo had a shaving cream moustache and beard (which he loved very much) and Thalia was covered head to toe with blueberry smoothie (which Percy thought was a total waste of perfectly delicious beverages) so it was my turn now.

"Percy, truth or dare?" I asked putting a towel over my shoulders. "Dare." He replied and drank his coke.

I looked at Layla. Layla smiled at me and showed me the iPad. I nodded and said, "Percy, I dare you to kiss Annabeth."

Haha I know. Truth or Dare kiss, so cliché. Whatever. It's my favorite way of making them kiss. Mostly because Percy gets so embarrassed and Annabeth gets flustered.

Happy Mark of Athena Day, guys.