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Let's be best friends. OK. I am literally having feels writing my own story. Like, I was all "OMG they should kiss now it would be so cute" then I was like "Wait, that's just cliché" Yeah sometimes I feel like I'm seriously ADHD. Go to .com you'll see me.


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Percy's PoV

"What?" Annabeth and I said at the same time, "No!"

Thalia smirked and exchanged a glance with Layla, "You have to. It's a dare."

I sighed. At least they chose Annabeth. Layla smiled, "5 seconds at least." She said, pulling out a timer. Where did she get that from? Never mind.

Layla's PoV

(because I wanted it like that, plus we never do Layla)

They both leaned in. So did the entire circle. We were all anticipating the moment when they kissed. Mostly because everyone knew they liked each other. I mean, come on, how obvious can you get.

Then their lips met everyone grinned. Then when they hit exactly 5 seconds they pulled away. I frowned.

"I thought you would kiss longer!" I whined. Percy and Annabeth looked at me like I was crazy. Thalia just laughed and Leo grinned crazily for a bit until half of his shaving cream moustache fell off. That was such a short kiss, good god. "Okay, let's just play a couple more rounds and –" I was interrupted by the doorbell.

When I opened the door RED was standing there. I grinned. This was part of my plan. Everyone except Thalia tensed and glared. Even Leo, whose puffy, white facial hair was ruining the image of being hostile.

We sat down and did a couple more rounds. No one even asked Rachel until the last round.

"Hey, Dare, Truth or Dare?" Thalia asked. (AN bad pun joke)

"Dare." Rachel replied flatly.

"I dare you to stand in the center of the circle and let us do whatever we want to you."

Rachel looked at Percy and grinned, "Fair enough."

Thalia tossed everyone a bottle a shaving cream, "GO!" Then there was a frenzy of white foam and a lot of screaming (AN: good gods that sounds weird). Then there was a lot of laughing as a shaving cream covered Rachel sat down and growled, "OK my turn. Per –"

I interrupted her. "Nope. Sorry. That was the last round. Let's eat cake."

This one was kinda short. Sorry. I'll update soon. Anyways, I made the kiss short because long ones are cliché and unoriginal. Plus, It's sort of like the one in BoTL, you know, short.

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