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. . . . . .

The sparring lessons took up the rest of the day. Naruto's smugness from beating his brother was very short lived as he had yet to win against anyone else afterwards. The teens duked it out for hours, only getting instruction every so often when the blond demanded to know where he had gone wrong after getting pinned to the ground for the nth time.

Before any of them knew it, the sun had set and Gai was calling everyone inside for dinner. It was just as delicious as their breakfast, if a little more crowded from trying to fit five people at a table that usually only sat two. At some point, Iruka got up some nerve to talk to the extremely muscled man and asked for some recipes.

It was then Iruka found out that Kakashi had given his bodyguard the money for food. The blasted businessman had refused when he offered –or rather, insisted– to repay him.

"You're my guest!" Iruka argued. "You shouldn't be paying for and cooking all of the food!"

"And what kinds of guests need to stay for the safety of all involved?" Kakashi countered in an amused tone. "Really, Iruka, all we're doing is repaying you for protecting us."

As if you actually need protection, Iruka commented silently. He tried to continue glaring the man into submission, but that damn sexy smirk was making it hard for the little brunette to keep arguing.

A shouted curse interrupted the two males, making them both glance over to the doorway to the living room. After dinner, Naruto had suggested that he and Sasuke play video games and learn some 'awesome new moves' from the characters. It had shocked even Iruka to find out that the other boy had never played video games before, but judging by the sounds of dismay coming from his brother, the raven haired teen was a very quick learner.

Iruka glanced back over at his companion and sighed resignedly. It was not looking like Kakashi was going to give in any time soon.

He had said last night that it would be safer for Kakashi and Sasuke to stay where he could protect them, but that was before he had seen their fighting skills first-hand. In Iruka's professional opinion, the two could protect themselves against Mizuki just fine without his help. By all sides of logic, they should be more than safe enough to go back to their own home.

Unfortunately, there was the enigma that was Uchiha Sasuke and how he fought as if he were trained by the same monster that Iruka was… the same monster that Iruka was certain he had killed. It perplexed the teacher in numerous ways that made him want to keep a closer eye on the teen. He was going to have to figure out a way to talk to Sasuke about all of that at some point and find out if the boy's guardian knew about anything Iruka was suspicious of. The older male had seemed to recognize Orochimaru's name well enough to keep Sasuke from saying it…

Either way, it looked like his guests would be with him for an undetermined amount of time. While Iruka was fine with letting the two males stay with him, the other half of his mind was a little apprehensive about suddenly living with his… boyfriend…?

Which only made things even more confusing for the scarred sensei. Based on Iruka's observations of people in general, Kakashi should have high tailed it out of town the moment Mizuki had attacked him. Instead, he had stayed to fight with him. Even after seeing Iruka's scars and hearing to the story behind them, Kakashi had chosen to stay. That part confused the brunette more than anything.

Iruka was brought back from his thoughts suddenly when he felt a warm, pale hand slide over his own on the table. "You alright?" Kakashi asked gently. "I can hear the gears grinding from over here. What's on your mind?"

"Just…" Iruka let out a sharp breath, scratching the back of his head absently with his free hand. "I don't get you."

Kakashi offered a small grin, saying, "That's the whole point of dating, isn't it?"

"That's one of the things I don't get," he admitted. "You're still here, even after what happened with Mizuki. Hell, even after you saw all of me, you still…" Iruka trailed off as images from the previous night assaulted his senses and turned his face beet red, even as lower parts of his anatomy tingled with remembrance.

Kakashi chuckled at the little teacher's embarrassment and gave his hand a reassuring squeeze. "To tell the truth, if you were anyone else, I probably wouldn't be here right now," he said, only confusing Iruka further.

What makes me so special? Because I made him spill coffee all over himself?

Iruka's thoughts must have shown on his face again as Kakashi looked him in the eyes almost sternly. "Iruka, I'm a man who doesn't take interest very often. I can read people quickly and get bored just as easily. But you… I haven't been able to 'get' you either. Not yet, anyway."

Iruka scoffed, "So, you're saying I have to keep you guessing, or you'll disappear on me?" He had meant it as a joke, but secretly was afraid of that very same thing.

The silver haired man huffed under his breath in exasperation and looked at him seriously, making Iruka shift slightly from the intensity. "I'm saying that I like you, Umino Iruka, and everything about you. It might not be easy to pique my curiosity, but once you have it I very, very rarely let go."

The brunette gulped audibly when the pure honesty registered in his mind. Kakashi was not kidding, and that scared some part of Iruka. The only person to have liked him had been violent and possessive. Iruka had to admit that from the mind blowing bedroom activity to the equally amazing sparring matches, Kakashi would have been his preferred partner, had they known each other back then. Thinking of that did not make him understand things any better, surprisingly.

Suddenly, Kakashi was there, mere inches from his own face, his one visible brow drawn in concern, confusion, and just a little bit of frustration. That single, slate grey eye searched his face for something, and what he found had him sighing at the little sensei again. "Why can't you just comprehend that one simple fact?" he asked, gaze boring into Iruka's with a sincere need to make him understand. "If someone tries to kill you, you can get that just fine. Then, someone tries to show that they actually care for you and you get all confounded…"

Iruka laughed a little. "Can you really blame me? Look at who my ex is. Thatis the only person I have ever been romantically involved with."

He gestured vaguely at the next room where Naruto let out another frustrated growl. "The other years of my life were spent trying to just survive long enough to make it through college, and find a home for my brother and me to live in. I haven't exactly had time to think about much else."

Kakashi seemed to consider this for a moment, his eye never once wavering from Iruka's. "I guess we'll have to change that, then."

All of the muscle control training in a thousand lifetimes would not have been able to stop the involuntary jolt that went through Iruka's body every time that damned sexy man kissed him. No matter how many times it happened, he would never get used to the impossible softness as Kakashi pressed their lips together. Even as he sighed and parted his lips in invitation, all of Iruka's thought processes stopped as a slick tongue unhesitatingly took his offer. Just the feel of Kakashi's tongue sliding against his and mapping the inside of his mouth was enough to make Iruka shudder in delight.

A gentle hand touched the side of his face in an almost reverent manner, trying to convey the genuine feelings Kakashi had for him and soothe his doubts. For a moment, it seemed to be working… and then someone cleared their throat loudly from behind the pair.

"I was gonna ask if Sasuke was gonna bunk with me again," said a familiar, rakish voice. Iruka's blush deepened as he turned to face his brother. Naruto was standing in the doorway, arms crossed and his signature grin plastered across his face. "But, I guess I just walked in on the answer."

Before the flustered sensei could even stammer a reply, the blond winked and disappeared to the living room again. Sounds from the game started back up as it was un-paused; grunts and jeering were heard as if nothing had happened.

"That could have gone worse, I suppose," Kakashi commented calmly.

Iruka's attention snapped back to the silver haired man. "'Could have gone worse'?!" he exclaimed. The brunette could not imagine anything more mortifying than what had just happened. Now, his brother was likely to assume that the boys would be sharing Naruto's room just so he and Kakashi could be alone… and it would be only natural for the blond pervert to expect the two adults to do things

Wait, am I really getting worked up over this? Iruka asked himself as his mind rambled nervously.

"Iruka," said Kakashi, squeezing the brunette's shoulders lightly. "Calm down. You're over thinking things."

He knew his guest was right, but what exactly was he really nervous about? Naruto always teased him as he just did, so what made this any different? Because it's actually very possible for it to happen, some part of Iruka's mind supplied unhelpfully. Though, there was some truth that rang to it. Images and memories of every time the two had been alone reminded him that he had not been expecting any of it before, and now it only seemed different because he wanted more and knew Kakashi would only be too happy to oblige. It seemed different because he actually had time to worry about screwing it up somehow.

Iruka's thoughts were once more cut off by a pair of lips on his, pressing a little more firmly than before to make sure they had all of his attention. As soon as he was successfully distracted, Kakashi seemed to make it his mission to turn him into a big puddle of goo right there in the kitchen. Iruka had eagerly opened his mouth to deepen the kiss, but the other male pulled back just enough to only brush against his lips with the barest of pressure, merely teasing with his tongue and nibbling softly. It was driving the little teacher out of his mind, but in the best way possible.

"You really do worry too much," Kakashi said against his lips. "From what I have gathered about your brother, that's about as close to a blessing as we're going to get. It also means that he's getting along with Sasuke much better, if he's not throwing a fit about sleeping in the same room with him again. It's a win-win situation all around."

Kakashi was right and Iruka knew it. He just could not shake the last of the nervous butterflies from his stomach.

Oh, stop being such a school girl and grow a pair! Iruka mentally yelled at himself.

The nervous atmosphere was almost immediately broken and replaced with another full of awkward embarrassment as Gai's voice suddenly boomed from the backdoor. "Ah, that is so like my Eternal Rival to soothe his partner! May the Glory of Youth shine upon your coupling!"

Iruka could swear he felt his eyebrow tic at the boisterous announcement, however, he could find nothing other than the usual boredom on Kakashi's face. The man must truly be used to the bodyguard's antics to not react at all like that. Instead, the businessman replied dryly, "Thanks. Now, how about you get on with proving yourself worthy of being called head of security? I'm sure the perimeter could use another sweep before you take to your post for the night."

The sparkly man simply saluted with a loud agreement and flounced off, with another sparkly grin and a thumbs-up, closing the door behind him. Iruka could not help but shake his head slightly in exasperation. He opened his mouth to comment on something, but his jaw just kept widening into a yawn instead. A glance over at the clock said it was getting to be rather late. As if right on cue, the violent sounds from whatever game the boys had been playing stopped and there was a clattering of plastic as the controllers were put away.

Not even a few seconds later, both teens strode past the kitchen, Naruto yawning widely with arms stretched behind his head. Iruka took a few minutes of wondering what they were doing when he failed to hear a door close. Then, there was a loud thump from the other side of the house and a loud curse of pain from his brother. Elder sibling instincts kicked in and Iruka was in the hallway in a split second to check on the reckless blond.

The door to the teacher's bedroom was open with Naruto leaning against the wall, rubbing the back of his head with a slight scowl. "You didn't have to push that hard, teme!" he all but yelled into the open doorway.

Iruka checked on his brother, decided he was all right, and took in the scene before him. He was not shocked at what he found. Sasuke, looking completely unapologetic, was just inside his room with the air mattress on its side, ready to be moved to another room. Even if the two boys had found some sort of truce that was not purely to keep from failing in school, it would only seem logical that they would still prefer to sleep in separate beds.

"Do you boys need some help?" Iruka could not help needling his brother now that he knew he was okay.

"We're fine!" Naruto scowled deeper before looking back at the instigator of his irritation. "Just stand the damn thing up so we can turn it easier."

Sasuke smirked and retorted, "I was wondering when if an oaf like you could actually think of that."

"Why you—"

"Alright!" Iruka cut in, entering full teacher mode in an instant. "Save it, you two. I may have lifted the 'no fighting' rule until Mizuki is dealt with, but I obviously thought too much of you. So, I'm amending the rule to no fighting outside of training or I will fail you as promised. Got it?" Iruka threatened. He knew the peace that had lasted this long was too good to be true. Naruto was just too much of a hothead and Sasuke simply had the personality that naturally provoked him. "Now, go to sleep and recuperate from today. You may be in good shape, Naruto, but you'll still be sore from the exertion because your body isn't used to it."

His brother scoffed, but nodded, completely missing the fact that he had not included Sasuke in that sentence. If Iruka's hunch was correct -more than a hunch, if their spar was anything to go by-, the black eyed teen would be more than used to their activities of the day. He himself had not been on a mission in well over 3 months, but the almost nonstop training from age twelve to eighteen plus the freelance missions had helped him keep his edge regardless.

Iruka supervised the transportation of the air mattress from his room to Naruto's, more to prove a point to his blond idiot than actually needing to keep an eye on them. As soon as that was done and the boys seemed to settle down relatively peacefully, exhaustion finally settled on lithe shoulders when Iruka went to his room to change his clothes.

He had just pulled on his sleeping shorts when he heard a voice come from the bed. "And here I was, looking forward to taking all that off for you."

Iruka whipped around and wondered just how many more times the blasted man was going to sneak up on him like that. Just who in the hell was he to be able to move without so much as alerting a hyper-sensitive ex-assassin like Iruka? He only barely stopped himself from blurting the question out loud, instead opting to blush in answer, for once grateful to the rush of colour in his face.

Kakashi chuckled and crossed his arms behind his head, resting against the pillows and looking for all the world as if he were reclining in his own bed. "But, it's just as well," he said after a moment, observing a hesitant Iruka as he shifted his weight next to the bed. "Maybe it would be best if I went elsewhere to retire for the night." The little sensei looked just about ready to explode from either embarrassment or sudden nervousness. Possibly both.

Despite his own desire for the chocolate haired man, Kakashi was very considerate when he needed to be. When dealing with a skittish colt, it was always better to leave them with an escape route so they would not feel threatened, which is exactly how he was going to treat Iruka until he was more comfortable around the businessman. He doubted he would be able to resist popping up out of nowhere every once in a while, but startling the assassin would likely lead to a disastrous outcome sooner or later.

Kakashi got out of the bed and made his way around the room to face the shorter male with a kind smile. Placing a gentle kiss to a cinnamon forehead, he murmured, "Goodnight, Ruka."

He turned to leave, fully intending on sleeping on the couch for the night, but could not stop the smile that flashed across his lips as a warm hand caught his wrist. Kakashi carefully schooled his face into mild surprise and curiosity before turning back to his companion.

"You don't have to go," Iruka murmured. He noted the slight hesitation Iruka was still showing, but did not resist when the chocolate haired sensei pulled him in to press their lips together. The overall shyness of the kiss reminded Kakashi of his partner's inexperience and he finally figured out the reason behind his hesitation. Really, he should have seen it earlier, but he was only human after all.

Kissing the shorter man was always a sweet little thrill that no other had ever been able to offer Kakashi. Vain celebrities and gold-digging business associates were usually the type to proposition the elite business tycoon, and Kakashi was not so stuck up as to turn all of them down. Though, he would not trade Iruka's company for any of them. The fullness of his lips and almost imperceptible gasp as they connected made Kakashi hungry for more and more every time.

Hands found their way around the lithe, cinnamon toned body to press him closer and deepen the kiss. Iruka eagerly gave up control, parting his lips for the questing tongue and allowing Kakashi to rove the territory as if it were his own.

When Iruka felt the edge of his bed against the backs of his legs, he gave no resistance as he was laid across it gently. Everything seemed to slow down as compared to the night before. Tonight, the little sensei was surprised at his comfort around the other man in place of the nervous apprehension and slight guilt because of the situation going on outside of the bedroom.

Mizuki was out there, quite possibly planning his next attack, and Iruka could summon no worry over the matter. All he could think about was having Kakashi's hands on him and damned if he was not going to have it.

Not long after the wish was born was it granted. The pale hands slid from their place on his back to brush against his sides sensually. One found its way to that special scar on Iruka's hip that was oh so sensitive, while the other traveled north to tweak a dusky nipple. Lips kissed their way down a tanned jaw to the column of exposed throat, eliciting the most delicious whimper.

Iruka gasped aloud when he felt sharp teeth nip playfully at his neck, right over his thundering pulse. A soothing lick was swept across the offended area and soon replaced with Kakashi's lips. The slight burn that followed Iruka's moan of pleasure told him that he was going to have a mark there in the morning. It was a good thing teachers generally wore collared shirts, just in case the bruise lasted until school on Monday.

Just as that sinful mouth had found its way from collarbone to nipple, Iruka belatedly realized that Kakashi was once again still fully dressed while he was only in shorts. A small growl of discontentment escaped his throat before he flipped them over with skills he had never used outside of fighting. Though, with Kakashi, the two situations seemed thrillingly similar and interchangeable. Iruka's lips mashed against the thin ones that were so addictive, nimble fingers running up that perfect body to undo the buttons of Kakashi's shirt. The other male grunted his approval, gripping tanned hips and gently rocking their growing excitement together.

As soon as that damnable piece of cloth was completely undone, Iruka nearly ripped it in his haste to get his hands on that marvelously sculpted body. He could feel Kakashi's skin shiver under his touch, muscles twitching with sensation and anticipation. Now Iruka took his time, intentionally torturing his partner with light brushes of his fingertips over pale nipples. The delicious groan drawn out from his ministrations was swallowed eagerly as Iruka ventured his tongue into Kakashi's mouth. The new territory was explored thoroughly and given an equally enthusiastic welcome.

Kakashi splayed his fingers along Iruka's spine, sending tremors through sensitive skin. He knew what he wanted, and this was exactly it. He wanted Iruka to quiver under his touch, to revel in it. The fiery teacher/assassin that had managed to catch his attention was going to be held responsible for every urge and desire he evoked from the ex-soldier.

And Kakashi was going to make him pay in full.

Moans fell out of both male's mouths as Kakashi deliberately rubbed their erections together with a lift of his hips. He rolled them over once again, standing to remove the last pieces of his clothing as Iruka did the same.

Before Kakashi could get back into the bed, the lithe sensei stopped him with a hand to his chest. With slow movements so as to be avoided if Kakashi so wished, Iruka lifted his hands to remove the black wrap that covered the beautifully bizarre eye. He ran his thumb over the pale eyelid softly before it fluttered open. "It suits you," he murmured after a moment, placing gentle kisses along the scar.

Ever since their conversation the previous night, Iruka had been completely unafraid of seeing his scars. What Kakashi had told him struck home and shook his very foundations for the better, it seemed. He was by no means completely healed, but with time Iruka believed that he could be. To him, acknowledging Kakashi's scar was a portrayal that he had accepted his own.

Comprehension lit up in the mismatched eyes. Kakashi replied with, "Just as yours suit you." Returning the gesture, strong hands cupped Iruka's face with gentleness only he could evoke and kisses were trailed lightly over the scar crossing his nose, the scar that marked the beginning of the sensei's dark past.

Kakashi's fingers deliberately lingered over the intricate designs that laced his partner's skin as he ran his hands over Iruka's shoulders and down his back. Pressing their foreheads together for a final moment of quiet intimacy, the silver haired businessman simply breathed in tandem with his new lover.

Before long, carnal need overtook them both once more and their lips were sealed together as Kakashi nudged and maneuvered Iruka onto the bed. Propped up against the pillows, the young sensei had a very clear view of that head of soft, silver strands making its way to his proudly erect manhood. Thin lips pressed a kiss to his favourite spot on his hip before slowly taking the blushing head between them. Kakashi had angled himself just right so his little assassin could see every bit of what he was doing to him.

Iruka had to fight the urge to close his eyes and throw his head back in pleasure. He wanted to see it all. Every flex of muscle as Kakashi bobbed up and down along his shaft. The very sight of it was fanning the heat growing in his lower abdomen that much faster. Soon enough, Iruka was panting and outright moaning as he thrusted shallowly into the wetness that was surrounding him. He could feel that familiar coil in his belly, foretelling the impending release, and tried to warn the owner of the sinfully talented mouth that was wrapped around him.

"Ka-Kakashi…mmhh…" Iruka stuttered, suppressing the groan that wanted to tumble from his lips. "I-I'm gonna-ahh… hah… I c-can't…"

He seemed to get the message and gripped the base tightly, effectively warding off the orgasm. The silverette leaned up to catch kiss-swollen lips with a ravaging hunger. Iruka never thought tasting himself mixed with another would be so intoxicating or arousing. Eager for more of anything Kakashi had to offer, the smaller male laced his fingers through silver hair, deepening their lip-lock. Later, they would not be able to remember who had moaned into whose mouth at that particular moment.

Kakashi pulled back, staying a hairsbreadth away from the other man, and panted a single word that had tingles of anticipation and nervousness shooting through Iruka's entire body. "Lube?"

All thought left the little sensei's mind right at that moment. Words failed him, but luckily his body caught up to his desire much faster than his mind did. Iruka's hand promptly shot out to the side and pointed to the top drawer of the bed stand. Without a second thought, Kakashi reached over and plucked the small bottle of clear fluid out of its compartment.

It was almost full, seeing as how it was only used once and even then it had been used painfully sparingly. Iruka had been meaning to throw it away, but had somehow ended up too busy or distracted every time the opportunity arose. He was plenty glad right then that he had not gotten rid of it.

Kakashi slicked up three of his fingers liberally, offering a peck on Iruka's lips before moving to his neck to distract him from the awaiting discomfort. A single, wet digit circled his entrance, making the smaller male tense up at the foreign sensation. He used every ounce of skill he had to force all of his muscles to completely relax, feeling the ones he needed to loosen up defy him before finally softening slowly but not completely. At this cue, the finger slipped in smoothly, coaxing the inner muscles to stretch around the intrusion.

Iruka was used to more severe pain than this, barely making a face at the weird feeling of something moving in and out of him. He winced slightly when the second finger was added and Kakashi nipped at his neck to distract him before kissing the spot in apology. The third finger provided a slight sting followed by the slow burn of pain from being stretched as Kakashi probed around inside him, coating his passage evenly with the clear substance. The brunette could barely suppress his hiss of distress, but something happened just then that had Iruka's back bowing backwards as pure lightning shot through his being.

"What the hell was that?" he wheezed, stars fading from his vision.

Kakashi chuckled huskily into Iruka's neck before answering. "That," he said, pressing the same spot inside him again, enjoying the groan of pleasure the cinnamon teacher let out, "is how I am going to make you come undone."

Kakashi thrust his fingers slow and deep with no real rhythm, alternatively grazing and jabbing that special place that made Iruka see stars. Moans fell from his full lips as he was shown yet another pleasure he had never even dreamed of. The one and only time he had ever had sex before this was hurried and painful.

Apparently, Iruka had talked to someone earlier that particular day that made Mizuki jealous. Training ended for the night and Iruka found himself dragged into one of the many unused rooms in the hideout to be attacked by the white haired teen. At the time, it did not take much to get Iruka in the mood because he had grown used to the way Mizuki worked and was grateful for whatever pleasure he was given. A couple of drops of lubrication from a small bottle later, Mizuki had him bent over crudely with no preparation whatsoever. The pain almost outweighed the pleasure, but Iruka made no move to stop him. Compared to the heavenly ministrations Kakashi was giving him, Mizuki was a complete and total mistake.

Thankfully, everything with Kakashi has been so different, new, and utterly wonderful that all of those thoughts of his past sexual experiences were being deleted and replaced by the bliss he made Iruka feel. He was immensely enjoying everything the silverette did to him, proven by the slight roll of his hips as he moved with the fingers inside him. Deciding he was stretched enough, the larger male withdrew his fingers, brushing against Iruka's prostate teasingly.

Whining slightly at the sudden loss of pleasure, chocolate brown eyes widened as they saw what was about to enter him. The night before, it had been too dark to see much of anything and Kakashi had not even given him the chance to return the favor. Seeing the erection he had only gotten the feel of through clothing sent swirling arousal and anxiety through Iruka's mind.

How the hell is that supposed to fit inside me?

Lips cut off his train of thought, pushing him to lie down completely. "Just relax, Ru," Kakashi mumbled into the kiss. "I'll take care of you."

Trust had never been one of the ex-assassin's strong points, but he forced himself to extend some to the man hovering above him. Kakashi pulled his legs up, anchoring them with his arms as he positioned himself. With one more kiss to soothe him, Iruka felt Kakashi push into him slowly.

Kakashi was definitely bigger than three fingers. The burn of pain was much more intense than before and went deeper and deeper as he felt the other male fill him completely. As soon as he was fully sheathed, Kakashi froze in place, allowing his lover to adjust to the girth. Iruka's hands reached out to find some sort of purchase, something to grab onto. They settled for the pale shoulders above them, gripping tight enough to bruise and leaving crescent shaped marks where Iruka's fingernails involuntarily dug into the skin.

The ex-assassin concentrated on his breathing, sucking it in and releasing it evenly, if a little shakily. He could feel light pecks being peppered along his jaw line, reminding him of Kakashi's promise to take care of him. Gradually, Iruka's body unclenched itself to accommodate the new intrusion. When the pain had dulled down to a mild ache, the little sensei experimented with his hips, causing the man above him to shiver at the slightest movement.

"I think you can move now," Iruka grunted, hoping he was right.

With agonizing slowness, Kakashi pulled out of him a little before pushing back in with shallow thrusts. Adding movement lessened a fraction of Iruka's discomfort as the sensation of being filled repeatedly began to feel good. Just as he was wondering what had happened to that special spot within him, Kakashi adjusted his hips ever so slightly and Iruka was once again shivering in delight. A few well aimed thrusts later had the last vestiges of pain fading entirely. Iruka let out a small whimper of encouragement, moving his hips against Kakashi to get him to pick up the pace.

The businessman was only too happy to oblige him. Shallow thrusts lengthened each time until Kakashi was almost pulling out completely. As soon as he could tell Iruka was comfortable with the movements, he unhooked his arms from beneath nicely toned legs to press their bodies closer together. Kakashi felt the freed limbs wrap themselves around his waist and pull him even deeper into the velvety heat. Once more reminded that he was the first to show the little teacher pleasure, true pleasure, Kakashi moaned softly into Iruka's shoulder.

Pale arms wrapped around the honey toned man, adjusting the angle of Kakashi's thrusts for a final time so he was no longer simply brushing against his prostate. He was now hitting it dead on.

Iruka would not have been able to hold in the groan of pure ecstasy if he had tried. He used the new leverage he had on Kakashi's hips to match him thrust for thrust, inevitably making them go faster.

Higher and higher and higher their pleasure rose in waves, threatening to crash down on them both. Neither paid attention to who was making what noise, only noticing how the other moved and responded accordingly on an instinctual level. Kakashi snaked his hand in between them to pump the leaking erection in time with their thrusts.

It only took a few strokes before Iruka unraveled, letting out a hoarse cry of total abandon. He could feel the aftershocks of pleasure spike through him as Kakashi kept going towards his own completion. Not long after, he felt the pale haired man go rigid with a growled moan and warmth spread inside him.

They stayed like that for a few moments, catching their breath. As soon as their racing hearts slowed down, Kakashi pulled out as gently as he could, leaving a dazed teacher sprawled across the mattress. Iruka felt the bed shift under the weight of his new partner as he went to rummage through something across the room.

Just as he was wondering what he was doing, pale hands were back, smoothing a cloth over his abdomen to clean up the result of his orgasm. Blood somehow managed to find its way back up to his face as the cloth moved in between his legs to wipe away Kakashi's own evidence. He could hear the businessman's chuckle as he finally cleaned himself and tossed the cloth over to the dirty clothes and settled down next to Iruka.

Euphoria lingered in his mind as exhaustion crept into his limbs, but Iruka still had enough thought processes to get under the blanket. He felt Kakashi do the same behind him just as warmth was pressed up to his back and draped over his waist. A sigh of contentment left tanned lips before Iruka allowed himself to slip off into another night of the best sleep he would have for a while.

. . . . . .

Sasuke woke up warm and comfortable, despite having spent the night on an air mattress. He let out a sleepily content sigh and snuggled back into the heat behind him, causing the body pressed up to him to respond in kind.

Wait a minute…

Onyx eyes snapped open in full alertness and surveyed their frozen owner's current predicament, only half believing what they saw. Sasuke's pale hand contrasted ascetically against the sun-kissed wrist it was loosely gripping against his chest. The steady swell and fall of pressure he felt on his back, coupled with the slight brush of air against the nape of his neck, told him there was indeed someone behind him. Slowly, he lifted the arm draped across him and slipped out of the bed, careful not to disturb the person he had unknowingly shared it with.

Sasuke had been standing at the edge of the air mattress trying to understand the situation for a good while before finally coming to grips with it.

He had just been cuddling with Naruto. And he liked it.

He knew he would never admit it to anyone else, much less to himself, but the evidence was as blatant as it was unbelievable. From the way the blankets were falling from the bed down onto the air mattress, Sasuke deduced that the blond idiot had simply rolled off the edge of his bed. How he had managed to do that was as easy to figure out as the teen's general clumsiness. The real mystery lay in how the hell Sasuke slept through it, not to mention how he could have subconsciously welcomed it.

Shaking his head and deciding it was not worth the headache he could feel coming on, the raven haired teen went to his bag to grab a change of clothes. A note was sitting right at the top of his belongings, folded neatly. It read:

"Got called into the office. I won't be back until later tonight. Gai and the others are still watching the house, so try to keep them there would you?"

Sasuke scoffed under his breath. The last bit of the note was completely unnecessary and that damn prick knew it when he wrote it. He crumpled the paper and tossed it back into his bag on his way out, closing the door behind him on his way to the bathroom. As soon as he was done changing he put his clothes into the machine to be washed, or rather Naruto's clothes since his bag had only held spare clothes for the one day.

Sasuke slowed his steps as sounds bounced around the hallway from the kitchen. Seeing as his guardian was gone, Naruto was still sound asleep, and Gai was on patrol, there could only be one person clinking around in the kitchen. Iruka stood at the stove with a spoon in hand, pouring some sort of batter onto a frying pan.

"Good morning, Sasuke," he said over his shoulder. The teacher turned back to what appeared to be pancakes, humming a happy tune. The teen nodded and offered a greeting in return, opening the fridge for a bottle of water.

Silence settled between the two of them, the only noise coming from the cooking food. Once again, Sasuke noticed the scarred teacher was wearing short sleeves, baring his forearms and some of his biceps. Remembering the story behind the markings sparked a different memory that had earlier been ignored when Naruto had told him.

When he had first begun living with Kakashi, Sasuke had natural suspicions about the man stemmed from his ability to best him in a fight. The most logical thing to do was gather information about his new guardian, including breaking into the businessman's personal study and going through every drawer and file.

He had found a rather disturbing amount of photos taken of various corpses that had strange etchings on their skin; coupled with more than a few pages worth of notes that mentioned his (supposedly) recently deceased mentor in relation to a serial killer that called himself 'Kyuubi'. Those etchings were almost an exact similarity to the scars along Iruka's arms, and apparently the rest of his body.

Not for the first time, the black eyed teen tried to put all of the pieces together without knowing how close he was to the truth. Naruto had only been able to tell the story from his 6 year old point of view, so there were likely many missing details in his memory, but that did little to deter Sasuke's calculations.

The fact that the brothers had been kidnapped by this so-called Kyuubi and survived was irrefutable; the evidence obvious on Iruka's arms and Naruto's face.

Taking into account Iruka's unique yet familiar fighting style with Kyuubi's affiliation with Orochimaru, led to some interesting questions that he doubted Naruto would know the answers to. The main question in his mind was: what had intrigued Orochimaru about a young Iruka that would prompt him to take him under his wing after having him tortured so?

The silence around them finally broke with Sasuke's reverie as the honey-toned teacher spoke the words he himself had been itching to say for the past couple days.

"We need to talk."

Iruka set the spatula on the counter after placing the last fluffy pancake on the stack and finally turned to his student solemnly. His eyes were heavily guarded, but just as curious as the teen's across from him. Each was sizing up the other, gauging which questions were likely to be asked against which ones should, would, or even could be answered. Finally, Sasuke merely nodded his agreement.

"How old were you when you started training with him?" Iruka asked, knowing Sasuke would understand exactly whom he was referring to.

That bluntness was actually what he liked most about his teacher, as opposed to the beat-around-the-bush tactics a certain damnable ex-soldier always used. Sasuke decided that he would give the same courtesy he was being offered. "Thirteen," he replied simply. "What about yourself?" he asked, almost daring Iruka to deny anything.

A moment of silence passed before Iruka took a breath and said, "Twelve." He busied his hands with gathering the rest of the breakfast materials and continued with another question. "How old were you when your parents were killed?"


Iruka grew silent, chewing on the information and trying to reason out the math. "So, it was six years before he took you," he stated. He was about to continue, but was interrupted.

"I went willingly," Sasuke corrected.

The gears in his mind must have stopped at that point, because surely he had just heard wrong. "Did you just…?"

Sasuke simply shrugged and crossed his arms across his chest. "He came to me with the promise of making me strong enough to avenge my family."

When he offered no more explanation, Iruka inquired cautiously, "And did you avenge them?"

"I would say so, considering I killed him a couple years ago," Sasuke stated bluntly. "This leads me to wonder why Mizuki would even bother to mention Orochimaru."

"That's what I would like to know… considering I killed him almost ten years ago," Iruka stated with just as bluntly.

Both of their minds were sent reeling, trying to make sense of what the other had told. If Iruka had killed Orochimaru before Sasuke had even begun his training, how could he have killed him a mere two years ago?

"Could be an alias," Iruka thought aloud. "The person in charge could change, but keep the name and system."

"Could be," Sasuke agreed, not really believing it.

They spent the next few minutes in silent contemplation, each gnawing on the new data. Trains of thought were halted by the sound of a door opening and a very loud, obnoxious yawn that could only belong to none other than Uzumaki Naruto.

The tense atmosphere settled on the back burners of the ex-assassins' minds as the blond haired moron walked into the room groggily, scratching at his belly absentmindedly. Without a single glance to either of the other two males, Naruto went straight to the fridge for his morning orange juice. By the time he turned around, almost half of the liquid was gone.

Releasing the bottle dramatically, he gasped loudly for breath and saluted his brother and rival. "Mornin' guys. How'd ya sleep?" he asked with his signature, goofy grin aimed directly at his brother teasingly. Not even giving time for an answer, he belatedly realized what was sitting next to the stove. "PANCAKES!" he exclaimed, scrambling for his seat at the table with fork and knife at the ready in his fists.

The dark haired males looked at each other over the blond's antics and just shook their heads, grateful for the change of atmosphere to a lighter one. The pancakes did not take very long to cook and soon had all of them happily chowing down.

. . . . . .

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