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It started off as a simple friendship. Isn't that how most stories like this start off? It's cliché, I know, past the line of cheesy. The misunderstood friend paired with the unconditional caring one. Their different personalities that should clash collided instead, to create an inevitable love. Who knew that these two different people could match so perfectly? It's like finding a hat in a random, quirky store on the corner that matches perfectly with your designer jeans that you've never worn. It's like eating ice cream in the middle of winter, it shouldn't be done but worth it for that sweet taste. Obviously, their relationship isn't always a warm hug on a snowy day, but their love surpasses most. It's true and it's passionate. It's worth those days that feel you've been punched in the throat and your heart stung by millions of bees, those fights that seem to last forever, and those moments that you wish you could take back. Because in the end they have each other which is more than they could ever ask for.

Both of them are dancers and Madame Fanny's studio. Boo is the caring one, the one who doesn't judge before she understands, the one who is there when you need her, and the one who never gives up. Sasha is fierce, misunderstood, can be a little bit bitchy at sometimes, and well a little bit broken in all honesty.

Both of them drowning their insecurities and fears in their dance. They work hard to get where they want to be.

Sasha's POV
It's no different this morning than any other. I woke up to the screaming of my parents downstairs. Sometimes I think I'm immune to their yelling. It's like I hear it but it's just normal background noise like the low hum of the fridge or the lawnmower of our next door neighbor. It's five am and I'm currently driving to Madame Fanny's for our morning rehearsals. I think about swinging by to pick up coffee even though I know Fanny hates it when we drink coffee. I decide against it and pull up to the studio.

I know it's probably not a good idea to do things to push her buttons, to test her. I do it anyway, though.

I make my way up to the dressing room where I know Melanie, Ginny, and Boo will be already in getting ready for the dancing ahead of us. I walk into the room overhearing a conversation of Boo talking about how cute Charlie's hair is.

"Do you ever stop talking about him?" I ask her slipping on my pointe shoes. They're a little worn down and I know I should probably invest in some new ones soon. I glance over at Boo's they're almost falling apart. She slips them on smiling as usual, unfazed by my question. Boo's always being cheerful. I've always liked the fact that Boo never asked for more than she needed.

"What's got your panties in a bunch." Melanie asks as she sits down on the bench besides Ginny.

"Are your parents still fighting?" Boo asked with concern.

"Don't pretend you know anything about it." I say harshly and walk out of the room. I know Boo was just trying to be a good friend but I get tired of everyone talking about it. I get annoyed of all these people pretending like they understand more than they know.

I walk downstairs and enter the studio. There are few dancers warming up by the beams so I decide to go in the back of the room to warm. I rather not have any interaction with any of these idiots if I can help it. I hope to see Boo again, though. I'd like to just give her a smile in hopes that maybe she'll see it as an apology.

"I'm staying here all day!" I hear a voice behind me yell. I turn around to see Charlie having a spat with Melanie. Boo is standing behind her looking nervous as anything. Poor girl.

Melanie says something to Charlie which gets him to sit down with his nameless friend.

"Hey, Boo, why don't you stand up front today." Madame Fanny says gesturing towards the front of the room. She shuffles up towards the front of the floor looking as insecure as anything.

She glances at me and I smile. She catches and smiles back. I can now stay content for the rest of the dance class knowing that Boo forgives me.

The song begins and we all dance in the same routine we've been practicing. The moves come to me like breathing. While I dance I glance towards Boo and notice how much she has improved lately. I would say I was proud of her but then that would have to show that I care. I care about my friends I just can't let them know that.

"Hey, Sasha!" Melanie calls out from behind me. "We're headed to the Oyster Bar after this. You can join if you want."

I nod my head in response. "I'll meet you guys." I say as I hop into the front seat of the car. I watch them as they all pile into Charlie's car and drive away.

So yeah I'm thinking about continuing this and maybe adding some heart to hearts with sasha and michelle. Tell me what you thing and stuff. There will be some good Boosha scences coming up soon. Just be patient.