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Transformers Bayverse/Transformers Prime

Title – This is not happening

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Chapter 25

Both Optimus' had their servos full at the moment, Dreadwing, Starscream, Knockout and Breakdown along with Soundwave had suddenly shown up from their hiding places. Megatron teamed up with his brother and counterpart to help them battle the rest of the Decepticons.

Buffy and Faith took care of the girl who they had to battle, she wasn't killed; but they were going to take her back with them. When both slayers turned around and saw the girl fall down onto the ground two puncture marks on her neck.

"SPIKE…!" Buffy shouted.

"What I was hungry, and she's evil so no harm done," he mumbled.

"Angel would never have done that," Faith said with a chuckle.

Spike narrowed his eyes then.

"Must you slayers always compare me with Angel," Spike muttered.

The girls smirked then.

"Yes, we must," they replied.

"Come on, our part is done, let's take off," Buffy said turning to see Agent Fowler by Tara.

Agent fowler pressed fingers to Tara's neck, and found no pulse. It was then a bright glowing light of blue, enveloped Tara's body; which caused Fowler to cover his eyes.

Knockout had used his energon prod on flamed Optimus, and just as he was about to use it on flamed Optimus once more a shot rang out from a blaster. It hit Knockout square in his chest plates, leaving him dazed. He looked up to see who had the nerve to shoot at him, and he gaped in shock as there stood Elita-1. Her optics narrowed in anger, and her optics glowing and radiating angrily.

"GET AWAY FROM MY MECHS CON," she snarled racing over to the stunned Decepticon taking his spark with little trouble.

The Cons from the TP universe were all destroyed easily then, Megatron watched as his brother and his counterpart gave their attention to Elita-1. Then flamed Optimus glanced at his brother, and walked over toward him.

"Megatron, thank you for coming to our aid," flamed Optimus said.

Megatron looked his brother in his optics, and something just clicked for them both.

"We need to put an end to this war now, our race has become scattered because of this useless war. I was wrong for listening to the Fallen, and I wish to end this with the peace you so rightfully wanted." Megatron said as he hugged his brother.

Optimus and Megatron made up after all their years of fighting with each other. TP Optimus glanced over seeing Agent Fowler, and he smiled sadly.

"Agent Fowler, how did you get here?" TP Optimus asked.

"Prime, I am not sure this bright purple light appeared one minute and I was brought to this world the next with those two girls and weird guy." Fowler said as he went on to explain about the families of the children.

::::…. Optimus, come in, it's Ratchet…::::

::::…. Optimus here, what is it Ratchet….:::::

::::…. We have problems here Optimus, the humans are blaming us for multiple human deaths….:::::

::::….. WHAT tell the rest of the Autobots to stand down when we come through; Megatron has agreed to a peace treaty…::::

:::….. Very Well Optimus….:::

:::…. Send the ground bridge…:::::

Megatron had gotten his team, and they went with both Optimus' and Elita-1; Agent Fowler sitting in TP Optimus' hand. Flamed Optimus got a surprise when they entered the ground bridge, NEST had guns drawn and pointed at them all.

"What is the meaning of this?" Flamed Optimus demanded.

"We want all of you off our planet, or we start destroying you," Lennox snarled.

Optimus narrowed his optics at Lennox; this was disrespect at its worst.

"What have we done to warrant this behavior?" Optimus demanded.

"How about the deaths of humans, and now you are budding around with Megatron and the Cons; regardless of what they have done to us." Epps said.

"The Autobots didn't do anything wrong," Miko snarled.

Jack and Raf noticed Agent Fowler and questioned him, and the Agent told them about their families. The kids broke down into tears, while Agent Fowler tried to console them along with their guardians.

The kids, Fowler and Emily were all changed into Cybertronians, Emily the second she was changed got grabbed by Sideswipe and Sunstreaker kissing the femme wildly.

"Oh she is perfect, very yummy," Sideswipe replied with a grin.

Emily grinned.

"We need to call her Shadowblaster, that's a perfect name what do you think, do you like it?" Sunstreaker asked.

"I love it, like I love you two," Shadowblaster said.

Elita glanced at her two primes, smirking as she pulled them both in for a kiss.

"I get two primes all to myself, how about that?" she said.

TP Optimus gave her a curious look.

"Think you can handle us both?" he asked her.

She giggled at that.

"Oh dear silly Optimus, it's you two who should be asking if you can handle me," she replied.

Shadowblaster turned her head looking at Elita, and she laughed hysterically then.

"That's my friend's personality still shining through, oh you two are such goners; she will knock you both into emergency stasis,"

"Really," they both said.

Sunstreaker nudged his twin with a smirk.

"I wonder if Shadow will knock us into emergency stasis." Sunny said.

"Could be, bro, could be," Sideswipe said with a smirk.

If Shadow could blush, she would have been blushing at those words, even though she had started that in a round about way.

The two primes without another moment's hesitation gave their orders, and they headed to their home planet from the ground bridge never to return to Earth ever again.


I know the ending might have been rushed, but this story for some reason gave me a lot of problems with ideas. When I first came up with this story the ideas flowed so well, but then it was like I had to struggle to come up with ideas, so I figured when that happens its best to end it and move on with my other one. So I will be doing Reluctant father and then after that one, I need to work on my second Transformers story for the publisher. So, I probably won't be writing anymore after that for awhile. My husband will be doing his story and might write another one for everyone after Fallen Angel, he seems to have taken a fancy to writing now.