A moment later she saw Matt exiting his dorm, his backed turned to the hall, trying to quietly shut it. He hadn't seen her yet. She ran to the nook in the hall by the vending machines, hoping to hide while he passed. He walked up the hall and proceeded past her with out a second glance, but Kate's nose began to itch, and with all her might couldn't hold it back.

Matt stopped in his tracks. He turned slowly to meet the face of Kate de Vries.
"Good evening, Miss de Vries," he said sternly.
"Good evening, Mr. Cruse," she responded, trying to look distracted by her closed notebook.
"And where have you been at this late hour?" Matt tried to sound professional but the displeasure seeped through.
"Oh, just out and about," Kate said lightly, "did you know the kitchen is open late? Marvellous food really. I've been most impre-"
"Cut the crap, Kate!"
Kate's head shot up angrily. Her nostrils narrowed.
"You were in that man's dorm just now, weren't you?" His voice began to escalate. Kate remained silent, and his anger won him over. "You can't just waltz into the dorm of a man you just met. It's dangerous!"
"If I do remember, Mr. Cruse," her voice rising, "on the night we first met, I invited you to mine, and you came running like a dog!" Matt's blood boiled. Being compared to a dog. Is that how she always saw him? Running to her at the snap of her fingers?
"If I do remember, you ordered for hot drinks, and as the only server awake, had no choice!"
Kate stood there stunned. Defeated.
"Good night Mr. Cruse," she finally said.
"Goodnight." She turned and walked back to her dorm.