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Tohru looked at her teacher in shock at what she'd just said. "Eh!? I'm going on an exchange trip to America!?" Mayuko clenched her fists tightly. "When I see Shigure again…" Tohru was in too deep of shock to even register the threat to her supposive guardian. "When? How? Who else? When? How?" She asked her sensei. Mayuko sighed and sat down next to the hyper and very confused student. "Shigure Sohma signed the form for you. He has already paid all the expenses and dealt with all the permission forms and what not. I'm sorry to say this but since you've been accepted there isn't any backing out now." The teacher said to her pupil. Tohru smiled at her. "It's okay I guess sensei. I'll just have to pay Shigure-san back." Mayuko felt like banging her head repeatedly on the table but resisted it with some effort. How that perverted old man had roped this innocent girl into his stupid life was beyond her. Tohru jumped to her feet and bowed to her teacher. "Thank you for telling me the news sensei." She said politely. "If I had waited until I got home I may have gotten an awfully big surprise from Shigure." She added quietly. Mayuko smiled and waved goodbye to the happy-go-lucky girl.

"WHAT! YOU'RE GOING ON AN EXCHANGE TRIP!?" Arisa yelled making Tohru wince and nodded. "Can we get a form into come?" She asked worriedly. To there surprise Hanajima answered. "No the forms were due in by the Friday before the last last last Friday. No we cannot swap places with anyone nor can we squeeze in." She fore-answered the Yankee's next questions. Uotani groaned. "I guess you're alone in this one Tohru-chan. How long will you be gone?" Saki's eyes squinted; her even showing a slightest bit of emotion was rare. "Three months." "!" Both Tohru and Arisa said. Tohru looked up at the sky to see that it was already past five. "Ah I must go do the groceries! See you Uo-chan and Hana-chan!"

As Tohru brought the groceries inside the house she heard a scream. "WHAT! WE'RE GOING ON AN EXCHANGE TRIP?!" Tohru sighed. She was sure she'd heard that too many times today. As she stepped through the door and announced she was home she was engulfed in a hug.


"Aww Tohru-kun, why you leaving?" Momiji bunny said. Tohru put the groceries down and picked up the bunny. "I'm sorry Momiji-kun but there is nothing I can do. I only found out just before." She confessed. Shigure looked up from his newspaper (a/n man I really need to get a new hobby for him) and smiled at Tohru. "Guess what Tohru." "I'm going on an exchange trip with Kyo-kun and …. Sohma-kun?" She had heard Kyo call out but not Yuki. Yuki nodded his head before turning back to glare at the dog. He smiled anyway the blithering idiot. "Ah yes. You must pack your bags you are going tomorrow." "TOMORROW!?" Shigure waved his hands in front of him. "Kidding, kidding. You'll be leaving on Friday okay? So that gives you five days." Shigure stated to the now very confused teens. Tohru walked into the kitchen after putting Momiji down on the ground. "Momiji-kun are you staying for tea? (a/n Btw when I say 'tea' I mean 'dinner') "


"Yup! I can't waste one minute of the time I have with you Tohru-kun!" He stated in the nice guy pose (a/n anyone that reads Naruto will know what I'm talking about). "You already see her at school so go home will you?" Kyo muttered to the annoying rabbit. Tohru began to go into panic stage one(she's facing the cooking stuff not momiji). "No it's okay he doesn't need to leave but you can if you want to you don't have to stay here just for me!" She said in one breath. Momiji smiled. "But I am staying here just for you!" Momiji said happily. Kyo banged his head on the table. He was sure the annoying fifteen year old just loved to wind him up by doing this to Tohru. He knocked Tohru lightly on the head. "You were cooking remember you air head?" He said playfully. Tohru blushed and began apologising until he cut her off. "Tohru just cook okay?" Tohru nodded and began cooking the salmon riceballs to Kyo's delight. Yuki looked down at his homework and sighed before pushing it away. No doubt when he left Kakeru would become the president. He shuddered at the thought.


Tohru smiled at Haru after telling him the news. He seemed mildly sad but shrugged. He hugged Yuki. "I will be awaiting for your return my first love." He said. Tohru sweatdropped. "Please you sound like Kagura." Kyo muttered. "Kyo?" Kyo had a frightened face as he turned to face (speak of the devil!) Kagura. Kyo backed away and ran for it. "Kyo? KYO? KYO!" Kagura said and tackled him to the ground. Many of the other students gasped but the Sohmas' faces didn't change. Kagura began to swing Kyo around. "WHY DIDN'T YOU CALL ME TO TELL ME YOU WERE EXCHANGING TO AMERICA!" "Sohma-kun is going to America? Does that me Yuki-kun is going too?" Some of the girls whispered. Yuki sighed and put his book down; he shrugged out of Haru's arms and tapped Kagura who was hugging Kyo in despair at what someone had done. "Kagura-san would it be too much to ask to go outside with Kyo?" Kagura looked up between tears and nodded. She dragged Kyo's body outside. "And that is why Kyo tried to run away on Valentines!" Momiji explained to the surrounding students. They all had faces of shock and they turned to Yuki. "Sohma-kun is it true you and Sohma Kyo are going to America on an exchange trip?" Yuki nodded his head and whispers sprung up in all directions.

Three figures shoved their way through the crowd. "Yuki-kun tell me it isn't true!" Third year Motoko Minagawa cried. Yuki sighed and glared at the direction Kyo had disappeared through (who he blamed for all this mess). Minami had tears in her eyes. Yuki nodded his head. "Yes I am going to America." Motoko looked at Yuki in determination. "I'm coming." Yuki shook his head. "I'm sorry but all the places are taken." Motoko looked heart broken but quickly put back on her determined face. "I must see who is going to make sure there are no girls!" she declared and rushed off to the student council room; the rest of the Yuki fan club following. Yuki turned to face Tohru. "Honda-san, what are we having for tea tonight?" Tohru chewed her lip cutely. "Ah we could have leeks… I'll cook Kyo a special meal since he doesn't like them…"


"WHAT!? THE WITCH IS GOING ON THE EXCHANGE WITH YUKI-KUN!?" Motoko cried. After days of arguing with the teacher and her finally giving in from annoyance; they'd gathered the information sheet of who was going.


Name of students on exchange:

Kyo S.

Yuki S.

Tohru H.




(a/n no I cant be bothered coming up with names for random people)

Apartment one:




Apartment two:

Kyo S.

Yuki S.

Tohru H.

Note: Tohru H. has been informed of the living arrangements with the Sohmas and has agreed as has her guardian Shigure S.

Kyo S. and Yuki S. have also agreed to these living arrangements and so has their guardian Shigure S.

Motoko's eyes widened as she read the rest of the form.

"She's living with them! And they all agreed to it! Even Yuki-kun! We must speak to him!" They rushed off to find Yuki. They found him sitting under the tree with Tohru, Kyo, Momiji and Hatori. This pissed Motoko off even more seeing Tohru stealing the handsome Sohma boys. "Yuki-kun you must disagree with these living arrangements!" Yuki looked up at her with a bored face. "Why?" Motoko; a bit taken aback by Yuki's bluntness replied "You're in the same apartment with Honda!" "So? Why should I change?" He asked in annoyance (Shigure making him move country for three months really got him pissed). Motoko was absolutely bewildered. How could Yuki not see the problem? "Because a woman who is not related to you should not be staying with you! Especially her." Yuki looked blankly at her. Momiji put his hand up. "Ah but does that mean Tohru will have to move away from home Yuki? I know you and Kyo really enjoy Tohru's tea that she cooks you…" Motoko looked at the first year in surprise. "She cooks for them?" Momiji nodded, he couldn't see Kyo's, Yuki's and Tohru's panicked faces. "Of course. It's what you do when you live with someone right?" Motoko looked beyond belief. She sat on the ground and looked into nothing. "S-she lives with Yuki-kun?" She whispered. "Rules two and three of the Prince Yuki fan club:

Do not enter the Prince's house.

While talking to the Prince, you must be accompanied by at least two other members."

Minami recited word for word. "You've broken both of those rules Tohru-kun." Tohru looked at her in confusion. She wasn't a member so she didn't know. Motoko stood and turned; she threw a punch at Tohru. Kyo caught the punch. *slap*

Motoko held a hand to her stinging cheek stunned. Yuki had just slapped her. "Leave." He said dangerously and the girls scampered off in fright of their prince gone bad. Tohru looked down at her arms which was latched on to Kyo's arm in fright, blushed and jumped apart. "Are you okay Tohru?" Kyo asked concerned. Tohru nodded her head feeling her blush deepen. She saw a slight tingue to Kyo's cheeks too.


Kyo's nose twitched as he smelt something he liked. Smoked fish. He licked his lips and jumped off the roof and landed skillfully. His ears perked at the sound of Tohru calling his name and he made himself stroll casually inside as if he didn't care. This was their last night here as tomorrow they were leaving in the morning at 3 am at the airport with the other three students.


They boarded the plane; saying good bye to Uotani, Hanajima, Shigure, Kazuma and Hatori (they needed a driver so who else?). After the hugs and kisses (with Tohru, Arisa and Saki that is) thet boarded the plane and went on the long flight to Seattle. Relatively ten hours and fourteen minutes later they landed and the teacher ordered a cab. "Okay go to your apartment team 2 with this police officer. Come with me team 1." The teacher said in english. (Tohru and the others have taken English so can speak it but not that well). "Okay sensei." They replied and watched the teacher head off with 3Xxxx. They faced the police officer. "Hello I am police chief swan I will show you to your apartment." He said slowly and carefully to the three teens. They nodded and followed him down a road to a small road where he showed them to a house. "That is my house." Swan said. He pointed to the house across the road. "That will be where you are staying. It is owned by the principal of Forks high and he has allowed you to stay there as long as you do not reck anything and keep it clean." He said bluntly. Tohru nodded her head. "Th- Oops I mean, thankyou Swan-san." He blinked at this and scratched his head. "Oh that's like your mister in Japanese ay? Strange folk…" he muttered. He cleared his throat. "My daughter Bella goes to Forks high she may take you to school as it usually rains in this town. Today has been unusual being so sunny" Kyo groaned. They thanked Chief swan and dragged their luggage to the house across the road.

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