Me: I wonder if someone will get angry that I'm practically making my own version of the next elsword -w-;;;;

Everyone: *Shrugs*

Raven: Well it's FANfiction and you're a FAN so do you FAN magic.

Me: *Gets out fan* This magic?

. . . . .

An elf walked into the tribe leader's room. Slowly and shyly hoping that the end wouldn't come. Not today. She was about to request to unthinkable.

"Rena, we are very pleased by your work, you have saved the world and our existence yet you still never retire! But may I ask why you have come here on such short notice?"

"Well… Elders, I have a request, but, I'm not sure if it's something you would like to hear."

"Please, do tell us."

"I want to marry a human." Rena said with her head down low.

"Y-You… Want to marry a human?"

The elf nodded at the angered elder, the elders sat on the trees like thrones, shocked at Rena's request.

"You do realize what you are doing is a dangerous thing. Humans have destroyed our homes and have taken innocent lives… Now you expect us to allow you to marry one!" The second elder said.

The lead woman held a hand up to motion for silence.

"Rena… I have known you for so long. You have accomplished an unbelievable task that I knew only you could face, but-"

"Please! I do love him! And no matter what happens, I will never betray my tribe!"


The lead women held a hand for silence again.

"Very well Rena… Your choice is made and final." She said in an angered tone and started to whisper something under her breath. "LEAVE NOW! NEVER COME BACK! YOU ARE NO LONGER ONE OF US!" Her hand went up and a large green gust of wind blew Rena out of the forest and into the town her landing was quite off and she bled as a result.

"So I take it that it didn't go to well?" The elf had apparently landed next to Raven.

"Yeah… But I think the elder said yes, as long as I never come back." She rubbed her eyes at her tears.

Raven looked at her sympathetically and picked her up in bridal style.


"At least we'll be together forever." He smiled and gave her a quick peck on the lips.

Rena blushed and smiled back. Yes… There was something to be happy about, today was Raven and Rena's wedding day.

"C'mon, let's get you healed up." The Reckless Fist carried her to the house.

"Raven I can walk on my own."

"But this is good practice for the real thing."

The elf blushed again and they entered the house. Aisha and Elsword fought for the full body mirror while Eve and Chung watched.

"HEY! I called dibs first baboon butt head!"

"Is that a new one? Lame grape juice brain!" Elsword shoved Aisha aside, but the mage fought back.

"Do you want to die?" The Void Princess said with a growl.

The Rune Slayer was about to start attacking with fireballs, but stopped when Chung came in.

"Guys! Guys! This is a very special day! Don't fight!" He separated the two.

It had been two years since El had been stolen, but now, everything was good again. El had been restored.

The girls all wore dresses while the guys tried to look their best in a tux.

"Hey guys." Raven finally said.

"Raven! Rena!"

"Rena! How did you get hurt? What happened? Oh well that doesn't matter right now! Let's heal you up!" The Void princess grabbed the elf's hand as the man set her down. Eve followed the two girls into Rena's room.

Elsword and Chung held one of Raven's arm each. "You're late!" they dragged him into his room.

. . . . .

"Okay! You're all healed!" Aisha said with proud smile.

"Now let us get you into your dress." Eve stated opening the closet door.

The girls began to work for hours on Rena.

"Ugh! Too much make up Aisha!" The bride swatted her bridesmaids hand away.

"Ow Eve!" She swatted her other bridesmaids hand away. She was fitting her dress.

"Okay! Okay! I think I'm done!" Rena held her hands and walked down from the small dressing stage.

"But Rena! It has to be perfect! I mean how long has it been since you've been married? NEVER WOMAN!"

Rena's mouth twitched, "What's that supposed to mean?"

There was a knock on the door. "Are you slowpokes ready yet?" Elsword said with a loud bang.

Aisha opened the door and yelled, "SHUT UP CHERRY BOY WE'RE ALMOST DONE! THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT DAY!" The red headed tux wearing boy went flying out the door.

"WHAT THE H-!"The door was slammed shut.

The mage wiped her hand together, "Okay! Now let's get a good look at you Rena."

The elf shyly walked in front of the mirror.

"Now lift that chin up."

Slowly her head lifted. A sparkling aurora surround the bride as her dress glittered in the perfect lighting, her eyes twinkled and her hair sparkled in a fancy bun. There was not too much nor too little make up, but even without it the elf looked beautiful enough.

"Aisha, my mother and father couldn't come today! What should I do?" The elf said worriedly.

"What! Well SCREW HIM! Missing his own daughter's wedding! Pfft… I guess Eve and I can walk you down the aisle."

"Thanks Aisha." She smiled, "I wish my parents could come, but they don't want me marrying a human, and they have to stay by the tree or they lose a lot of life."

"Wow… That sucks…" the girl scratched her head, "But come on! Don't think about sad things! Think about happy things! Today is such a happy day!" She smiled again.

"Aisha is correct Rena, days like this are meant to be a joyful event for everyone."

"I-I guess you guys are right."

There was another knock at the door, Aisha opened it, there was Elsword hiding behind Chung. "Is Rena ready yet? Everyone's waiting."

"Yep. Rena!" Aisha came over and held her hand while her other hand held a bouquet of flowers. Eve held up the long glittering veil.

(I'm not Kristin so I don't know much about weddings -w- I'm just watching the movies right now o_o *stare*)

They slowly walked out the door and onto the white carpeted aisle, the wedding was held outside in a beautiful garden, the aroma of roses filling noses and the beauty of lilies in the pond representing art to your eyes.

Wedding bells rung, Rena shyly looked around, all her friends were there, sadly not her family. The elf looked up to Raven, he looked very handsome, but still had that wild look in him (IF ANYONE THINKS WRONGLY ABOUT THE WORD WILD I WILL SERIOUSLY HUNT YOU DOWN AND SMACK YOUR FACE UNTIL THE SOCIETY INFLUENCE IS SLAPPED RIGHT OUT OF YA!) His eyes were wide at the site of his beautiful bride. There were silent whispers of oooos and ahhhhhs coming from the crowd. "She looks so beautiful."

"I thought that her normal look was her max beauty."

She blushed at the whispers, Aisha slightly elbowed her to focus and the elf snapped into attention. She walked up the stairs and onto the white stage, decorated with red roses and blue streamers. Rena could see her friends, Elsword patting Chung who was… Crying and blowing his nose into a hanky. Aisha was smiling like a proud mother and Eve observed the situation with a smile on her face. Everyone she had ever met was at the wedding, Ariel, Vanessa, Lowe, exc.

Kaka Butch (probably spelled that wrong xD) , began to speak.

"We are gathered here (Butch) to celebrate these two lovers (butch) forever spending their lives with each other.(Butch)"

( yaaa I wouldn't recommend having Butch as the speaker guy at your wedding xD)

Rena and Raven looked into each other's eyes, "Ummm… Y-You look very beautiful Rena…" Raven whispered.

"You look very handsome." She whispered smiling. "Sorry my parents couldn't come."

"T-T-That's o-okay mine couldn't e-either." Raven stuttered.

(I don't even know if they have parents -w- Oh well…)

After a few I do's and Butch's the sentence everyone was waiting for had finally come.

"You may now kiss the bride."

Rena and Raven leaned in and began to kiss. Everyone clapped, the kiss was over, Rena threw her boquet of flowers to the crowd which apparently… Angkor had caught, placed on Aisha's lap and flew away. Everyone laughed and she blushed.

A few hours of celebrating had passed, a few more congratulations were passed and Raven had finally got his wife away from the crowd. Walking her to a carriage.

"Have fun on your honey moon!" Aisha and the rest of the gang cheered as the carriage moves, Rena and Raven waved to their friend's good bye.

"So where are we going?"

"You'll see soon." Raven smiled and gave his wife another kiss earning a blush.

Okay so I'm not good with honeymoon planning and all so xD you can think about where they went… Something fancy not a fast food restaurant O.o Yes I'm psychic I knew you were thinking that! O: At your house to visit you? If it's fancy enough xD And if you're okay by what comes next~

Rena and Raven enjoyed their honeymoon, they explored and did a lot of things together. Let's just say… They did something REALLY fun.


Raven: *Blushing* Cheryl… Did you really have to say that?

Rena: *blushing too*

Cheryl: Yes… This Raven x Aisha fan is now kinda sad Q.Q

Chung: *still crying*

Cheryl: Chung… it's a story o_o

Chung: I know… But I get so emotional at wedding scenes! T.T

Eve: *pats Chung on the back* As do I.

Everyone: *staring at eve*

Eve: I may not show it, but I do have emotions.

Elsword: BTW! Cheryl! Why do you ALWAYS make stories about Raven? Why not me or Chung? Q.Q

Cheryl: Well Chung… I don't know his story that well… Or what I can do with it. Raven's story is something you don't hear every day, but a story about someone wanting to be like someone… I hear that EVERY day -w-

Elsword: True… Curses… Why couldn't I have a more interesting story!

Aisha: What about me? D:

Cheryl: You have a story already….

Aisha: Raven's more the main character T.T

Cheryl: Well… Your story is… :D…. You lost your powers and want them back…

Everyone: …..

Rena: And?

Cheryl: That's basically all I heard… But Eve is too quiet of a character… I'm not good with quiet characters.

Everyone but Raven: RAVEN IS TOO!

Cheryl: No he's a strong protective father like character!

Elsword: And he is a father :D…

Raven: *hits Elsword blushing*

Cheryl: Nahhhh it's acting, Seris is adopted in my head.

Seris: I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! I'll NEVER BE LOVED! Q.Q *Runs away*

Cheryl: Hrmmm…. But that is true *thinking face* All of my stories have been about Raven… and rena…. What do readers think I should do? Continue with my fanfics like they are, or attempt to make other character fanfics.

Everyone: *Shrugs*

Rena: So Cheryl… What are your favorite couples and why?

Cheryl: Hmmm… Raven x aisha, because Raven's hotness plus Aisha's cuteness equals kawaii~ Plus since Aisha's so much younger it would kind of make Raven's cute fatherly side show and Aisha's immature kiddy side to show.

Aisha: IMAT-!

Cheryl: Eve x Raven… I honestly think that couple has no chance… SORRY RAVEN x EVE Fans don't kill me DX I think it doesn't match because Eve is too quiet o .o and Raven doesn't really know how to start a conversation so… it would be awkward… Raven x Rena, well everyone loves it, I don't mind it, but I think they're just TOO HOT together xD it's like on FIRE, but with cute and hot it's steam~ Rena does make Raven happy, she has a motherly like side, there both adults, but I don't really think it'll be that cute -w- just hot… Hmmm I think Elsword x Eve is good because Elsword definitely makes Eve's emotions show which is just so KAWAIII!~ Elsword was Eve's first friend, Elsword knows how to make her talk no matter how awkward :D I know because in the manhwa Eve HAD to talk every time Elsword did xD Also there was this really cute picture of Elsword protecting Eve who was afraid of raven xD Rena x Chung xD yes really weird couple but pretty cute. Chung's cuteness with Rena's hotness works. It would kinda be funny xD Chung trying to stop blushing around Rena LOL

Elsword: AND THE LOVE GURU HAS SPOKEN *slaps a hand to Cheryl's mouth*

Cheryl: MMMMFF!

Rena: Please don't take any offense with this, it's just an opinion readers :D;

Raven: Plus Cheryl changes her mind quickly.

Eve: She hasn't changed her mind in 6 months, that's saying something.

Everyone: SHUT UP EVE!

Cheryl: *moves Elsword's hand away* SHEESH! What's so wrong with giving an opinion? Plus Rena asked me -w- I really don't care who goes with who, you do realize the games makers do this kind of thing on purpose to get a girls attention right?

Everyone: *holding one finger up* *breath* True…

Cheryl: But I still like it :3