"No matter how the world changes..."


Hiver, 2007

"Un, deux, trois, quatre, cing, six, sept, huit, neuf, dix" he look back then saw that his pursuer had disappeared, he sighed in relief as he began to look at the book that he was carrying, a diary full of memories, full of love, hate, peace and war, a diary that had seen things that rise and fall, he look around then saw that his pursuers are back "damn!" he cursed as he began to take out a weapon that he swore that he will never use, a Luger he fired three shots at his pursuers only to be stabbed from behind "traitre!" he screamed as he fell down, he look at the woman who stabbed him then cursed at her before he felt his strength giving out.

"perdonnez-moi...nii-san" the woman said as she began to take the book then hide at a closet, her petite body was astonishing fit inside. Once inside she could hear the pursuers cursing and yelling at each other, she began to get out of the closet screaming as the two pursuers began to recover from their shock, but they couldn't chase her because the alarm was sounded.

Printempe, 2009

Shinichi woke up then saw that the whole room was a mess "Dad!" Ran's voice reverberated in the office, it was spring and he could hear the mating calls of neighborhood dogs it was a little irritating to hear them, Shinichi sighed as he remembered the day he became small, the day he became Edogawa Conan "Conan!" Ran called, Shinichi got up then barked back "hai Ran ne-san!".

After a couple of morning rituals, ranging from bath to gargling his mouth, Shinichi look behind him then saw today's news in the office of Mouri Kogoro.

'Strange features in a family in Kyoto, the family of the actress and singer, Kujo Ai shows natural blond hair with a silvery tinged on it, even the actress/singer never denies that she has that feature'

"She looks cute!" Kogoro mused as he look at the smiling face of Ms. Kujo "eh she had those hair naturally!" Ran exclaimed as she went to look at the TV with her father. Shinichi put on his usual attire then look at Ran then at Kogoro "I'm off!" he announced as he stepped out to greet his friends.

"Did you hear the news?" Ayumi asked as they began to walk to school "what's it about?" Genta and Mitsuhiko both asked but Ayumi paid no attention to them, Ai sighed "is it about the singer/actress?" Ayumi nodded her head enthusiastically "hai! Kujo Ai" Shinichi sighed, Ai Haibara look at him bemused at his reaction "are you expecting something" she said, Shinichi look at her "in front of these kids? No way!" he said as they arrive at the school gate.

"Haibara did I just see something peculiar?" Shinichi observed as he saw a flow of blond hair "no doubt" Ai said as she began to brace herself "Vermouth!" she hissed but just then it was an old man with a silver blond hair "oh kids what's the matter" he asked, with a slight accent, Shinichi and Haibara look at each other before answering in chorus "nothing sensei!".

Ete, 1931

"So Kazuya you're getting married" Ruri mused as she and the whole family began to eat and prepare for the wedding "to a tsundere and a loli at that!" Yutaka barked in a drunk voice, everyone laughed, then their father began to cough which stopped them from eating "I'm proud that you have found love in Saubure..." he look at his future daughter-in-law then at his son "so can I ask a question...where did you two meet?" Kujo look at Victorique then at his father "we met in a..." Victorique smiled "we both met at a botanical garden on top of a tower library in our school" the whole family was surprised at her fluency in their language.

"What a tiring day!" Kazuya said as he switched in the language that he was used to in the foreign country where he met his lovely lady "Qui Mon Amour" Victorique laid her head on his shoulder then wondered how did she grow only an inch, she was now 5'3, she had outgrown her mother with just an inch, she look at Kazuya who went near her then kissed her on the lips "let's rest" she whispered in his ear, Kazuya blushed a bit as he began to know what she meant.

In the morning, Kazuya saw that Victorique was already gone "your awake" a voice said, Kazuya stood up then saw Victorique on her hand was a plate full of onigiri (rice balls?) "I don't know what this things are" she said as she began to take one then let Kazuya confirm if it was edible or not "tell me Mon Amour are these the Japanese equivalent of Macarons?" Kazuya smiled as he took one of the onigiri then ate it "yep it sure is".

Printempe, 2009

The blond haired man whom Shinichi and Haibara had met introduced himself as Christopher Roget, he was their new Chemistry teacher and he had just went to Japan to meet a family friend. Haibara look at Shinichi then at the teacher "nice meeting you Monsieur Roget" she said in an astonishing french, Christopher Roget smiled "merci petit dame!" he waved at them enthusiastically before going to his class.

"What an odd person" Haibara commented as she and Shinichi went on their classrooms only to be greeted by Professor Agasa "oh Shinichi! Ack! Conan-kun and Ai-chan" he look at Ayumi, Genta and Mitsuhiko then at the two "let's talk for a second will ya'?" with a look at each other they both followed Professor Agasa outside.

"I had a friend of mine in Kyoto, asking for my help" Professor Agasa looked at them then put a hand on his head "there has been a murder case in Kyoto and it involves the family of Kujo Ai, well actually it was her brother who asked him but when I went to the Kujo ancestral house he was already dead" Shinichi look at Haibara who just sighed "it's your choice" she said, Shinichi look at Agasa then nodded.

An hour later, The whole detective boys are driving their way to Kyoto "so Professor Agasa who was it?" Shinichi asked as he look at the window of the car as it drove on the long road "the name of my friend Kujo Akihira" Haibara was talking to Ayumi about Tropical land and Genta and Mitsuhiko are singing a song about Kyoto.

Author's note: This is Chapter 1 hope you like it!

Well since people are making a habit of making wrong crossovers about Gosick and Det. Conan I've decided to make one story about it.

Why wrong?

It's because of the timeline god damn it! Det. Conan and Gosick are both mystery anime yes but the timeline! the timeline!

Criticisms and Praises are appreciated!

-Miko 56-