"Horse carriages will change to cars but Love will never change"

Chapter 5

Printempe, 2009

Kujo Ai scrambled towards the spot where her two great grandparents are buried, she looked around then saw her "you don't have to hide sister" she said as a figure who looks like her appeared "Petite sœur" Ai looked at her then cried "why?" she said, Antoinette sighed "it was because of him that we had to protect our family!" she toss a leather bound book then let it fell to the ground "he tried to give it to a stranger in exchange for a good sum" Antoinette growled in disgust just then lights began to appear startling Ai and Antoinette.

"Your the one who's wrong Antoinette" Elise appeared out of a bush with Kudo and Heiji, with them are the detective boys along with Prof. Agasa "neveu has no plan in giving it to them in the first place" she brought down a leather bound book with a sign of the man whom Antoinette killed, Elise let her open it then let her lay there crying, for inside the book was their picture and a letter for the two.

To my dearest sœurs...

I'am here to make myself useful for the last time, I'm here to sacrifice myself for the sake of my family, whom this people in black will use to their advantage, I will not allow it, I wont let it.

I would rather die than let them see what's inside the diary of great grand pere.

As I write this letter let it be known to you my two dear sisters that I have finally found my purpose in life.

"He was nothing but a useless snob!" Antoinette cried as Elise and the others went beside her, Elise smiled as she brush her cheeks "a woman doesn't cry niece remember that for a woman's tears are more expensive than any pearls of the sea" Heiji and Kudo look at Elise for any sign of approval to arrest their suspect but she just shook her head.

"Now let's find where grandpa and grandma's graves are!" Elise cheerfully said as she began to rush towards a temple near the family house Kujo and Heiji followed, leaving the detective boys, Prof. Agasa and Kujo Ai with Antoinette, they followed Elise till they found a bamboo tree "ah yes grand mother you always wanted somewhere peaceful and mysterious right?" Elise asked to no one but herself, before the two men can reply Elise grabbed something in her back then tossed at them two shovels "let's start digging then!".

Hiver, 2001

The whole family had gathered this time, Victorique and Kazuya lay besides each other, blessing every relative with their hands, even though they can't see or feel them they could still be recognized by the way they touch them affectionately "so this is dying" Kazuya said as he look at Victorique who was lying beside him "at least we get to see the end of the century" Victorique joked, they both tried to chuckle but found it hard, locking their gazes towards each other they let their grand daughter, Elise lock the door to let them have some few moments together.

"Kazuya will you marry me in the afterlife?" Victorique snuggled into Kazuya's arms then closed her eyes, Kazuya look at her then said "today, tomorrow and everyday if you like it" he said as they locked each others hands then took the last hours of their lives intertwined by love and happiness before going to the world beyond "Adieux" both sighed peacefully.

Printempe, 2009

"Well this case is closed" she look at the urn where the ashes of the two immortalized couples are laid to rest, beside them was a book and quill untouched by time and used by Kazuya "I've already brought the full circle grandma isn't it always that you said!" tears are falling in her cheeks, Elise look at Ai and Antoinette who both knelt then cried. Heiji and Kudo both wait at a tree, Elise went towards them then handed them a couple of letters.

"This letters are use by neveu to contact the organization you've been hunting" Elise let them look at it then she look at Kudo then smiled "good luck and if ever you need my help to catch those guys call me".

Amid the starry sky there they lie...

In peace and love they are united and had brought full circle in their lives...

May it served a lesson to anyone in the upcoming future

Elise De Montfort


Author's note: Well this story has ended and has lessened the space so that I could make some stories!

well my French isn't good so expect some grammar error! But I hope you like the story!

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