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What is the point of this? Why does people care? It's only another day, nothing to worry about.

Hope looked at the cake that sat infront of him. There were exactly 17 candles neatly ontop. The cake was frosted with vanilla creme, and chocolate filling- Hope's favorite. But, nothing felt right, nothing at all. His parents were gone, college was starting for him, and he's been through a violent break up. His dad was on a mission for his business, and couldn't be there for Hope's birthday. Instead he left him a cake with a note on the box.

Dear Hope,

Sorry I couldn't be there for your birthday or college starting, son. I understand you may be upset with me now, about leaving on your birthday, but this trip is important. I hope you have a good birthday, and start college happily. Also, look on your dresser in your room, I left you a present.

-Your Father

Hope's anger kept to a downfall, instead he sat the note back down, and walked to his room. Hope's room was neatly placed. A dresser, full sized bed, a TV mounted on the wall, a few posters of boomerangs, tech-y like things, and a few other odd and in things. His emerald eyes boomed towards the dresser, as he looked at the picture that sat there. It was a picture of his mother, father, and a 14 year old Hope. "Mo-mom..." He said as he touched the picture. He knew she'd be there for his first day to college, and he wouldn't be alone on his special day. Hope walked over to the box neatly wrapped in a silky white box. It was wrapped with a royal blue ribbon ontop. He admired the color of the box, and the way it was wrapped. Hope figured his dad got someone to do it, since his dad wasn't one to do them. He took it off of the dresser, and lugged it to his bed as he sat down to look in. He tore open the paper slowly, taking his time. The box had on it To Hope. Enjoy. He rolled his eyes. "Yeah. I'm having an awesome time. I can hardly stop smiling." He swore sarcastically, He opened the box to find 3 items. A shopping card for clothing, a boomerang card, and a card for college- $5,000. Hope was greatful for it, and he smiled lightly. Hope placed the cards in his wallet that Serah and Snow bought him that day. They threw him a party a week ago, with his friends and also a party for getting into college. He placed his wallet into his back pocket, and went to grab a coat. The weather was brutal today, but Hope needed to get some air- even if it meant walking in the rain.

So much rain..it's raining so hard, you'd be lucky to see. He thought, as he placed the hood over his head, and buttoned up the coat fully. "Where to go?..." He thought, as he passed Snow and Serah's house. "Not there..I don't want to be a burden." He said to himself. The wind rustled the nature around him, making rain go in all dirrections. No cars or people was in sight- just Hope. He felt alone in this world, no one but him. The coldness of the rain hit Hope's face, causing his silverish blonde locks to fall infront of his face. Rain got heavier, and the wind grew more violent, but Hope couldn't turn around now, he had to find a safe place, before the predictable could happen. His walk became a run, as thunder kicked up. Wind picked up Hope's body, as it tossed him like a rag doll, from the side walk into the road. His body hit the ground, knocking the breath from him. Best birthday EVER! His mind yelled to him. Things flew from all around. Hope tried his best to lean up, but the pain of his lower back was to much to bare. He instead laid there, hoping for the best.

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