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A quick knock came across the wooden door, making Serah turn. "Yeah?" With that, Snow came in on cue. "Why did you do that?" Serah turned her head, lying back onto the pillow. "I don't think they are ready. They are only 17.." She sighed deeply, dipping her head into the pillow more. Snow scratched the back of his head, and sat on the bed they shared. "Well, they may be. You never know, plus they are both settled and in college. Plus, we are here to help, so don't worry." He placed a hand on her shoulder, hoping to comfort her.

"I guess. It's just weird. I mean, they..why be 16 and do that? Hope's dad probably wont even know until Vanille is HAVING the baby!" Her anger took the best, and she stormed out. She wasn't concerned about the baby, or Vanille. It was Hope. Jealousy took over, and she knew what she'd do.

Snow sighed and shook his head. "What has gotten to her for the last few weeks? Maybe...just maybe Hope would know." Snow kept his thoughts to himself, but he wondered about it. He stood up, and continued to the living room, to only find Noel.

"Did you do anything to piss off Serah? She's pretty upset.." Noel asked, crossly. Snow shrugged. "It's about the baby. She's concerned about Hope mostly I think.." Snow's voice became flat, and slowly ran down. "D-do you think...she has a thing for Hope?" Noel had to sit up at that question. "I don't know, man. I never thought she had anything with Hope. But don't worry about that, she's in love with you." Noel stood up and walked towards the door, looking out. "I need to get home, so I can study for a test tomorrow. Five comes early." Snow waved to him. "Alright, we'll see you sometime later."

Snow sat down on the couch, propping up his feet on the coffee table. He could hear quiet whispers, and talking. He assummed Light was trying to cheer up Serah, or either saying something about Hope. Snow was debating to go see Hope, but he decided not to. It'd have to wait, where Vanille wasn't around.

Serah walked down with Lightning, and sat on the couch, on the other side of the room. Lightning didn't look up at Snow, or even look his way. Serah on the other hand, stared him down from across the room. The silence and awkwardness killed him, so he needed something to say.

"Well? What am I to blame for this time, Claire?" Snow gave her a playful smirk. Lightning shot him a glare, when her name came from his mouth. "Why jump to conclusions?" Serah looked between Snow, then back at Lightning. "Lets just have a good day today, and lets not even argue." Serah stated, heading to the kitchen.

By then, it was about 4:30. Dinner should be started soon, and she didn't bother asking Snow or Lightning to help. She grabbed multiple dishes from the cabinet, and a pot. She placed three bowls, three soup spoons, and three tea cups on the kitchen table. She wasn't looking forward to sitting in one spot with Snow or Light tonight.

Placing potatos, carrots, tomatos, and other various vegetables in the pot, making a slight watery liquid, for the soup to start. She tossed in a piece of garlic, some celery, and salt into the pot.

30 minutes afterwards, in which it was now 5:15, the soup was finished, so she put each bowl on the counter beside her. She filled the bowls quickly, but leaving Snow extra because he'd eat the whole pot if possible. She poured sweet tea into the cups, and had everything set up. "Food is ready, you two."

Within seconds, the two came in, and sat in their usual spots. Lightning gave Serah a quick thank you, and smiled. "This looks great, Serah. Thank you." Snow smiled at her from across the table. "You're both welcome."

After dinner was finished, Serah washed the dishes, and went to wash up. She let down her hair, stripped out of her clothes, and slowly stepped into the warm shower. The water felt like silk to her tired skin, making her body relax. After she finished washing up, she put on her night gown, and climbed into bed. Shortly after, Snow walked in, and crawled into bed beside her. He put a firm hold onto her, and snuggled to her. "Things will be sorted eventually." He told her. "I guess."

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