Chapter 27:

Akira's Confession

"My life is over." Miyu buried her head in a pillow.

Since the little "slip" from the other day, Miyu did not longer stay at the temple whilst the made a key for her she stayed at Aya's.

"Miyu, just tell him."

"I can't! He loves her! Its obvious since he proposed..."

"How many times do we have to tell you?" said Nanami sitting on the bed impatiently and grabbing Miyu's pillow. "That bitch forced him to."

"Yeah, yeah..." Miyu mumbled into the pillow.

"Miyu! You can't stay like this forever!" Aya tugged her so that they saw her face.

"Please leave me alone..." Miyu pleaded.

Nanami did so, reluctantly. They left her alone in the room.

"My love-life is over..." Miyu wailed and shed tears as she buried herself in bed.


Meanwhile, Akira was in front of a mirror trying off her wedding-dress.

"I'll look sooooooooo cute beside Kanata!"

"I'm wondering if that really should happen." a voice from behind the curtains made Akira jump a considerable height.

"Who's there? Nanami? Aya?"

The curtains swished and two women stepped out. Both were looking serious and so unlike their usual behaviour that Akira could not help giving a step back.

"Wha' the? What do you mean? Why shouldn't it happen?" Akira hastily changed her features to an unconvincing puzzled look. "Is there any problem?"

Nanami crossed her arms.

"Isn't it interesting that just as Kanata and Miyu got together, Miyu was given a drug that made her attempt sleep-suicide? Or that just as Miyu and Kanata can be together she gets an offer she just can reject if she wants to do something with her life? Or that as they look at the point of being unable to see each other, you appear like from a miracle from nowhere to propose marriage without consulting the groom first? Or that-?

"SHUT UP! How dare you suggest I have anything to do with their break-up? Kanata loves me!" Akira almost punches the two girls as the smirk when she says that Kanata loves her. "I love him! We are meant to be together!"-another smirk-"And you have no right at all to say that I cannot marry the man of my dreams. If he and Miyu are history it's not my problem; they're through, end of the story."

Akira turns fuming as she tries to hide her red face caused by her anger. Aya, however, did not give up.

"I've seen your records, you're graduated as an exceptional scientist. I'm sure someone who is in such a Scientific-political position as you has complete access to the most dangerous drugs and chemicals that you could just say they are for an experiment. You're house is a few blocks away from the hospital; someone could have easily entered and injected plan was simple: Miyu's dead, Kanata's free for you, but anyway, who would ever mistrust a blaspheming bitch like you?"

That was the last straw for Akira.


She slapped Aya in the face with all the force she could muster. Aya quickly stepped back, her mouth full of blood.

"You little-!"

"SHUT UP! Both of you! I am getting married with my destined husband and nothing you say can make me changed anyone's mind. I won fair and square. HA!"

As Nanami helped Aya as she spat out some blood, Akira left throwing her flowers behind her back.


"She definitely is the one behind these sinister happenings." said Chris.

"Yeah, but what will that help? Kanata's convonced Miyu hates him and he just wants the wedding sooner so he can forget." said Santa.

"And don't forget Miyu still doesn't believe that bitch is the culprit." added Aya, remembering last night when Miyu has refused point-black to accept Akira was to blame.

"Well I'm putting a stop to this, even if it means telling him." said Chris.

"Don't do that! If you do, he'll just think we're trying to make him feel better by ruining his marriage!" blurted out Nanami.

"Then what the hell are we supposed to do?!" cried Chris firing up. "If neither believe Akira's what she is, that bitch'll marry Kanata! THAT BITCH'LL MARRY KANATA!"

"Calm down, woman!" cried Nozumo going to her and stopping her from doing some crazy stuff.

"Sorry." said Chris when she finally calmed down. "It's just so...frustrating! That-that...woman has done some many things to those two. Miyu and Kanata were meant for each other and burn down a house if someone says different!"

There was a big, pregnant pause after this serious pronouncement.

"I have an idea!" said Chris suddenly.

Everyone scrambled to hear her. They all agreed (perhaps instantly). Chris's plan seemed fail-proof and effective.

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