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Chapter 8: Unexpected Meetings

Tsuna froze when he saw Reborn and his grip on his cup tightened unconsciously. His breath got heavier as he started to panic inwardly. What should I do? What should I do? Reborn-sensei is here… What should I do? Why is he here, anyways? It's bad enough that we saw talked earlier! Tsuna whined inwardly, biting his lip as not to let out a scream of fear and frustration.

"It seems that you just can't stay away from me, Dame-Tsuna… Am I really that irresistible?" Reborn smirked as he leaned down to his student, dark eyes narrowing at the brunet. He couldn't help but want to tease the petite boy; he was interesting indeed. He never lost interest when he was with the boy; the brunet was an enigma. Reborn wanted to know more about him, but there was this underlying feeling that he knew the boy from someone but couldn't place a finger on whom.

Tsuna trembled in fear before glancing around the room for help. His eyes landed on Fon as the Chinese man stared at him in worry. He put up a pleading expression, begging silently to Fon to help him; he was afraid of Reborn —that was certainly obvious.

Fon sighed tiredly as he turned to Reborn with worry for Tsuna evident in his eyes. "Reborn, please don't bother Tsunayoshi-kun. He has been through enough problems today," Fon said in a slightly pleading voice, before his expression turned from exhaustion to apprehension when he saw Reborn perked up at the word 'problem'.

"Mind elaborating on those 'problems', Fon?" Reborn asked, grabbing Tsuna's right ankle quickly when they boy tried to scurry towards Fon to make sure the Martial Arts teacher remained quiet about the said 'problems'. Reborn's stare didn't waver —in fact, it hardened instead, daring Fon.

The black haired Chinese man sighed heavily as he sent an apologetic look at Tsuna before turning back to Reborn, "He was… sexually harassed by some Varia students earlier."

The room was eerily silent as none of the occupants uttered a word. Tsuna had hid his face in his hands in embarrassment, Fon sipped his cup of tea inaudibly and Reborn's eyes were shadowed by the man's fedora hat.

Reborn calmly sucked in a deep breath as he thought; Note to self; ask Fon for the brats' names and class. Reborn didn't know why he was so… furious at the thought of someone else touching his idiotic student but he didn't like it. He loathed the fact that someone had dared to harass the boy. He thought, Maybe it's because that I haven't had enough of tormenting him that I hate the fact that someone else thinks it's fine for them to do the same. Reborn couldn't understand the new feelings —emotions he was now having but he was starting to get a bit worried about it. Was he getting ill? No, he thought as he denied to ridiculous notion; the World's Greatest like him couldn't be dragged down by such a small thing like illnesses, nor would he let himself get hindered by emotions. Pushing the thoughts to the back of his mind, he then turned to Tsuna with a smirk that widened instantly when he saw Tsuna's expression of apprehension. "So, Dame-Tsuna, you haven't answered my question yet," Reborn chuckled deeply in amusement.

Tsuna's previous expression molded into a confused one as he stared at Reborn with a lingering thought, What question? He blinked twice at the man in front of him, speechless and clueless.

Reborn chuckled at the brunet's confusion before saying huskily, "Am I really that irresistible that you can't stop being at the place I intended to go?"

Tsuna turned redder than a ripe tomato while the other occupants rolled their eyes at Reborn's teasing. "Reborn, please stop teasing the boy. It was only a coincidence that both of you met again," Aria said tiredly, sending an exhausted look at the fedora wearing man. Aria was quite surprised that her mother's friend had grown fond over the boy, but she could see Tsuna's good qualities just by looking at him.

Tsuna quickly grabbed his new PDA and kept it close, just in case Reborn or anyone else asked him something. He quietly crawled towards Fon, and tried his best not to attract attention from Reborn. Once he got to Fon, he looked up at the Martial Arts teacher with hope filled eyes. Typing into his PDA, Tsuna then showed his message to Fon.

Fon-sensei, please protect me from Reborn-sensei.

Fon sighed with a tired smile as he nodded slightly, not wanting Reborn to see his movement as he watched the sadistic Mathematics teacher argued with Aria. "I'll try my best to do so," Fon said with a soft chuckle as he ruffled Tsuna's brown locks. He had grown fond of the little brunet; while he didn't know why he was affectionate towards Tsunayoshi, he realized he didn't mind it. The boy was a wonderful company to Fon and the Chinese man found that he craved the boy's presence. Perhaps it was their likes towards tea that drove Fon to want to be closer to the first year student, but all in all, he didn't want their comfortable relationship to end.

Tsuna smiled lightly before shrieking inwardly when he felt his ankle being grabbed yet again and turned to see Reborn smirking sadistically at him. Hiiee! Someone, save me from this monster! Tsuna wailed inside his head as he felt himself being pulled to Reborn.

"Reborn, can't you see your student is deathly afraid of your horrifying face?" Verde said aloud, smirking slightly when Reborn had an irritated look on his face after hearing his comment. Verde played with his pen and said, "I don't blame the boy —I mean; anyone would be if they do see your face."

Reborn's right eye twitched unnoticeably before he released Tsuna whom didn't move from his spot as he stared at both Reborn and Verde with worried eyes. "You know, Verde, I heard your students almost drove you to bankruptcy last night. Having a hard time controlling your beastly students?" Reborn taunted with a sadistic smirk and said smirk widened when Verde's right hand twitched.

"At least I'm not stuck wearing the same outfit every single day. Even at the beach on a hot day, you still wear that shabby suit."

"Well, at least I don't look like a mad scientist and scare my students every day with my appearance."

"Your students are already deathly afraid of you, you barbaric moron."

"Only with good reason, you green lizard."

The two continued their banter that heated up with every insult thrown at one another. Tsuna watched with worried brown orbs, as he bit his lip to stop himself from telling the two teachers to stop their verbal fight.

Noticing the boy's worried face, Lal gripped Tsuna's hair roughly, noticing how the boy winced by her actions. "Don't worry about those two idiots, they're always like that," Lal snorted as she watched the banter as well. She was used to the two fighting but she thought that Reborn was oddly indulging Verde with his part of the banter. She had always felt that Reborn was purposely allowing himself to enter this unnecessary banter. She felt the same towards Verde but couldn't put two and two together.

Colonnello turned to Lal when he noticed her discomfort and whispered lowly, "So you noticed it too, huh? Both of them refuse to give up and look weak in front of one another. That's why they keep the banter going." He snickered when Lal had a scown on her face as the blue haired woman sneered, "Pathetic."

Tsuna stared at Colonnello and Lal for a short while before jolting when a large yet feminine hand placed itself on top of his shoulder calmly. He turned to see Aria smiling down at him before the woman gestured to Reborn's companions, "The man is Colonnello and this woman is Lal Mirch, but I guess you already know about them haven't you, seeming that both of them worked at your school."

Tsuna nodded slowly before noticing that Mammon gestured him to come closer. Ignoring the banter of the Spartan sadist teacher vs. the Mad Scientist-like teacher, Tsuna crawled towards Mammon quietly, his PDA in his hand. He noticed some of the occupants in the room were watching him instead of the banter that was being showed freely by the Namimori and Kokuyo teachers. He tilted his head in question when he was right in front of the hooded teacher.

Mammon was quiet in the beginning before the Varia teacher asked, "Could you give me the names of the students that harassed you other than Reikoku? If you don't know their names, just their description would do." He didn't understand why he wanted to protect the brunet so much ever since he met the boy on the beach earlier, but he did. He couldn't understand nor comprehend his newfound emotion towards this boy. Looking at him, he felt the need to protect and at the same time, an unknown emotion also sneaked in but he couldn't decipher what type of emotion it was.

To say Fon was shocked was an understatement; he was truly perplexed by Mammon's sudden kindness towards Tsunayoshi. It was rare to see Mammon caring for someone else as the Varia teacher only cared about his money. What kind of sorcery was Sawada Tsunayoshi? He was an enigma; that was obvious but unusual since the boy was known as the 'Bully Victim' of Namimori. No one wanted to befriend him and no one dared to stay close to Dame-Tsuna; he was the school loser. Fon sighed inwardly as he shook his head in shame; if only the rest of his students weren't judgmental, and were more kind like Tsunayoshi, their school wouldn't be in such a problematic state. They were already receiving reports that some of Namimori students got into a fight with some Kokuyo delinquents. Not only that, Namimori's Computer club got into a virus war with Millefiore's Computer club and Namimori's Kendo club had a fight with the Varia's own Kendo club along with their Fencing club as well.

Tsuna blinked twice at the shocking request before nodding slowly and typed into his new PDA and let Mammon read the typed names. He was still surprised that Mammon asked for their names since the male didn't seem like the type to do so but he felt an odd feeling of gratefulness wash over his heart.

Mammon leaned a bit to read the text and frowned deeply. He recognized those names; they were the biggest delinquents in his school, aside from Reikoku, and they have a record on harassing students.

Yui, Nao and Takahiro.

A sound of a crash made everyone turned to its source and saw a device broken and Skull was near it. The purple haired man had a guilty expression on his face that immediately turned to horror and fear when he saw Verde emitting a very murderous aura.

"Ah, Verde-senpai, I apologize, I didn't mean to break your thing! I swear! Please forgive me!" Skull pleaded with tears collecting in his eyes as fear clouded in them. He shrieked when a murderous Verde neared him with a pair of scissors in the Science teacher's hand.

Tsuna immediately covered his eyes with his hands even though he closed his eyes as well. A shriek emitted from the Daredevil teacher and it echoed throughout the room. Tsuna winced at the pained and loud sound, pitying Skull to a high degree. He sent a withering glare at Reborn when the Mathematics teacher merely chuckled as if he found the whole thing humorous.

Nearing the purple-clad teacher, Tsuna began to treat him. He had brought some bandages and healing cream just in case, and began to spread the cream onto one of Skull's many bruises. Once he had bandaged the bruises gently, Tsuna reached for his PDA and typed into it, questioning Skull of his condition.

Are you okay now, Skull-sensei?

Skull turned to the brunet with a small, yet grateful smile, "Yeah, thanks for helping me." Skull's cheeks reddened slightly at the sight of Tsuna's smile.

Tsuna replied to his teacher, biting his lower lip to keep a smile from forming and showed Skull his texted sentence.

If I'm not mistaken, we're both victims of Reborn-sensei so we victims have to stand by each other.

Skull snorted in agreement before snickering amusedly to himself. He then winced when a bruise on his torso, courtesy of Verde acted up. "Damn it, Verde-senpai! You didn't have to hurt me that bad!" Skull whined loudly, earning a punch on the head from Lal, a kick on the right torso from Colonnello and a kick on the left torso from Reborn. Skull wailed in pain and Tsuna once more treated the man's injuries, much to Reborn's dismay.

"He looks familiar…" Colonnello suddenly spoke up, narrowing his sky blue eyes at the brunet that trembled under the blond's scrutinizing gaze.

Tsuna backed away, nearing Skull, in hope that the purple haired teacher would protect him. Skull, on the other hand, frowned in annoyance at Colonnello's sudden interest in Tsuna.

"Now that you mention it…" Lal mused as she leaned down to stare into Tsuna's eyes. She was then pulled back by Aria whom smiled, "Now, now, Lal-san. You shouldn't scare the boy too much now. Look at him; he's terrified!"

Lal looked back at Tsuna, noticing how the boy trembled slightly as fear and apprehension was evident in his eyes. The blue haired Spartan-like woman deduced that the boy never received any intense attention from anyone before and her and Colonnello's attention was frightening him badly. It's bad enough that Reborn already took interest in this kid, Lal thought in slight sympathy.

Luce neared the boy and smiled down at the brunet, "I hope you don't mind but Colonnello and Lal are not used to hold back their actions from time to time. Ah, Aria-chan, do you think you could get my phone in my bag?" Luce smiled sweetly at her look-alike.

"Okay, kaa-san," Aria replied and began searching for her mother's phone, not noticing the surprised expression on Tsuna's face.

Tsuna typed slowly into his PDA, shocked to the core before showing it to Luce, who read it with a small hum.

Aria-san is your daughter? You look very young.

Luce giggled at the boy, waving at Yuni and Aria who looked at her in a confused way. "Do I look that young? Yes, Aria-chan is my daughter and Yuni-chan is my beloved granddaughter," Luce answered while Tsuna felt his brain had been fried.

"Trust me, Tsuna-kun. You're not the only one who has been fooled by this woman," Skull whispered to the boy, not letting the others, especially Luce hear him. He'd get castrated, that was certain.

Tsuna typed into his PDA and let Skull read it.

I feel sorry for the others who were tricked before me.

"I feel you," Skull nodded sadly in agreement before the both of them promptly stopped their conversation when Reborn asked darkly, "What are you boys talking about?"

Tsuna then got to know the other occupants a bit better. He had grown fond of Skull the most, since they were both Reborn's victims but he did bond with the kids; he had some grape drops in his pockets and when Lambo voiced out his love for them, Tsuna gave the lazy boy the candies which Lambo accepted happily. I-Pin and he shared their liking towards tea and their respect towards Fon, Yuni and him found out that their similarities lies in the fact that they possessed an understanding persona that made them accept anyone, not caring for past events that happened and Fuuta and him had bonded through rankings and the fact that Fuuta had told Tsuna that the spiky haired brunet was the first person to ever proved his ranking wrong.

Tsuna had ranked first in the category 'Most Likely to Run Away from a Fight' but after accidentally hearing Tsuna's bravery on protecting his friends from Haru and Kyoko, Fuuta had unconsciously felt happy that he was wrong, much to Tsuna's confusion. In fact, Fuuta had said that he will always stay with Tsuna in order to be happy every day, much to everyone's amusement and Tsuna's surprise.

Suddenly, as all of them were conversing with one another, the door was slammed open, revealing a panting Yamamoto and a panting yet angered Gokudera. Gokudera emitted a murderous aura that even Reborn was impressed had to applaud inwardly for its undeniable power.

Gokudera eyes shone in relief when they landed on the petite brunet in the middle of the room. Gokudera rushed towards Tsuna and tackled his precious Juudaime to the floor, sobbing as the bomber blamed himself for Tsuna's disappearance. "Juudaime, please forgive me for my insolence! I am not worthy to be by your side nor am I worthy to be you friend! Punish me as you see fit!" Gokudera sobbed pathetically as he released the brunet before continuing, "I'll jump off from Mount Fuji! I promise!" The silver haired delinquent then got on his knees and started banging his head onto the wooden floor in a repeating motion, apologizing profusely in each bang, "I'm sorry! I apologize, Juudaime! I'm sorry for my unworthiness!"

Tsuna silently pleaded Gokudera to stop as he tried to halt the bomber while the others watched in amusement and curiosity.

Reborn turned to Yamamoto who merely chuckled at his best friend's antics and the dark haired man asked, "How did you know he was here?"

Yamamoto turned to the serious teacher with a small smile before replying, "Hm? Oh, Gokudera has something called 'Tsuna-senses'. It's triggered when Tsuna feels afraid!" Yamamoto beamed at the other occupants that stared at him with an exasperated look.

Bullshit, the adults, sans Luce, Aria and Fon, thought altogether while the three remaining adults and the kids thought, This must be one of Yamamoto's dense ideas again.

"Gokudera-kun, please stop. I don't want to see you hurt!" Tsuna pleaded softly, not wanting the others to hear his voice. He then frowned, "And can you please stop this suicide matter? I don't want to lose a precious friend too early." Tsuna sent a soft smile at the explosives-user, and he earned a surprised expression from Gokudera before it broke into a grin of happiness and adoration.

"Okay, Juudaime! I'm honored to be your precious friend, even if I don't deserve it!" Gokudera chirped happily, making others send wary looks at him; no one had seen the temperamental bomber so… happy before and thus, most of them didn't know how to act to that.

Yamamoto pouted in mock sadness before sighing desperately, "Oh, Tsuna, am I not your precious friend too?" The baseball player grinned when Tsuna smiled softly with a nod. "Great! I knew we're going to be the very best friends for life!" Yamamoto cheered, picking up the small brunet bridal style and ran out of the room, leaving the dumbfounded occupants with a cheerful laugh.

"Baseball-idiot! Release Juudaime and get the hell away from him! And how dare you address Juudaime so casually, you bastard!" Gokudera growled out as he chased the gleeful baseball star with demonic speed that people didn't expect him to have.

The others were silent and didn't know how to respond to the scene they had watched earlier before Fuuta decided to break the silent, "… Well, that was weird."

Most of them merely nodded in agreement while the rest snorted at the obvious statement.

Mukuro was idly sipping his coffee, still not satisfied that Kokuyo merely scored a tie with the Millefiore team. He sighed in resignation, 'let bygones be bygones'; is what they say and Mukuro had to forget the past and look out for the future. A future where Byakuran would one day end up dead, he hoped. A world without the Q-tip sounded very tempting to the Kokuyo president.

Mukuro briefly wondered about Nagi, Ken and Chikusa when he surveyed the room. M.M was currently browsing through a fashion magazine and only she and Mukuro were in the room. He hoped that Ken didn't get in any trouble and Chikusa and his dear Nagi were trying to get the animal-like boy out from trouble.

His thoughts then wandered off to the name Byakuran had reminded him; Sawada Tsunayoshi. He still wondered about the boy whom had become an enigma to most, including him. Never has he been this interested in someone he never even met. He really couldn't suppress his desire to meet this boy that had gotten so famous among the student councils.

As Mukuro set down his now empty mug, the door was slammed opened by none other than an exuberant Ken, an indifferent and a flushed Nagi. He arched an eyebrow at the sight of a very delicious looking cake that his dear Nagi was holding gingerly in her hands.

Ignoring M.M's glare towards Chrome, he stalked towards his three subordinates with an amused and interested smirk as his eyes shone in curiosity. "Oya? What's this?" Mukuro inquired about the white cake as he leaned a bit to take a closer look. His smirk widened at the text written on the cake, 'Itadakimasu', eh? What an interesting notion… Mukuro had thought.

"Mukuro-san, we got this cake from the baker, pyon! Doesn't it look delicious?" Ken said excitedly, jumping everywhere in happiness, much to M.M's annoyance.

Mukuro merely nodded in agreement, before gracefully taking the cake from Chrome's hands and placed it onto the table, near his empty mug. Turning to Chikusa, his ever trustworthy subordinate, Mukuro asked, "Do we have any knives?"

With a curt nod, Chikusa walked away with the intention of finding a knife for his superior. Ken still hopped from place to place in excitement while Chrome looked as if she had something to voice out.

Mukuro frowned at his surrogate younger sister's nervousness and voiced out his thoughts, "Nagi-chan, is something bothering you? You seem… unfocused."

M.M decided to put her two cents in as the money-loving girl snorted out, "Must be the fact that she isn't all that pretty. Some guys must have told her off." M.M then laughed gleefully at her own joke, unaware of the glare sent by Chikusa, whom returned with a knife, and Ken.

Mukuro merely sighed and shook his head in disgust at M.M's insult to his sister before making a reminder to fire the girl soon. He then turned back to Chrome who didn't pay that much attention to M.M. Arching an eyebrow, Mukuro asked once more, "Well, Nagi-chan?"

Chrome was still silent, a bit hesitant and a bit reluctant but one look at Mukuro's worried heterochromatic eyes, she caved in; she couldn't just let her brother figure worry for so long. "Actually, it's concerning the person who gave us this cake," Chrome admitted as she watched Chikusa cutting the cake into neat slices as the glasses wearing boy expertly dodged Ken's attempts at tackling him to get the cakes.

Mukuro's interest perked up and hummed in amusement as a small mischievous smile appeared on his face. "What about this person, dear Nagi?" Mukuro inquired, peering down at the purple haired girl with interested eyes.

"You've heard his name before, Mukuro-sama. I'm sure you'd want to find this boy immediately," Chikusa informed helpfully, setting down the place of sliced cakes gently before shoving a slice into Ken's mouth in irritation.

"Oh, do I now? Do you mind informing me of his name, then?" Mukuro demanded, rather than asked but the others didn't mind this; they were used to it.

M.M was not happy that her dear Mukuro-chan had taken an interest in someone else other than her. It's bad enough her beloved's time was occupied by the two dogs and the ugly duckling but now a new person have caught his interest? The pink haired girl couldn't stand this! Once I find this kid, I'm going to make sure he never existed! M.M venomously thought as she bit her fingernail in frustration.

Ken, not minding that his face was caked with… cake, chirped in, wanting to please his superior, "His name's Sawada Tsunayoshi! He was the one who baked the cake!" Ken then proceeded to gobble up the cake, then choked when Chikusa decided to be kind and shoved some water into his mouth. "Kaki-pi! The hell? Are you trying to kill me, pyon?!" Ken demanded angrily after he pushed the indifferent boy away with a snarl.

"Just trying to be helpful, Ken," Chikusa answered; his face still indifferent but his voice was slightly laced with a bit of sadism and glee.

Chrome deduced the Chikusa loved torturing Ken, since the blond animal-like boy constantly annoyed his fellow council member. It's some sort of revenge for Chikusa-san, is it not? Chrome thought.

While everyone was paying attention to Ken and Chikusa, Mukuro, however, was struck speechless by the very familiar name. A devious smirk made its way on his handsome face, before his signature chuckle escaped his lips, "Kufufufu, this is interesting. Sawada Tsunayoshi, eh? I can't wait to meet you."

Now noticing the time, Mukuro turned to his fellow Kokuyo students and said, "Let's head to the dining room. Lunch time would be in a few minutes or so." Receiving a nod from the rest, they moved out as a group, leaving M.M whom said she didn't want to eat the 'disgusting' food made by the 'peasants'.

As they walked, Chrome briefly wondered if Mukuro was searching for Tsunayoshi along the way, towards the dining room. She really wanted them to meet; the brunet seemed like a perfect partner for her brother. And perhaps, Tsunayoshi-san can be my brother-in-law! Chrome thought excitedly at the plausible prospect.

Byakuran was happily skipping to the Millefiore's room as he couldn't wait to settle his eyes on the empty table that were supposed to have the cakes he had requested. He knew it would burden the staff but he didn't care about them all that much; as long as he get what he wants, no one would be in trouble.

He expected the cakes haven't arrived yet, since today was one of the busiest days the Onsen had. He had made sure he would trouble the staff; he was sadistic like that. With Bluebell by his side, he couldn't wait to play the fun game he always played on people or as Shou-chan would like to call it; 'The Threatening Smile Game'.

The white haired Millefiore President wondered briefly if anyone managed to find his current interest; Sawada Tsunayoshi. He really wanted to see how that child would look like. He didn't want to get beaten by Mukuro; it was quite obvious that the pineapple haired Kokuyo President also has an obvious interest in the unknown boy. Byakuran smirked as his purple eyes sharpened; he will not lose to Mukuro no matter what. Though, a part of him told him that he was going to very fond of the Tsunayoshi person and his intuitions never lie.

Once he reached the room, he let his loyal subordinate, Kikyo open the door for him. The door was slid open and Bluebell entered first to scan the room. A short scream of terror was heard before sounds of fast footsteps came next. Bluebell then appeared in front of him with a horror stricken face. "The cakes are here!" the blue haired girl whimpered as she dropped to her knees in disappointment and bewilderment as well as denial. She was hoping Byakuran would unleash his sadistic side today to someone —anyone. Byakuran's sadistic tendencies were one of the things that made her life fun and exciting.

Byakuran remained silent as a smile formed on his face before he strolled into the room, passing a very nervous Shoichi and a very calm Spanner. His eyes sharpened at the sight of the boxes of cakes on the table. He then made a sharp turn and gaze at the two occupants that were in the room before him. The rest of his subordinates were now inside the room and had closed the door behind them.

Sending Shoichi and Spanner his infamous smile, Byakuran asked sweetly yet venom dripped from each word he spoke, "Shou-chan, Ota-chan, when did the cakes arrive? Would the both of you tell me, hmm?" Byakuran's eyes narrowed onto the two most trusted friends he has, a menacing gleam shone in his purple orbs.

Shoichi gulped in fear; the sight of the sadistic and frightening gleam that promised pain in Byakuran's eyes terrified him. The red haired secretary wondered why Spanner wasn't affected by the terrifying look that went well with that smile Byakuran often had on his face even when the white haired young man was angry, disappointed, sadistic, menacing, excited and any other emotion that the Millefiore President possessed. "W-We don't know, B-Byakuran-sama. They g-got here before we c-came," Shoichi stuttered as he lied, praying inwardly that Byakuran hadn't notice the non-truthful reply and the fear evident in the red haired teen's voice. Unfortunately, Kami-sama wanted Shoichi to suffer today as Byakuran frowned unhappily, anger now present in the narrowed purple eyes.

"You know I don't like liars Shou-chan, so you best tell the truth and don't anger me," Byakuran let another smile grace his lips, yet the smile promised pain in the most excruciating way possible. The purple eyes were still frightening that even the rest of Byakuran's subordinate tensed behind him.

You hypocrite! You lie most of the time, damn it! And who's there to clean up all of your messes? Me! Shoichi hissed inwardly with a twitch of his dark green eyes. He sometimes hated Byakuran from the depths of his heart. The man was infuriating at times and Shoichi could never handle him. The red haired secretary merely sighed in exasperation, "The staff got someone to help them. They sent the cakes about ten to twenty minutes before you got here, Byakuran-sama." It wasn't a complete lie; Shoichi merely didn't tell who the 'help' and the 'sender' was.

Byakuran frowned lightly before shrugging his shoulders; accepting Shou-chan's explanation. He and Bluebell sat down near the table and the blue haired girl opened one of the boxes. He felt his mouth watered slightly at the sight of the delicious pastry, wondering whom could have made such a decadent cake n a short amount of time.

Byakuran pressed the knife into the cake and soon enough, the white colored dessert was being handed to every Millefiore Council member. Byakuran decided to dig in first, enjoying the mouth-watering, soft, slightly moist cake that made his taste buds explode in excitement. Byakuran mused his thoughts aloud, "I wonder who made this… Surely, we should get them to enter our school! They could be our little cake slave!"

At the blunt yet slightly unnerving statement, courtesy of Byakuran, Shoichi choked on the cake he was chewing and Spanner handed him some tea. The blond Treasurer twitched slightly at Byakuran's statement and he was certain that Byakuran had seen the almost unnoticeable eye twitch. Add Shoichi's reaction and both Spanner and Shoichi were once again under Byakuran's wrath.

Byakuran sent one of his death-promising smiles to the two again and asked with a voice that was sweet yet venomous, "Is there something you're not telling me about? Well, Shou-chan? Ota-chan?" Byakuran eyes were closed, making a crescent shape on each closed eyes. The closed crescent shaped eyes, combined with Byakuran's frightening smile sent cold chills down Shoichi's back as the red haired secretary tried to push himself into the wall behind him. Spanner remained unmoving but it was quite obvious he had his guard on in case Byakuran tried anything funny, or in this case; terrifying.

"N-No, there's nothing for us to tell you, Byakuran-sama! N-Nothing at all," Shoichi stuttered fearfully which was quite rare since he's the one managing Byakuran and cleaning up after the President's messes.

Bluebell giddily ate her slice of the cake, happy to finally see Byakuran acting all sadistic again. She missed this side of him at times. The others beside her also watched the scene that was unraveling in front of them; knowing full well of the consequences when one lies to Byakuran.

Byakuran turned to Spanner and tilted his head to the side darkly, his closed eyes opening just the slightest to send a menacing look to the silent blond. "Ota-chan, do you have something to share?" Byakuran asked sweetly, his smile broadened —if that was possible.

Spanner merely shook his head, still calm and composed as he sipped his tea idly. He could fight back Byakuran; they were on equal strengths but then he would have to deal with Byakuran's loyal dogs— he meant; subordinates. They were annoying so Spanner didn't bother to go against Byakuran in a fight.

Byakuran frowned at Spanner; the blond was a hard nut to crack. Giving up on the mechanic, Byakuran sent his sadistic smile to his much easier prey; Shou-chan. "Shou-chan… Don't make me repeat myself… I want to know everything that you know," Byakuran said sweetly, tilting his head to the side, his smile getting bigger.

Shoichi gulped in fear but did not cave in. He had promised himself to keep Tsunayoshi a secret from Byakuran; he didn't want the brunet to be troubled with this maniac!

Byakuran sighed, as if resigning to his fate of not achieving his goal before turning towards the door with a cherrful smile and chirped out, "Then I guess I'll have to search for this person!" The white-haired man had a slight sadistic tone in his voice that Shoichi didn't like at all.

When Byakuran slid the door open with a smile, Shoichi immediately panicked and yelled out, "Wait!" Byakuran stopped in his tracks and turned with a sweet and cheerful face. However, his purple eyes beheld a hunger for the secret both Spanner and Shoichi kept from him. "What is it, Shou-chan?" Byakuran sang out teasingly.

Shoichi gulped, both hesitant and reluctant to answer his superior's question. But he couldn't risk let a lot of people getting hurt just because he didn't want one person being tailed down by Byakuran. He flinched when Byakuran said coldly, "I don't have all day, Shou-chan." Taking in a deep breath, the red headed secretary apologized inwardly, Gomen, Tsuna-kun, but for the greater good, one must be sacrificed in order to protect more than one people. Not to mention the fact, if I didn't tell Byakuran-sama, he'll question and torture everyone and once he found you, he won't stop bugging you.

Shoichi stared down at the floor in defeat as he muttered softly, "The person who baked the cakes and sent them was not apart of the kitchen crew. He was a student from Namimori." Shoichi chose not to say Tsuna's name; it was one thing to inform the school the boy attended to —that, was enough information, but stating the boy's name was practically sending a lamb to a slaughterhouse from Shoichi's point of view.

Byakuran hummed at the newly acquired information before he smiled his frightening smile once more, needing one tiny bit of information to track down the Namimori student Shou-chan had mentioned. "What's his name, Shou-chan?" Byakuran teasingly said, his eyes curved into the shape of crescents.

Shoichi felt his heart stopped beating momentarily before scrambling back, refusing to answer and at the same time, didn't want to be on the same planet as the white haired Millefiore president. Byakuran could be terrifying when provoked and Shoichi knew he was on a thin line with the president's patience. One wrong move and Byakuran would snap and unleash a much horrifying version of pain and suffering than Hell itself. And right now, the secretary knew he was one step away from that 'wrong move'.

Byakuran frowned when he saw Shoichi's defiance before stalking closer to the nervous red head. He crouched down to stare at Shoichi, eye-to-eye, before Byakuran forced himself to grin, even though he was very annoyed with Shou-chan right now. He was a man of fear and respect; he lived from that and embedded fear and respect for him into every single obedient mind he can find or train. And right now, while Shoichi showed fear, no respect whatsoever was in the secretary's eyes; and that bothered Byakuran deeply. Shoichi had always been obedient, though a tad worrywart and reprimanding, he was still obedient nonetheless. Byakuran didn't like the defiant nature the red head now gained and he was growing more wary of the person whom had either consciously or unconsciously placed the emotion into Shou-chan's mind.

Byakuran expression turned from cheerful to cold. His eyes now bore into Shoichi's as if he was looking through Shoichi's being and soul while the president's mouth was set to a firm, straight line. No signs of playfulness nor sadistic was evident in the Millefiore ruler. "Irie, the name," Byakuran demanded coldly, making the other occupants in the room tense from the uncomfortable atmosphere and the sight and sound of the now cold Byakuran.

They knew, underneath the playful exterior of Byakuran lies a sadistic, cold man that loved creating chaos everywhere he went and corrupting the innocent people he meets. While Spanner was neutral to it, it was one of the reasons Byakuran's subordinates respected him for and one of the many traits of Byakuran that Shoichi feared.

Shoichi gulped, feeling heavy and uncomfortable; who wouldn't? Anyone who was in a ten foot radius of Byakuran would have taken off by now and Shoichi couldn't do anything but tremble and sweat. The teen felt scared and was tempted to break down and spill out everything, but the sight of Tsuna being bothered by the sadistic Millefiore president bothered the secretary deeply. Though, he knew he needed to tell Byakuran Tsunayoshi's name and that's most important to the marshmallow lover right now. Taking a deep breath, Shoichi calmly answered, "Sawada Tsunayoshi."

Byakuran's narrowed eyes widened in recognition at the familiar name before his reverted back to its previous form. Byakuran grinned and patted Shoichi on the head for a job well done. "There, now that wasn't so hard, was it?" Byakuran cooed with a small chuckle, taking in with delight how Shou-chan had become obedient once more, though he did notice a bit of defiance in his subordinate.

Shoichi was disgusted with himself for being so… scared of Byakuran but somehow, in his heart, he knew Tsuna wouldn't be angry at him and he was sure of it too. The boy was an angel sent from the Heaven above, so it didn't shock Shoichi if the boy didn't blame him for sending out the hell houn— he meant, Byakuran, to get him. Shoichi liked his new side; his defiant side. It seemed to irk Byakuran and Shoichi had wanted to do that for a very long time. Byakuran was hardly irritated by anything but it seems defiance was one of the things that really annoyed the Millefiore president.

Byakuran hummed a happy tune as the once tensed atmosphere simmered down. Byakuran head out, singing out, "I'm going to find Tsunayoshi-kun, now. I need you all with me." before Byakuran skipped out of the room, he turned to Shoichi with a frown, "Shou-chan, I expect none of this in the near future, okay?"

Shoichi rolled his lips, suppressing a growing smile. He wasn't going to obey Byakuran often; he knew that. Messing with Byakuran was funny until he crosses the line and Shoichi has to make sure he does enough research before knowing where the line lies on.

The fellow Millefiore students wandered throughout the onsen building and along the pathways, trying to find a certain Sawada Tsunayoshi. Shoichi prayed to Kami-sama that they won't even hear the boy's name along the way.

Tsuna was now walking silently behind both Gokudera and Yamamoto, with Gokudera yelling out profanities at the laughing baseball player. Gokudera had deemed Yamamoto with a new nickname; "Perverted Baseball Kidnapper Freak". However, oddly enough— or perhaps, not that much, Yamamoto didn't mind the nickname, really. The taller boy merely laughed, stating that Gokudera was amazing at inventing nicknames.

Yamamoto-kun, you are one terrifying beast, Tsuna thought with a rueful smile, snickering inwardly. Yamamoto had carried him while running from their temperamental friend until Gokudera caught up to Yamamoto when Yamamoto remarked with a gleeful laughter, 'This feels like a fairytale; a prince carrying a princess! Don't you guys think so?'

Somehow, those two sentences irked Gokudera and drove the silver haired boy to catch up to the 'baseball-pervert', as Gokudera liked to put it. The three of them decided to head towards the dining hall, where lunch would be served. Tsuna had to briefly wonder if Furiko was doing fine. He was very worried about the warm, elderly woman he had grown so fond of. Perhaps a quick visit wouldn't hurt?

Tsuna looked up when he heard someone called him and met with the sight of both Yamamoto and Gokudera staring worriedly at him. Tilting his head to the side, Tsuna began to make a confused expression, before softly asking, "What is it?"

"Nothing, just… where did you get the PDA from, Juudaime?" Gokudera asked, his eyes focusing on the technology in his Juudaime's hands. He was curious as to when and how his savior had gotten a hold of the thing; as far as he knew, the only thing his Juudaime had was a cell phone that the brunet didn't know how to use that much.

Tsuna, now realizing the items he was holding, looked down at his white PDA that Spanner had generously given him earlier. Smiling slightly at the reminiscent of the blond haired mechanic, Tsuna then told Gokudera, "A new friend gave it to me."

Gokudera immediately got worried about this 'new friend'. He could have another motive as to why he suddenly befriended Juudaime. Gokudera neared the petite brunet, fussing all over, "Juudaime! Are you sure it's okay? He may have some secret motive as to why he wanted to be friends with you! Maybe he's plotting to kidnap you!" Gokudera decided not to elaborate on his last sentence; Juudaime still has some of his innocence in him.

Yamamoto was still smiling, though inwardly, he was also worried for his friend. While he may act dense on the outside, like any other person, he was aware of the world and its problems. One of them is the frequent violation of children and women. His father always cursed the men that did those despicable things after reading the daily newspaper. Yamamoto had to agree with his old man on that. Like Gokudera, he was starting to suspect the real reason as to why someone had befriended Tsuna and gave a PDA at their first meeting.

Tsuna blinked repeatedly in confusion before finally realizing the meaning behind Gokudera's worried words. "I made the first move, Gokudera-kun. I was the one who befriended him first, so please don't say such things about others, okay?" Tsuna pleaded softly, placing a small hand against on Gokudera's large ones.

Gokudera faltered a bit, not wanting to say anything that could earn his Juudaime's ire. Yet, he was still adamant about the subject at hand, and said softly as his voice wavered a little, "But what if they did something awful to you? I can't live with the fact if you ever got hurt, Juudaime!"

Tsuna stared at Gokudera in awe before letting out a small fit of giggles and smiled serenely at the bomber. Truly, Gokudera-kun cares for me very much, Tsuna thought with a twinge of happiness yet a bit curious as to why Gokudera befriended him when he wasn't anything special. Just because someone saved you, doesn't mean you have to be loyal to them. Tsuna glanced up at the taller teen before sending a glance at the equally worried baseball player behind Gokudera. He could see it in their eyes; they cared for him and Tsuna possessed mutual feelings for them as well. He hoped that they would still stay friend until the end— he didn't want to lose them, not when he had a special spot for them in his heart. "It'll be okay. If anyone does anything to me, I know I can count on you both to save me. You are my best friends," Tsuna said shyly, his cheeks flushed a bit as he looked down and played with the hem of his shirt.

Yamamoto and Gokudera flushed a bit as well, while not as vibrant as Tsuna's blush but it was detectable. Never had their friend express himself so freely before but they didn't complain. They were happy, very happy that Tsuna was opening up to them more and more. Out of all the people in Tsuna's life, with the exception Tsuna's mother, they were now a big part of the brunet's life and they liked it that way. They wanted to keep it that way.

"Ah, you!" a soft voice said behind Tsuna and the brunet turned to see the girl he had seen earlier in the kitchen; Chrome Dokuro, was it? The name sounded foreign to him. Smiling softly at the girl, Tsuna nodded in acknowledgement. He arched an eyebrow at the girl after surveying their surroundings, asking where the girl's friends he had seen earlier were.

Chrome, finally figuring out the silent question, answered the mute boy, "Ah, Chikusa and Ken are with Mukuro-sama right now. I decided to move forward first, they should be arriving here soon to go to the dining hall. Are you heading there as well, Bossu?"

Tsuna blinked confusedly, curious as to why the purple haired girl was calling him 'Bossu'. It's not as if he was a boss of a team or something and he certainly wouldn't involve himself in anything gang-like. So why, indeed? Perhaps she respected him for his apparent kindness in the kitchen earlier. Tapping on his PDA, Tsuna then showed the girl his typed sentence.

You don't have to call me 'Boss'. Just call me Tsuna or Tsunayoshi or even Sawada. Why are you calling me 'Boss', may I ask?

Chrome flushed a bit, and while Tsuna couldn't detect the blush, to Yamamoto and Gokudera who were used to blushing girls confessing to them, they could easily detect the redness of one's cheeks. Gokudera got annoyed by the girl while Yamamoto was practically neutral since he couldn't sense any 'dangerous' vibe from the girl.

Gokudera neared his savior and the annoying girl, both he and Yamamoto knew the girl was the Kokuyo's Treasurer and first year representative. She was also Rokudo's younger sister figure, seeing as the both of them were close and Rokudo was pretty protective of his 'dear Nagi'. "Stupid girl, hurry up and stop wasting Juudaime's precious time!" Gokudera growled, taking in the fact that the girl flinched slightly at the evident anger in his voice.

Tsuna frowned before calming Chrome, patting the girl's shoulder to reassure her. He earned a soft smile from the girl before he turned to Gokudera with a frown —that made Gokudera cringed— and reprimanded the boy softly in order for the purple haired female behind him not to hear his voice. "Gokudera-kun, you shouldn't say such things to other people. Even if you don't like them, you shouldn't be so rude as to insult them. I'm sure you haven't met Chrome-san before," Tsuna reprimanded, sending an unimpressed look to Gokudera that made the silver haired boy feel guilty.

"But I do know her, Juudaime! The baseball idiot too! She's the younger sister figure of Kokuyo's Student Council President, Rokudo Mukuro. He's a creepy guy, Juudaime! And he always fight with that bastard of a prefect and Millefiore's creepy ass, marshmallow-loving bastard of a President! Xanxus can't even stand him and tried to kill Rokudo once!" Gokudera explained, worried if Rokudo Mukuro would hunt down his precious Juudaime. Tsuna was an adorable child, so it wasn't a shocker if the pineapple did so.

Tsuna was getting wary of this 'Mukuro' character; he sounded like a person Tsuna did not want to associate with. To make both Hibari-senpai and Xanxus-senpai angry on purpose could only be done by someone brave enough or perhaps, stupid enough to go against the two of the most terrifying human beings Tsuna ever encountered. Rokudo Mukuro must be an excellent fighter to fight against both Xanxus and Hibari bravely. And Tsuna certainly didn't want to meet the person Gokudera dubbed 'Millfiore's creepy ass, marshmallow-loving bastard of a President' since Tsuna got the feeling the Millefiore's president was not someone to be trifled with either.

However, it didn't excuse Gokudera to insult a person, especially a girl. Tsuna was raised by his mother so he knew what women and girls, in general went through almost every day and Tsuna could sympathize them to a degree where most males could not. "It doesn't mean Chrome-san is the same Gokudera-kun. I'm sure, she would never hurt a fly," Tsuna whispered, placating his hot headed friend by stroking the bomber's forearm gently. Gokudera's once tense form, relaxed as his facial expression turned guilty. Tsuna smiled lightly, knowing his friend won't start anymore agendas and turned back to Chrome with a soft smile.

Chrome flushed a bit under the warm smile; though small, Chrome could feel the warmth flowing through it.

Tsuna typed in his PDA and let Chrome see the typed text in the PDA.

I'm sorry for Gokudera's rudeness; he's not used to others talking to me without a specific motif.

Chrome shook her head vigorously, her eyes widened in understanding and forgiveness. She knew what it was like to have someone very protective of her that suspected others who were trying to befriend her. Mukuro-sama is like that, isn't he? Chrome thought with an air of reminiscent.

"Nagi, there you are," a sultry voice said behind Chrome and while Chrome turned in recognition, Gokudera and Yamamoto tensed at the familiar voice and thought up of a way to escape the one and only dreaded pineapple they both knew and disliked. Tsuna merely blinked on confusion at the unfamiliar voice; whom possessed such a sultry voice that contrasted Hibari's slightly octave lower voice that held confidence and bloodlust yet still can make one's heart skip a beat and turn into a puddle of goo or Reborn's deep voice that held power and intimidation yet makes woman melt and fawn over the man?

Rokudo Mukuro finally noticed his sister figure's hairstyle and neared the girl along with Chikusa and Ken. He then noticed with annoyance, the prissy cat and the dense baseball player was near his sister. He was starting to suspect that the bomber was harassing his sweet Nagi before finally noticing a young, adorable boy with gravity defying brown hair and large, warm honey brown eyes. Mukuro noted that the unfamiliar boy was the same height as Chrome, which made the boy much adorable. If Mukuro hadn't been paying much attention, he would've thought that the boy was a girl. Now, the question is, was the boy a middle school student or a high school student?

"Mukuro-sama, I apologize for leaving you!" Chrome said immediately, rushing towards her brother figure with a guilty expression.

"Kufufufu, it's okay, Nagi. However, are these boys harassing you? Oya oya, you have some guts harassing my dear Nagi…" Mukuro narrowed his heterochromatic eyes at the three as a sadistic smile made its way on his face. He noticed the Gokudera scowled at him while Yamamoto's friendly smile remained on his face. However, the player's eyes were narrowed and cold. The petite brunet looked a bit terrified and was slowly edging away, trying not to get caught.

"N-Nay, I came up to say hi to Bossu!" Chrome tried to calm her superior. She then felt relieved when Mukuro calmed down but then awaited her brother's command.

Mukuro was confused; who was 'Bossu' that Chrome addressed to respectfully? It couldn't be the temperamental bomber; he was far too rude and easily irritated to earn Chrome's respect and while the dense baseball player has many good points, he wasn't very… bright at times so it couldn't be him. Then, Mukuro's red and blue eyes zoomed into the trembling brunet. Perhaps, it was him. "Nagi, who is this 'Boss' you're addressing?" Mukuro turned to the purple haired girl.

Chrome, now finally realizing that Mukuro didn't know who Tsunayoshi was, decided to introduce the brunet to him. "The brown haired boy is Bossu," Chrome merely stated, not bothering to tell Mukuro the boy name since she thought that Mukuro might've known already, seeming as the indigo haired male was very smart.

However, Ken had decided to be of assistance and barked out, "That kid's Sawada Tsunayoshi, pyon!" Howling after he got hit by an annoyed Chikusa, Ken growled at his friend before attacking the indifferent boy, oblivious to the fact Mukuro's eyes widened slightly in recognition of the name in a quick second.

Smirking, Mukuro neared the brunet who was trembling in fear at the sight of him. He snorted softly, knowing fully well that the prissy bomber had warned the brunet of him and possibly every single person the delinquent labeled 'Dangerous to Tsunayoshi'; which was everyone. "Kufufufu, pleasure to meet you, Tsunayoshi-kun. I've heard of your… tales from my dear Nagi. My name is Rokudo Mukuro, the Student Council President of Kokuyo High," Mukuro chuckled as he held out his hand as if to shake hands with the petite brunet in front of him as a sign of friendliness.

Tsuna, now decided that perhaps Gokudera might have exaggerated with the Mukuro story a bit yet still wary, reached Mukuro's larger hand to shake it when all of a sudden he was pulled in by the said hand and felt his face grabbed by another large hand, his cheeks pressed by a thumb and fingers on each side painfully. He stared at Mukuro's heterochromatic eyes, finally noticing the combination of cerulean blue and crimson red. He noticed that the red eye has the kanji 'one' on it. With his lips slightly puckered, Tsuna flinched when Mukuro pressed his cheeks deeper, the previous pain intensified.

Mukuro frowned as he looked down at the weak boy and thought, What is so amazing about this child that has gotten that prissy cat all wrapped around his finger? Annoyed, he then clenched the small arm painfully, not satisfied with the lack of information he needed.

Tsuna winced at the pain on his arm and roughly struggled to get free. Finally, he had managed to get his face free from the calloused hand yet, with his inability to use his PDA, Tsuna had to rely on his voice in front of this teenager he barely knew. Trying to pull his arm on his first attempt, which was unsuccessful, Tsuna sighed at his fate before looking up at Mukuro with teary eyes. Dear Kami-sama… I'm not going to survive, am I? Tsuna thought exasperatedly.

Mukuro noticed that the boy was looking up at him with an adorable face that made Mukuro's cheeks flushed slightly; the boy's eyes were teary, possibly coming from the pain of having his hand clenched by the Kokuyo President, his body trembling slightly while the boy's pink lips quivered. Then, when the boy spoke, it was the end for Mukuro.

"Rokudo-senpai, please… let me go… It hurts…" Tsuna muttered softly, oblivious to the effects he had on Mukuro.

Mukuro released the boy abruptly, making the boy tumble down and fell on his rump. Mukuro tried to clear his mind of the image, calming down his erratic heart. He was just playing with me. He did it on purpose just to spite me, Mukuro thought convincingly. He looked down at Tsuna, who was getting up with the help of Yamamoto and Gokudera. At the sight of the boy's adorable looks yet uselessness, Mukuro was disgusted and huffed in an annoyed tone.

"Truly, both of you have gone for the lowest of the low. Taking care of this useless boy? It makes me want to laugh. I wonder how low you've gotten ever since this boy seduced you with his looks. Both of you have grown weak, pathetic and hopeless because of this boy. You should just die—" A loud slap and a sharp sting stopped Mukuro's insult as the pineapple haired boy looked down at the teary, huffing brunet.

Tsuna felt his blood boiled at the insults Mukuro directed at his friends. It was okay for the indigo haired male to insult him; he was used to it. However, he didn't consent on others insulting the people he cared for. "Please, you can insult me if you like, but don't you dare insult my friends!" Tsuna angrily said, gritting his teeth painfully to keep himself from lashing out to the taller male.

The others were shocked by Tsuna's sudden actions. The group of seven didn't realize they had an audience with them. Purple eyes watched the even that unfolded right in front of him in interest as his eyes zeroed on the huffing brunet.

Mukuro felt his hear skipped a beat and heard a small 'pop' in his head. Suddenly, blood began to drip from the illusionist's nose yet the teen was unmoving, as if in a daze. He didn't notice how his fellow council members panicked and how Gokudera was laughing his ass off. His mind and eyes were only registered at the brunet, that now sported a guilty expression as the shorter, petite boy fussed over his bleeding nose.

Tsuna had thought that his slap might've caused the bleeding along with Chrome who was now trying to break Mukuro from his trance, but what he and Chrome were oblivious to was as bright as day to the other spectators. Mukuro wasn't having a nose bleed from Tsuna's sudden slap —no, it was from the fact that the pineapple haired boy had some not-so-very innocent thoughts on a certain, adorable brunet. This wasn't very acceptable to Gokudera and Yamamoto.

Tsuna fussed over the bleeding nose, as Mukuro, now broken from his trance, pinched the bridge of his nose to stop the bleeding. Tsuna was grateful that he had brought his handkerchief along and began wiping the blood gently, muttering out apologies as he did so. He didn't notice the smirk on Mukuro's face nor the intent gaze from a pair of heterochromatic eyes.

Mukuro was attracted to this boy; never had anyone go against him so angrily. To add it up, the boy reacted right after he had insulted his friends, which proved to Mukuro's eyes that the boy cared for others more than himself. He was smitten, he was intrigued, he was taking an interest in the brunet and he wanted to learn more of the adorable boy. Nothing and no one would stand in his way. However, his demeanor turned sour when he heard a familiar chuckle behind him as he and the rest turned to see the one person they didn't want to see.

Byakuran clapped his hands in mock applaud as he neared the group of seven with a fox-like smile on his face and his closed purple eyes arched into the shape of crescents. He had been one of the spectators and was immediately taken by surprise at the small brunet, now recognized as Sawada Tsunayoshi. He was at first shocked to hear the boy was introduced as the person Byakuran longed to meet; the person who managed to have both Yamamoto and Gokudera wrapped around his little finger. "Now, that was such an enjoyable show," Byakuran said with a smile, finally stopping beside Mukuro yet his intense gaze was on Tsuna. "Hello there, little one. I'm Byakuran," Byakuran chirped, his gaze never wavered.

Tsuna flushed a bit at the gaze from the white haired young man. The brunet didn't recognize the student from anywhere but judging by the white uniform, the purple eyed teen was a Millefiore student and from Gokudera's scowl, Mukuro's glare and Yamamoto, Chrome, Chikusa and Ken's tensed bodies, they knew Byakuran very well and they didn't quite enjoy his company.

Tsuna also noticed Spanner and Shoichi; the red haired teen was giving him a guilty look which made Tsuna realize the boy's mistake by the emotions flashing in the secretary's green eyes; he had informed the white haired teen of Tsuna's identity. Though Tsuna didn't know why it was that important or alarming but judging from the fact that Shoichi was panicking and his intuitions ringing loudly of the dangers, Tsuna could figure out the white haired young man was a very dangerous individual, even though he didn't look like it at the first glance. Tsuna, noticing Byakuran was waiting for a respond, quickly typed into his PDA and let Byakuran see its content.

I'm Sawada Tsunayoshi, pleased to meet you as well.

Byakuran stared at Tsuna's eyes while Tsuna, who didn't break their gaze, confidently stared at Byakuran in the eyes. Byakuran noted that even though the boy was slightly afraid and very much wary, he didn't relent on their intense gaze on one another. He was intrigued in the boy; while Byakuran hated defiance in people, the boy's defiance was exciting to watch. The Millefiore President swore that he had never felt his heart beating so fast until he had seen the boy slapping Mukuro and yelling at the pineapple haired teen. Byakuran hated defiance in a person yet somehow, he found it attractive when it was related to the brunet; defiance, confidence, bravery —it was so… exhilarating to watch. Submission was preferred by Bykaruan but Tsunayoshi never looked more beautiful than when that bravery was shown.

"You know, you should be careful of whom you meet. You might just run into this type of man on the way," Byakuran warned as he jabbed a thumb to Mukuro's direction, ignoring the glare the furious pineapple gave him.

Tsuna blinked confusedly before nodding slowly at the white haired boy. He didn't know why the suspicious teen had given him a warning and looked out for him, but Tsuna was taught to be grateful, even if the person was a person he had just met. Not a very good lesson, Tsuna thought ruefully. He looked up at the smiling, sly taller teen and smiled softly and whispered out, "Thank you for your concern, Byakuran-senpai." Tsuna felt a bit unsure saying the teen's name, not knowing for sure whether it was a surname or the president's first name; Japanese were very respectful towards others and only call others by their surname unless the relationship between two or more people was close for them to call each other by their first names. Thus, calling Byakuran without detailed knowledge of the Millefiore student's name was a bit nerve-breaking.

Byakuran felt his heart skipped a beat yet again, but this time, it was from the sight of the small, yet beautiful smile the brunet gave him. He took back what he said about Tsunayoshi being beautiful with his undying bravery; the boy looked perfect when he smiled. Byakuran was actually shocked that the boy thanked him for the advice and how easily the boy had trusted him just a tiny bit when he had seen the boy wary of his presence. Truly, you should be wary of me the most, Tsunayoshi-kun, Byakuran thought yet as he looked down at the boy, there was slight trust in the boy's eyes, which made Byakuran's heart swell; something that has never happened before. Byakuran smiled, "You're so adorable, Tsu-chan!"

Tsuna flinched at the use of his name; he and Byakuran weren't even familiar with one another yet and the taller male was already calling him so familiarly. Truth to be told, it was uncomfortable. And for Byakuran to call him in such a cute way, made Tsuna utterly embarrassed. Does the young man know shame? Could Byakuran not see Tsuna's embarrassment at the usage of the brunet's name? Tsuna's cheeks flushed brightly as the brunet ducked his head, not wanting the others to stare at him due to Byakuran's lack of tact.

Gokudera gritted his teeth angrily, before growling out, "Oi, bastard, how dare you call Juudaime so casually as if you're close to him!" The bomber reached for his dynamites, but was stopped when Tsuna sent a pleading look and shook his head. Gokudera obliged, and didn't do as he previously planned before it dawned on him that his precious Juudaime had spoken to both the pineapple freak and the marshmallow creep. Secretly pulling out something from his pocket with a devious smirk, Gokudera merely waited for the right moment.

Tsuna, like Gokudera, finally realized that he had spoken to Byakuran and Mukuro, for everyone to hear, was having a panic session inwardly. He cursed himself for forgetting his surrounding, too caught up in his anger and fear as well as gratefulness. Kami-sama, why do you despise me so? What did I do wrong, aside from putting wasabi in the neighbor's cookies? I did that for okaa-san; those neighbors kept bugging her, Tsuna thought bitterly, But I have regretted it since then! Why must you keep punishing me?

Mukuro glowered with anger; he was speaking to Tsunayoshi first —well, kind of— and this… low-life interrupted him. Mukuro hated when he was cut off from what he was doing, especially by the people he hated the most. Turning to Byakuran with a sadistic grin, Mukuro warned, "Byaku-chin, I was talking to Tsunayoshi first. Would you mind it if I say; scram?"

Byakuran turned to the indigo haired teen, smiling sadistically as well, said through gritted teeth "Not a chance, Pineapple." He wasn't going to give up; not when he found an interesting specimen to play with. Mukuro could end up dead on the road, for all he cared.

Mukuro's red eye twitched; annoyed with the white haired teen in front of him, "Go jump off Tokyo tower, Q-tip."

"Or better yet, you can jump off Mount Fuji, freak-eyes."

"I should castrate you on this spot, right here, right now, dandelion."

"I'd like to see you try, pervert."

"You're the pervert, marshmallow."

As the two bantered with a sadistic aura surrounding them as their subordinates watching closely, Tsuna noticed Shoichi ushering him to go and run. Tsuna, a bit bewildered and scared of the now two sadistic teens that were still bantering, nodded hurriedly and turned to his friends. The three then huddled, whispering secretly to one another.

"Okay, when I signal go, we run and don't look back," Tsuna softly whispered, receiving nods from his friends.

Then, Yamamoto made a curious face, and whispered back, "But what if they catch us? We'd be in big trouble then."

Gokudera almost slapped his forehead at the taller boy's idiocy, and hissed out harshly, "That's why we have to run now when they're occupied. And we don't look back; it'll slow us down!"

Yamamoto nodded his head, finally understanding the concepts. The baseball player grinned and gave a thumb up to Tsuna, "Great plan! I'm in!"

Gokudera stared at Yamamoto exasperatedly while Tsuna blinked confusedly at the black haired boy. Gokudera hit Yamamoto on the head, earning a shocked 'Gack!' from the dense male. The bomber then hissed out, "Of course you're in! That's why we're huddling, damn it!"

Yamamoto nodded again with a grin, "Oh, I thought we were huddling just to cover Tsuna from them." Yamamoto then jabbed a thumb to the still bickering students.

"Never mind, let's just go," Tsuna intervened, looking at his friends pleadingly. The two merely nodded and sent discreet looks at the bickering enemies. They were waiting for the perfect moment to run and run they would. None of them wanted to stay a second longer. Once Tsuna finally noticed a right time and made the 'Go' signal, all three of them took off.

"O-ho, where do you think you're going?"

The three were stopped by a male, wearing a black Millefiore uniform and who Gokudera and Yamamoto recognized as Kikyo, one of Byakuran's dogs. Gokudera cursed, Yamamoto frowned and Tsuna almost fainted from the pure shock of the Millefiore's sudden appearance.

Kikyo smirked at them, while Zakuro yawned lazily besides him. Genkishi stood in front of the three, his sword gripped as the black haired Millefiore prefect got into an attack stance.

Genkishi wasn't paying much attention to the banter; he had seen them often, having to serve Byakuran for a long time. He noticed how Byakuran-sama's new interest huddled with the temperamental bomber and the annoying sword wielder. He disliked them both, they were irritating. Genkishi didn't know why but he got annoyed at seeing the three whispering deviously to one another, almost planning something. He almost snorted when he saw Gokudera hitting Yamamoto on the head before his eyes narrowed in suspicion when the three sent wary gazes at Byakuran and Mukuro. He warned Kikyo and Zakuro about his newfound suspicion and the two merely nodded, already knowing the plan.

When the Millefiore prefect saw the three sprinted, he and the two he informed earlier chased them, successfully halting their movements. Byakuran and Mukuro stopped the bicker as well, taking interest in the sudden escape maneuver Tsuna and his friends tried to perform.

Shoichi panicked; it wasn't supposed to be this way! Tsuna, Gokudera and Yamamoto were supposed to escape. Shoichi cursed Genkishi for the prefect's keenness. He then noticed Gokudera holding something familiar and a small smile appeared on his face. Rolling his lips inward, in order to suppress his growing smile, Shoichi then prayed, Kami-sama, please let Gokudera-san's plan work.

"Oya oya, what do you three think you were doing?" Mukuro questioned, his trident suddenly appeared, shocking Tsuna to the core. A sadistic smile was plastered on his face, identical to the one Byakuran sported as well. His heterochromatic eyes bore on the three intensely, making Gokudera scowl, Yamamoto smile coldly while Tsuna was having a panic attack on the inside. Mukuro, having to notice Tsuna's uncomfortable state, frowned lightly; it wasn't the reaction he was going for actually. He intended to make the three stayed at their places, not frighten Tsuna to the point of panic. I should've think this through, Mukuro thought as he stared idly at his sharp and glinting trident.

"That's none of your business, bastards!" Gokudera roared out, glaring harshly at the two sadistic young men in front of him. He clutched his newly acquired weapons, waiting for the right moment to use them as he discreetly scanned the hallway. Any moment now, the delinquent thought.

"Now, now, we just asked a question, prissy cat. No need to be so angry," Byakuran sang, smiling sadistically while his purple eyes stared at the bomber intensely; the gaze filled with promises of pain and suffering. While it didn't deter Gokudera's spirit, it certainly frightened Tsuna even more than Mukuro's trident did. Like Mukuro, Byakuran wasn't pleased with the reaction he had gotten. The desired reaction didn't happen and it made his Tsu-chan even more afraid of him.

"Don't call me that!" Gokudera snarled, glaring at the two smiling teens. He had unknowingly unleashed an aura that sent shivers down some spines, but as usual, being sadistic most of the time, Mukuro and Byakuran were quite immune to it. They've felt and unleashed a much more dangerous one, of course so to them, Gokudera's aura was a mere fog that can be blown away.

"Aww, is the prissy kitty hungry? Does it need its milk?" Byakuran cooed tauntingly, giggling soon afterwards while Mukuro smirked at the annoyed expression on Gokudera's face. The bomber was predictable, actually.

Tsuna frowned at Byakuran's insult to his friend and placed his hand on Gokudera's back in assurance. Gokudera, a bit surprised, turned to see Tsuna smiling lightly at him, making his heart soar.

The delinquent then noticed it was the right time, seeing as Byakuran and Mukuro were eyeing Tsuna's hand on Gokudera's back in envy, grinned and said, "Later, bastards! And stay away from Juudaime from now on!" He then threw his weapons; smoke bombs, towards the 'enemies' and the smoke bombs, in return, exploded, the smoke covered the hallway, blocking people's sight.

Shoichi cheered inwardly, It worked! Suppressing yet another smile so anyone would not suspect, he and Spanner acted as if they didn't expect the attack. Truly, he isn't called 'Smokin' Bomb Hayato' for nothing, Shoichi thought with a small laugh.

Mukuro glowered; scratch his earlier statement, the loyal dog was no longer predictable. Tsunayoshi-kun must've been the main reason he's so unpredictable, Mukuro concluded, waving his trident and the smoke dissipated. Seeing no bombers, no baseball players and definitely no mute brunets, Mukuro clicked his tongue in annoyance before ordering his subordinates to follow him as they walked towards the dining hall, knowing there would be the place the missing trio would be.

Byakuran wasn't in a good mood as well, frowning coldly as he turned to his subordinates. "Let's get going, I'm sure you're all starving," Byakuran said with mock concern, his mind already planning ways to torture Gokudera, though he reminded himself to hold back; he didn't want Tsu-chan to hate him.

Gokudera and Yamamoto were running, both were holding Tsuna's hands as they dragged him to the dining hall. Tsuna, a bit horrified that Gokudera had suddenly thrown smoke bombs to Mukuro and Byakuran's face, was cursing his luck, Why does this keep happening to me?!

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