There was an empty mist that lingered in the forest over the Tramdine Fens. There was not one mimic of a bird or creature. It was the non-living that would find a way through the swaps. The swaps were their homes. No one ever dared to go through there. Aside from the ghost seizing the area for themselves, there were three other reasons everyone at least attempted to shun the Tramdine Fens. The smell was unbearable and putrid. Secondly branches that stuck out from dead trees seemed to move out to reach to torture the poor creatures! Thirdly the swamps were all just a pass anyone was willing to miss!

The swaps were disgusting and everyone who walked passed cringed. It seemed as if the living dead were all that were seen lurking around the swamps. No one wanted to hear about the smelly Fens and let alone walk through the fens. Though the ghosts that lived in the Fens have good items to steal and obtain after being defeated. That was one reason that the clans began picking fights with the ghosts.

A few meters away, a close and daring range in the swaps, there was a lone viera assassin. She smiled heartily. She was happy to be fighting out in the Tramdine Fens she had her bow in her hands and nothing would make her prouder. She drew and arrow as a ghost approached her. She let the bow go and the arrow pierced through the ghost and flew off as if it had no effect.

"Wait a little…" she whispered silently to herself waiting as the ghost continued to approach her, unaffected by the arrow "A little bit more…" she felt a bit worried as the arrow hadn't taken its effect yet. She was about to run until the ghost roared, vanishing on the spot, defeated! It dropped the dark stone that the assassin needed to obtain.

Taking the stone off the wet grass the viera rolled the stone in her hands. It was a very pretty colour, deep purple but she knew that the looks shouldn't fool her. Now all she had to do was return to her clan mates who had sent her on this mission. They needed to make more maces for another member of her clan. Being proud as she was, the assassin decided to go alone. She was a sure show-off but she was strong nevertheless. She knew that she could rise to the glory and all her clan mates knew if she couldn't make it; it was a hard battle.

The assassin was content. She had her stone and completed her mission. Now she should go back to Fluorgis where her clan mates anticipated her arrival. The assassin smirked. The job was too easy, where was the challenge? The assassin sighed and walked over to the exit of the swamps. She held her mask tighter over her face keeping out the smell of the fatal toxins. She strolled casually to the light of the forest. She wasn't expecting much drama as she completed her mission. She expected to be safe in the rest of the journey home. As she wondered she didn't see the ghost come up behind her. She didn't feel its presence at all. The ghost held up its sharp hand, ready to attack the assassin from behind. She stopped cold in her footsteps. She felt her side in horrible pain and anguish. She held her sides dearly as she fell; on her hands and knees she realized she had dropped her stone. The viera was in pain. How could she be so careless? She held her side and felt warm blood gushing out of the wound. She sat down on the wet grass and turned around to look at the ghost.

The ghost still stared back and was going to hit her again. She scooted away and held up her bow and arrow. Just because she was in so much pain, there was no way she about to give up. The viera drew her arrow and shot it at the ghost which was approaching her. The ghost only had to take one blessed and magical arrow before it disappeared. The viera cried in pain. She looked at her bow which was covered in blood. That was horrifying. She didn't look at her wound as she seared the wet grass for the stone she dropped. Holding her hand over the wound and searching with tears in her eyes. How could she find the stone if her tears blurred so much of her eyesight?

Her hands raced over the grass trying to find the stone. She wiped the tears away from her eyes looking at the cherry red blood on her hand. She stood on her knees and looked at the floor from a higher angle. She looked at a glint on the floor and lunged at it holding it up like a cherished child. She stayed on the floor and started to add stress on herself. She had to get home before all the blood loss killed her. She picked up her bow slinging it around her back. She muttered thanks to herself as she held the rock. Now all that was left was crossing to Fluorgis.

She had to go through the forest. Though it was hard it was much quicker than going all around the swamps. The viera limped away to the forest. The dead branches reached out at her, calling her name repeatedly and tried to scratch her. Usually our proud viera assassin would laugh in the face of fear but now…now she was terrified of losing all her blood. New tears rolled down her face, warming her face. She tried to wipe the tears away and as she did her ear was caught in the dead tree branches. She screamed as she continued to struggle to try making the tree let go. She cried even more as she heard the moans of the un-dead…that was it…she was a goner…

She stayed in her position, unable to free her ear, with the tree clinging onto her ear. She heard more branches snap. Someone was coming her way. She quickly used camouflage. She could feel her heart beating like a drum and her hand and face clammy with sweat. All the assassin thought was a prayer that she wouldn't die. A few heartbeats later she saw a white cloak and the kind face of a white mage. Even if the viera were not in the same clan they might show compassion and pity to the others. The assassin was compelled to release her spell but she should ask first with the protection of her camouflage.

"Excuse me?" she asked with her voice trembling in fear

The white mage lifted a mace protectively with surprise in her eyes "Who's there?" she asked sharply looking straight passed the assassin.

The assassin took a deep breath. Remembering she was safe with her camouflage "I am a fellow viera. I was simply completing the mission of my own clan and was attacked unaware. I am heavily injured; I will lay down my weapon if you help me," the assassin promised

"Show yourself," said the mage still uncertain

The assassin took a bite of her courage and released the spell. The white mage jumped seeing how close she was standing to the assassin. Holding her heart recovering from the shock she looked at the assassins wound "Oh dear," she mumbled

"Would you, could you help? My ear is stuck," the assassin begged looking at the ,age with what little was left of her hope.

The white mage was more than willing to show mercy on the assassin. She reached up to the assassins ear and held it between her thumb and forefinger, gently releasing the assassin. The mage put the assassin arms around the assassin helping her to stand up properly. The assassin was weak and held onto the white mage tightly for support. The white mage felt terrible pity for the poor assassin she was helping. She knew that normal magiks were not enough to heal the assassin. The mage wasn't physically strong so she had to try only the best she could. The assassin had already managed to get blood all over her. She didn't mind. As a part of a white mage she was like a nurse. She had seen a lot of cases with others as well. The assassin limped along side the wite mag who tried to walk the best she could out of the forest. The mage reached a clearing and she exited the swamplands. The assassin felt relief as she was a few kilometres away from Fluorgis. The mage had a different idea though.

The assassin was confused as the white mage continued to walk straight. She wanted to ask where they were going but dared not in case the mage was only acting as an aid. The mage seemed to feel the assassins fear. "I only want to help you, please do not fear me," she told her. The mage was king and gentle, the assassin decided that she would trust her.

"I won't fear you, but where are we going? Can you tell me?" she asked

"Look," the white mage arched her neck further. Over the green sludge over the swaps there was the abandoned hut which was isolated ages ago and no one knew who or what had made it, but all were free to use it.

The mage was going to the abandoned hut. She was helping the assassin who was hopefully clinging onto the mage. She jumped over toadstools and sludge and used her foot to slid the door open. She stumbled over the ridged floor boards and the assassin fell on the floor in a useless heap. The smell was unforgiveable and there was moss building up in the wooden floorboards. There were parts missing off the roof and the walls but it was good enough. The assassin threw off her bow and arrows. The mage held up her mace. The assassin stopped moving and all of a sudden she could feel the warm blood gushing out of her side. She touched her wound wishing the pain would go away. She began to sweat and felt her head get sore. She felt someone move her hand gently away from her wound. The assassin opened one eye looking at the white mage who promised to help her "Don't worry relax," she assured the assassin with a calm smile.

The assassin was in no way fit to relax but decided if she was to stress she was going to hurt herself. The blood seeping out of her wound she could feel the clothes around her wounds sticking to her skin. She closed her eyes and though about the stone. The stone! She sat up madly and began to shout about the stone that was missing. Her face felt red. She heard the mage whispering to her and stroking her back and shoulder. She stopped screaming to listen to the white made

"It's okay, it's okay, look you dropped it on the floor boards as we got her, I put it with your bows and arrows, it's okay, just calm down." She spoke quietly and the assassin felt calmer.

Sweat lined the assassin forehead as she lay back on her back. She felt her body warm up and tingle as the mage began to use magiks to try repairing the damaged cells and blood vessels. The assassin lay motionless on the floor. The mage used cura, and two little stars appeared above the wound taking it in healing over the skin. The blood stopped but it was still open wound. The mage took a bandage and wrapped it over the assassins wound. "There," said the mage helping the assassin to sit up.

The assassin was tierd and sore. She touched the bandage which was clean and fresh. She looked at the mage who smiled warmly. "What was your name?" she asked using another bandage to clean up the sweat off her face.

"My name is Allyson," said the assassin "What is yours?"

"I'm Nlisa; it's lovely to meet you Allyson, even in such a bad situation,"

"Thank you so much Nlisa!" cried Allyson taking her hands "I have no idea if I would still be alive if it wasn't for you!"

Nlisa smiled and said "Allyson, what clan are you from?"

"Clan Ultima, I never noticed…but we don't have a white mage," she laughed at the silly mistake

"That's not great at all! Ours has two, just in case something happens to the other, though we never do missions together," Nlisa was acting like a mentor now to Allyson

"Oh, what Clan are you in?"

"Clan Land-dweller," said Nlisa almost embarrassed

Allyson watched Nlisa for a moment trying to figure out where she heard that name before. Then like a spark of lighting she thought of Clan Land-dweller. Their team name meant they dwell the land and want to reach for the skies. They were almost like heroes and had the record of missions completed. They were very strong and well known; Allyson was shocked that she was healed by the best healer in their clan. "W-what are you doing here in the Tramdine Fens? Why aren't you with your clan?"

Nlisa seemed very serious "I have to come out to do a recon; I was with Luso and Adelle. They went back to Fluorgis and I stayed back."

"But why were you on recon?" asked Allyson

"I cannot tell you anything, it's a secret clan thing. I'm sorry…" Nlisa apologised to Allyson.

Allyson was strongly curios but decided to respect Nlisa's silence. She changed the subject and gave Nlisa more praise for saving her life. She knew soon she would have to return to her clan. She tried to force out the memory of Nlisa telling her it was a secret but she thought about it. She never mentioned it again though. Nlisa was asleep in front of the door. Allyson was watching the mage rest and thought about her own well-being. She was going to have to at least wait till morning. She lay on on her back again feeling the clean bandage wrapped securely around her wound. She gently hushed her mind and fell asleep.