Chapter seventeen

The morning of the funeral for Thomas Potter, Ginny flooed James, Orion and Lily to the Burrow where her mother was waiting for her three grandchildren. While Ginny spoke to her mother, Ron flooed with his two children. After they got their kids settled, Ginny and Ron flooed straight back to the Potter home where Hermione was sitting next to Harry.

'Let's go Harry,' Ginny held her hand out, then Harry took it and the four of them walked outside the wards that were around the house, then apparated to Godric's Hollow. They made their way to the cemetery where there was already a crowd of people standing there. Harry, Ginny, Hermione and Ron stood next to the newly dug grave which was right next to James and Lily Potter's grave.

'Thomas Potter was my son,' Harry glanced down at the coffin, 'He was born to be used and born to kill me. I never knew he existed until he captured me. Then he started to ask about my scars, about how I got them. I was confused as everyone in the wizarding world knows my story and the story of my scars. Finally I told him, that's when he realised he had been lied to his whole life,' Harry looked at everyone that was standing there, 'He instantly believed me because he could feel the connection between us that started nearly sixteen years ago. I always knew there were some cruel and desperate people out there and I've come across my fair share, just like all of you, but I would never have believed people would use a child that way, just for revenge, for their own power. Thomas deserved to live and have a good life like any child should. But he was locked up and beaten by people that wanted to use him and his power. I was locked up and beaten as a child, it's uncanny really. He was by his mother, I was by my mother's sister and her husband. Thomas killed himself because he couldn't live with what they made him do, I could see the remorse on his face. He told me he loved me, then called me father which showed how he was raised because he never knew what a dad would have been like. His last words to me were, he was sorry,' Harry looked back down at the coffin, 'I wish you got to know your family that are still here, but it was not meant to be. Rest in peace my son, you're with your grandparents now and no one will ever hurt or use you again,' Harry pulled the white bone handled wand, then pulled the elder wand. Harry pointed the elder wand at the white wand and it disappeared from sight as the coffin slowly lowered into the ground. Harry slipped the elder wand back in his sleeve, but kept staring at the coffin now sitting at the bottom of the hole. Kingsley stepped forward, moved his wand through the air, the dirt lifted and filled the hole before a small headstone with the name Thomas Harry Potter, son of Harry James Potter. He died before he had a chance to live.

One after another, Harry's friends all walked over and placed a small flower on the dirt, then hugged Harry before stepping aside for others to do the same. Once everyone had placed their flower, they nodded to Harry before leaving Harry, Ginny, Hermione and Ron alone at the grave of Thomas Harry Potter.

Harry knelt down between his son and parents graves, 'Show him what good people are like, show him he was loved,' Harry ran his finger down his parent's names before he moved to his son's name, 'I love you Thomas, always know you're dad loves you,' Harry leaned forward and kissed his son's name before standing up, then looked at his wife and friends, 'Let's go get see the kids, I need to hold them.'

'Let's go,' Ginny gave Harry a small kiss, then the four walked away from the cemetery in Godric's Hollow, they found a secluded spot and apparated to the Burrow. They stepped into the house and Molly instantly hugged Harry.

'I'm so sorry Harry.'

'Thanks, where are the kids?'

'That's a hard question as they are all over the place, I'm sure you know you're children more than I. I know Lily is in the living room with Arthur, but as for your sons, I have no idea except they are with Hugo. Rose is reading in the living room.'

'If my boys are with Hugo, then their flying in the orchard and have been told a hundred times not to fly without an adult. I'll go find them,' Harry walked from the house, down the well-worn path that led to the orchard and indeed found his sons and nephew up in the air on brooms, 'Down, now,' Harry called and instantly saw his sons and nephew look nervously down at the ground and knew they had been caught. Harry watched the three boys land and he just pointed towards the shed and the three of them walked off with slumped shoulders. Harry waited until the three of them stepped back over to him, then to their surprise, Harry hugged all three boys.

Harry looked down at his sons, then nephew, before he nodded and the four of them walked back to the house.

'Mum, what's going on? Dad caught us flying but instead of giving us a punishment, he hugged us. Is he sick or dying or something else?' James asked.

Harry gave a small laugh, 'I'm not sick, I'm just happy to see my boys and my godson. But you've all done it for flying on the weekends now, you know the rules. Fly without an adult supervising and you don't fly again for four weeks.'

'He's not sick James,' Hugo said quietly as he nudged his cousins, 'Just strange.'

Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione all gave a small laugh, 'I'll explain why I'm strange when you lot are older. Now you can go play, but no brooms and you stay in the house.'

'Yes dad,' Orion and James said together sounding resigned to their fate, then slumped their shoulders again as they slowly made his way upstairs with Hugo.

'Are you really going to tell them when their older Harry?' Molly asked.

'Yes, because I have taken them to my parent's graves, if they see Thomas's, they will wonder who he is. At the moment their too young to go by themselves, so I can put off a visit until their older.'

'Can we come in,' Kingsley called from the door.

'Of course Kingsley, you don't have to ask,' Molly called.

Harry saw Kingsley and his boss walk inside and he instantly tensed, 'Is something wrong boss?'

'No, but I wanted to tell you that Narcissa Malfoy and Rodolphus Lestrange is locked up for life and have lost their power for good. Draco got ten years and his magic was taken away for life. But the main reason I wanted to see you was to give you these,' Glover handed Harry a pile of photo's.

'Blimey Harry, I would have thought he was you, apart from no glasses,' Ginny said as she stared down at the picture of Thomas.

'Yeah, he was me all over,' Harry kept staring at the pictures then looked up, 'Thanks boss.'

'He was like you Harry,' Hermione said quietly as she stared down at the picture.

'I know Hermione,' Harry looked up at her friend.

'I also found this letter addressed to you, I never read it, but I assume it's from Thomas,' Glover handed Harry a folded piece of parchment.

Everyone saw Harry staring at the parchment, 'You don't have to read it now Harry, wait until you're ready.'

'Yeah, I'm not ready to read it, I'll know when it's the right time.'

'I hope you don't mind me asking Harry, but where did the wand go?' Glover asked.

'Into his coffin, it presented itself to him at five, so I wanted it to be hidden but also go with him as it was his. Did it look like it disintegrated?'

'Yes, but I knew you wouldn't do that there, so I figured you did something.'

'I worked on it over the last couple of days.'

'I was able to keep this quiet Harry, no one knows what happened. But people will see the headstone and questions will be asked, wondering if you had a child with someone other than your wife.'

'I know people will wonder, but if no one answers they can speculate all they like. When the kids are older, then it will be known. There just too young to understand how this happened and why. Hard to believe that night so long ago resulted in Thomas, now I wished it was just obsessed fan.'

'When we first talked about it, this is the last thing I thought would be remotely possible. But at least now you know why you're scar hurt.' Kingsley said.

'Yeah, but opposite to his birthmark. I never knew that could happen as my scars were made, I wasn't born with them.'

'I spoke with Elijah, he said there is a very rare spell that not many people know. Right after the child is conceived, you do the spell and that child will look exactly like the parent whose name you use with the spell. He believes that's what Narcissa did, used the spell, your name to make sure he looked like you. So when the time came and you were forced to go up against each other, you wouldn't have been able to kill him because you would have automatically seen that he was your son. He thinks the birthmark just became part of him because of this spell being done after you received second scar. But he also said it could have been because of the one on your head had been there almost your whole life, so it's like part of you, like this DNA we all have. This spell is tricky if you don't do it right but it has to be the reason for the lightning shaped birthmark.'

'Well James, Orion and Lily never got a birthmark like that, so I think it was caused by the spell, not that it's part of me. If it was I'm sure on of my kids would have got it.'

'You're probably right, but one more thing before we go. You can have some time off if you want Harry, but I thought I'd give you the option. So if you turn up in the next day or two, I'll see you then, if you don't, I'm sure I will soon.'

'Thanks Glover, but I'll be back to work otherwise I'll end up sitting around the house drinking until Ginny gets pissed at me and decides to hex me.'

'I think I'd rather go back to work than face you're wife's hexes.' Glover gave Ginny a small smile.

'My wife's reputation precedes her. But thanks for the photos and letters. It's a wonder they bothered taking pictures of Thomas since they didn't care about him.'

'If you get a chance to look through them properly, you'll come to the same conclusion that we did. Those pictures are like a record, from birth up to a few weeks ago. But there is one picture there that we didn't find with the others. We found under Thomas' bed, you'll see but in case you don't look, check the back,' Glover gave Harry a kindly smile then left with Kingsley.

Harry flicked through the pictures and instantly saw the different. One picture Thomas gave a genuine smile, Harry turned it over and read the back.

'To my father, I love you, I'm sorry that I can't get to know you, but after what they made me do, I was scared that I could hurt someone you love and I didn't want to see the hurt or disappointment in your eyes. I want to leave this life looking into your caring and kind eyes. My eyes could have been like yours if you raised me. I have no regrets about leaving this life, my only regret is I never got to know my dad,' Harry sighed as he turned the picture back over and saw the smile on his son's face. Harry knew he would visit his son's grave a lot over the years and hoped his mother was right that they are always with him, then he knew Thomas will be with him always. Harry will put the extra love he could have given Thomas into his other three children. At least he knew they will always be safe now the last vestiges of Voldemort were locked up. Harry could finally put that part of his life behind him, but he will always remember the boy who should have lived.

The end.