AN: Anything you recognise isn't mine – it's JK's.

This is written for the Ten Drabbles, Ten Topics Challenge (Run by the lola). The first topic is Character Exploration and the character I got was Daphne Greengrass. Enjoy.


1. Just Another Thing to Add to the List

Dearest Daphne,

Your father and I are writing to inform you that we have found you a suitable partner. We have met with the family in question and agreed upon your engagement and marriage in the upcoming summer. Your finance will be attending a meal at Christmas where the engagement will be officially and publically announced.

Mother and Father

I bet all the gold in Gringrotts Astoria gets to marry whomever she likes. I'm sick of being baby fed by my parents because I'm not a Ravenclaw like them. There's plenty of Slytherins in the Greengrass line. I got almost straight O's in my OWLs but Astoria gets O's all the times. The professors write home to congratulate my parents on their perfect 4th year daughter but not me.

I get up to leave the Great Hall in a mood and Parkinson tries to make a scene, as always.

"Hey Greengrass! What's up? Did your parents start gushing over their other daughter again and ignore your very decision?" she sneers.

"Tell me something I don't know Pansy" I snort with a cold stare, "And come up with some better insults, that one's five years old"

With those final words, I storm out, kicking my feet all the way through the castle, which – I hasten to add – is frigging cold. My mind obvious drifts back to the letter and who I am lucky to be engaged to. I try not to envision myself with Goyle or someone equally as ugly and stupid. I'm beginning to think I need to compile a list of issues I need to sort. I swing round the corner and walk straight into someone. I look up from my spot on the floor at Adam Cooper. A Hufflepuff seventh year. A muggleborn.

My Boyfriend.