AN: Anything you recognise isn't mine – it's JK's.

This is written for the Ten Drabbles, Ten Topics Challenge (Run by the lola). The tenth and final topic is a setting and I received the setting, Hogwarts Reunion. Exactly Three-Hundred Words :O



10. Through the Headmistress' Eyes

When I enter the hall I can't help but see how everyone has changed since the war ended. The first person I notice is Harry Potter with Ginny Weasley, who is latched to his side like a leech. As always, close by is Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger but I don't think they are enjoying each other's company.

If there is one student that I expected to come out of the war thriving I didn't expect it to be Longbottom. I certainly hadn't expected him to become an Auror and then Sprout to take him on as an apprentice. After my initial doubts, Neville bloomed as a Herbology Professor and was a worthy replacement.

My eyes cross the hall to see Dean Thomas sat alone and I sadden for the boy. He'd lost his mother but the person he missed the most was Colin Creevey. It certainly hadn't been any secret that the two boys had been romantically involved.

Reluctantly, I turn away only to see a white haired man stood proudly with his wife Astoria Greengrass. Draco Malfoy, who I'd thought was too like his father for his own good, had changed over the years. I'd been surprised when he approached me to further his studies in Transfiguration. After completing his mastery six years ago he fully integrated himself into the Ministry.

I notice Ernie MacMillian, whom still looks like an overgrown child, apparently he went through jobs like underwear, although, I'd expected as much. I spot the Patil twins on opposite sides of the Great Hall, rumour has it they no longer speak. I see the three Ravenclaw boys are chatting, Anthony Goldstein is the most successful, now a high ranking ministry official. I smile, I think it's time to make my presence known.

"Welcome Class of 1997/8."