A/N: Hello hello! This is the third story in my (now officially titled) Lunar Cycle, named after my OC/Time Lady, Evy, whose true name on Gallifrey is Luna. This is going to be a revision of the specials of the 10th Doctor to include Evy. This story should be updated every day, with two chapters per episode but 1 chapter per episode for 2-parters like The End of Time. This will also include the SJA episode The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith as 1 chapter, making a total of 9 chapters. For those of you just joining, I would recommend reading the first and second story of the Cycle (The Hidden Lady of Time and Alone No Longer) before reading this to understand what Linking is, as it will come up quite a bit, and Evy's history with the Doctor.

Evy is currently in her 10th incarnation, a tall woman with pale skin, black straight hair with the part hidden by a strip of hair held back by a small pin. She has blue eyes. She tends to wear a sleeveless dress in various colors, with colored leggings, black motor boots, and, at times, a maroon frock style coat made of a velvet-like material with the edges of the sleeves pulled back a bit. (I imagine someone like Caterina Scorsone from the syfy mini-series Alice.)

~8~ is a scene break

'italics' is telepathic speaking

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The Next Doctor (Part 1)

Evy and the Doctor were lying on the Doctor's bed, well, on their bed, on their sides, staring at each other, Evy's left arm lying between their bodies, held by the Doctor's right. She had finally told him all about her time at the Mason Institute, not that she had to as he had seen it all when he'd Linked to her, but she felt like she owed it to him after having kept it hidden for so long.

"I understand why you didn't tell me," he told her quietly, his left hand brushing a lock of hair from her eyes.

"I don't think I do," she sighed, "Not really. It was like, I wanted to tell you, I didn't want there to be secrets but…something just kept stopping me."

He stared deep into her eyes, searching her thoughts, putting words to them, "You were scared, that I would see you as less than who you are," he smiled softly, "As though that were possible."

She smiled as well.

He grew serious, "Why were you scared of me Linking to you?" he looked at her, he'd sensed it right after he'd Linked to her, she had been terrified of it. He knew why, but she needed to say it, to get it out there.

"Lots of things," she admitted, "That you hadn't been ready. That you'd still want Rose even after…that you wouldn't feel anything for me period."

She had gotten quite good at forcing herself not to see the love growing between them.

He nodded slowly, there had been one or two cases in all of Gallifrey's history of a set of Links where one party felt the love that often developed while the other party just saw them as someone they shared a connection with and nothing more.

"You believed you didn't deserve love," she said quietly, "I know that was why you thought you'd never find your Link."

"You," he whispered, smiling.

"Me," she agreed with a little laugh, "I think I believed I didn't deserve you…that I wouldn't be good enough for you," she laughed a bit, more scornfully though, "I'm no Rose."

He reached out and cupped her cheek, "You're right, you're not Rose," he leaned forward and kissed her gently, "You're you. You're Evy. You're Luna."

He pulled back just enough so that their foreheads were still touching and smiled at her.

"I love you," he whispered.

She smiled, "I love you too."


The Doctor had a trip planned out, though Evy was a bit nervous as he was currently hiding those thoughts from her so she had no idea what lay outside the TARDIS. But she trusted the Doctor. It was either going to be a calm trip…she snorted to herself…or one full of adventure, her favorites.

He stood by the door, holding her coat to help her into it, taking a moment to take her in, her forest green dress and red leggings were perfect for this trip even if she didn't know it yet. He smiled, taking her hand and leading her outside. They were under a stone bridge with snow all over the ground. She smiled, she did love the snow, actual real snow and not ones that resulted in some sort of atmospheric disturbance. She looked at the Doctor, laughing as he turned and led her along and into a busy street market. There were stalls decked out with green garlands and red bows, hawkers of mistletoe and chestnuts as well as carolers. Everyone was dressed in late 19th century garb.

Evy laughed at the sight, it was beautiful.

"Like it?" the Doctor asked.

"I love it," she told him.

He beamed, "I know you love period trips," he shrugged, trying to sound nonchalant, "So I thought, why not?"

She shook her head at him before pulling him down into a chaste kiss.

The Doctor's eyes danced with happiness as he looked around and spotted a boy standing at a stall, "You there, boy. What day is this?"

"Christmas Eve, sir," the boy nodded.

"What year?"

"You thick or something?"

Evy just managed to hide her snort of amusement behind her hand as the Doctor sent her a mock glare before turning to the boy, "Oi. Just answer the question."

The boy sighed, "Year of our Lord 1851, sir."

"Right," he nodded, "Nice year. Bit dull."

"Hey!" Evy lightly slapped him on the arm.

Before either of them could get into a good-natured bicker about period Earth vs. futuristic Alien trips a shout drew their attention.

"Doctor!" someone yelled. They looked around, trying to see who that had been, but there was no one, "Doctor!"

"Who, me?" he asked, looking down at Evy who could only shrug.

"Dull you were saying?" she smirked as they took off running. They headed down in the direction the shout had come from, turning a corner into an alley were there was a black woman in a red dress backing nervously away from a bolted door.

"Doctor!" she shouted.

"Don't worry, don't worry," the Doctor ran up to her.

"Stand back," Evy pulled her back.

"What have we got here?" he asked as growling came from behind the doors, "Oh," and then something slammed against the doors, making them rattle, "Ok, I've got it."

"Whatever's behind that door isn't docile," Evy turned to the woman seriously, "You should get out of here, get somewhere safe."

The woman just ignored them both and continued to call out, "Doctor!"

Evy frowned and looked at the Doctor, confused, he was standing right there.

"No, I'm standing right here," he frowned as well, "Hello."

"Don't be so stupid, who are you?" the woman demanded, looking between the two of them.

"I'm Evy," Evy replied.

"And I'm the Doctor," he added.

"Doctor who?" she frowned.

"Just the Doctor."

"Well, there can't be two of ya," she said, looking behind him as another man, dressed in a period suit came running up, "Where the hell have you been?"

"Don't worry," he stepped forward, ushering them back, "Stand back. What have we got here, then?"

"Hold on, hold on," the Doctor shook his head, "Who are you?"

"I'm the Doctor," the man replied. Evy's eyes widened as did the Doctor's, "Simply the Doctor. The one, the only, and the best. Rosita, give me the sonic screwdriver."

The woman handed him something too quickly for either Evy or the Doctor to get a proper look.

"What?" the Doctor breathed.

"Now quickly, get back to the TARDIS," the Other Doctor told Rosita.

"Back to the what?" Evy shook her head.

"Stand back, sir, ma'am," the Other Doctor glanced back at them, "This is a job for a Time Lord."

"Job for a what lord?" the Doctor gaped.

The door burst open to reveal a creature with a shaggy, furry, black body and a metal Cyberman mask where its face should have been.

"Well that's different," Evy commented as the Doctor reached into his pocket.

"Oh, that's new," the Other Doctor said at the same time.

Both he and the Doctor aimed their sonic screwdrivers at the creature, "Allons-y!" they cried before looking at each other, stunned, while the creature looked between them.

"I've been hunting this beast for a good fortnight," the Other Doctor said to the Doctor, "Now step back, sir."

The creature leapt over them and clung to the wall of the building behind them.

"It's rather primitive isn't it?" Evy frowned at the creature before looking at the Doctor, "Looks like they took the brain of a cat or dog and..."

"Well, talking's all very well," the Other Doctor cut in, "Rosita!"

"I'm ready," Rosita nodded, handing him a lasso which he then proceeded to swing over his head. The Doctor pulled Evy back to give him room.

"Now, watch and learn," the Other Doctor released the rope and managed to catch the creature, "Excellent. Now then, let's pull this timorous beastie down to Earth…"

He tugged on the rope but the creature just scaled the building, taking the Other Doctor with him as though he were weightless.

"Or not," the Doctor commented.

"I might be in a little bit of trouble," the Other Doctor called as he was dragged farther up.

"Haven't changed that much I see," Evy frowned as the Doctor ran up.

"I've got you!" the Doctor called, grabbing hold of the rope, only to be pulled up the building as well.

"You idiots!" Rosita and Evy called at the same time. Evy looked over at the woman before something caught her eye.

"One moment," Evy smiled at her, excusing herself as she ran and grabbed an axe lying against a wall and ran up the stairs into the building, making sure to listen in on the Doctor as she ran.

"Perhaps if you could pull?" the Other Doctor was asking.

"I am pulling," the Doctor replied, "In this position, I couldn't not pull, could I?"

"Then I'd suggest you let go, sir!"

"I'm not letting you out of my sight, Doctor. Don't you recognize me?"

"No, should I? Have we met? This is hardly the right time for me to go through my social calendar."

They were pulled again just as Evy reached the top floor of the warehouse. She slammed open the door to see the creature running across the floor, pulling the Doctors with him, straight towards a window.

"It's gonna jump!" the Doctor called.

Evy ran.

"We're gonna fall!" the Other Doctor shouted.

And then she swung the axe, chopping the rope just before the Other Doctor reached the window. They both tumbled from the sudden stop. Evy leaned against the wall, catching her breath as she watched them slowly stand, groaning and wincing.

Evy shook her head and walked over to them, "That's what you get for getting your arm caught in a rope," she lightly scolded the Doctor.

He just flashed her a wink before they all started laughing. The two Doctors hugged each other in excitement.

"Doctor!" Rosita gasped from the doorway, running over to check on her Doctor while Evy walked over to her own.

"You alright?" she asked, giving him the onceover.

"Oh you know me," he put an arm around her, leading her out behind the Other Doctor and Rosita.

"That's why I asked," she rolled her eyes at him.

The Doctor just laughed, still running on adrenaline, as they headed down the stairs and outside once more.

"Well, I'm glad you think it's so funny," Rosita glared back at the Doctors, "You're mad. Both of you. You could've got killed."

"But, evidently, we did not," the Other Doctor laughed, stepping next to her and turning back to the Doctor and Evy, "Oh, I should introduce Rosita. My faithful companion, always telling me off."

"They always do," Evy smirked, glancing at the Doctor, both of them thinking of Donna.

"Rosita?" the Doctor commented, looking at the woman, "Good name. Hello, Rosita. And this is Evy my…well," he glanced down at her and smiled, "My Evy."

"Now I'll have to go and dismantle the traps," Rosita snapped, turning to her Doctor, a bit put off, "All that for nothing. And we've only got 20 minutes till the funeral, don't forget," she started to walk away, calling back to the Other Doctor as she went, "Then back to the TARDIS, right?"

"Funeral?" Evy frowned.

"Oh, long story," the Other Doctor waved her off, "Not my own, not yet," he bent over, tired, "Oh, I'm not as young as I was."

"Well, not as young as you were when you were me," the Doctor commented. Evy elbowed him.

"When I was who?"

"You really don't recognize me?"

"Not at all."

"What about Evy?" he nodded over at her, "Recognize her?"

"Should I?"

Evy frowned, eyeing the man closely.

"But you're the Doctor," the Doctor said slowly, "The next Doctor. Or the next-but-one. A future Doctor anyway."

"Oh!" he nodded.

"No, no, don't tell me how it happened," the Doctor stepped back, shaking his head, "Although...I hope I don't just trip over a brick…"

"That would be embarrassing," Evy commented, recalling the numerous ways he'd been led to regeneration before.

"Then again, painless. Worse ways to go, depends on the brick."

"You're gabbling, sir," the Other Doctor cut in, "Now, might I ask, who are you, exactly?"

"No," the Doctor hesitated, trying to think of something, "I'm, uh..."

"Smith," Evy answered, "John Smith."

"Right," he nodded, "John Smith…that's me…but I've heard all about you, Doctor. Bit of a legend, if I say so myself."

Evy couldn't help but roll her eyes at his ego.

"Modesty forbids me to agree with you, sir," the Other Doctor answered a bit embarrassedly, "But yes. Yes, I am."

Evy raised an eyebrow, this one was almost modest? That certainly was a change.

"A legend with certain memories missing," the Doctor continued, "Am I right?"

"How do you know that?" he frowned.

"You've forgotten me. You've forgotten Evy."

"Great swathes of my life have been stolen away. When I turn my mind to the past, there's nothing."

"Going how far back?" Evy asked.

"Since the Cybermen. Masters of that hellish wall-scuttler and old enemies of mine, now at work in London Town. You won't believe this, Mr. Smith, Miss uh…"

"Just Evy," she replied.

"Daniels," the Doctor answered, smirking at her as she glared at him, he knew how much she disliked formalities.

"Miss Daniels," he nodded, "But they are creatures from another world."

"Really?" the Doctor said slowly, "Wow."

"It's said they fell onto London, out of the sky in a blaze of light. And they found me…" he trailed, as though recalling the event, "Something was taken. And something was lost," he looked up at them, "What was I like? In the past?"

"We can't tell you," Evy began, cutting off the Doctor as he opened hos mouth, "I'm sorry but you have to be very careful dealing with memory loss."

"It's strange, though," he looked at them suspiciously, "I talk of Cybermen from the stars and you and Miss Daniels..."

"Evy," she tried to insist.

But he ignored her, "...don't even blink, Mr. Smith."

"Ah, don't blink, remember that?" the Doctor asked, seeing an opening, "Whatever you do, don't blink? The blinking and the statues? Sally and the angels? No?"

The Other Doctor just stared at him oddly, "You're a very odd man."

"You know, you're not the first to say that," Evy remarked.

"Hmm, I still am," the Doctor added in thought as he looked at the Other Doctor, "Something's wrong here."

Suddenly the man jumped up, "Oh, the funeral! The funeral's at two o'clock. It's been a pleasure, Mr. Smith, Miss Daniels..."

"Evy!" she huffed.

"Don't breathe a word of it."

"Can't we come with you?" the Doctor asked, inwardly laughing at Evy's mental grumblings.

He knew why she was so adamant about people not calling her Miss Daniels and using her first name instead. She'd spent years on Earth, acting as a human, taking a last name to fit in. She'd had to hide who she was far longer than she did when travelling with him, she had to be the human Miss Evelyn Daniels. Now...now she was free to be the Time Lady Evelyn. He often used the name John Smith when posing as a human, but that had never lasted long. She'd had to pose as one for YEARS. It was understandable that she'd rather be called Evy, and known just as that, rather than Miss Daniels. But...he loved seeing her react to it, her expressions were rather cute and always made him laugh.

"It's far too dangerous," the Other Doctor turned to face them, still moving backwards, "Rest assured, I shall keep this city safe. Oh, and, er...Merry Christmas, Mr. Smith, Miss Daniels!" he ran around the corner and was gone before Evy could even call her name after him.

"Something is very wrong," the Doctor mumbled, watching as the Other Doctor disappeared.

"He's not you," Evy spun to face him, "Whoever he is, he's not a future form of you."

"How can you tell?" he asked her, she would have a better sense of it than him. Meeting oneself tended to cancel things out.

"Two very good reasons..."

"He doesn't know who you are…" he guessed.

"No," she shook her head, "He remembers up to the Cybermen, I wasn't around then, so he wouldn't know me."

"Right," he nodded. It felt...odd...to think of that, to know that she hadn't always been there. The Link...it made him feel like she always had, being reminded that she wasn't was a bit disconcerting.

"I can't hear him in my mind," she continued.

"He…he had a fob watch on," he remarked, having just caught the briefest sight of it as the man turned to leave, "Could be he used the Chameleon Arch again."

"But you're Linked to me now Doctor," she shook her head, "You wouldn't be able to survive the transformation, it would suppress the Link too much."

They both were silent as they briefly gave thought to the only way he could possibly use the Chameleon Arch and survive, why he would use it. If something had happened to Evy and the Link was already broken and he'd gone to the Arch as a last resort, as a way to become human, to escape the pain…not that he ever truly would. The human him would have lived a life unloved, unfulfilled, unable to form any sort of relationship with anyone, probably just waste away with an empty feeling in his soul...it was almost a worse fate than living with the agony the severed Link could cause until it could be ended.

He shook his head, reaching out to take Evy's hand, that wasn't an option. He knew in his hearts, if he ever lost her, he wouldn't try to escape the pain, no, he'd find a way to end it and be with her again. But he squeezed her hand, she wasn't dead, she couldn't be, and now he was hoping that the Other Doctor truly wasn't him at all.

"And besides that," she squeezed his hand in return, "I tried to read his mind, it operates on human brainwaves, not even a blip above like yours did when you were human."

He nodded, a bit relieved to hear that the man seemed to be completely human, not Time Lord turned human, "And the second reason?"

"I can't feel the Link."

"If he's a future version of me, I'm not sure that you'd feel it," he reasoned, "It's in the future, he's from a different timeline than you, the Link wouldn't exist between you and the future…different realities…"

She shook her head, he was so new to the Link it was rather cute how much he didn't understand about it, "No, I'd feel it. Doctor I felt the Link split when that other incarnation of you was in the TARDIS, and that was the past. You know the Link transcends space and time, if you're there I feel it. Future, Present, Past. I felt it in 1913, when you were human and the Time Lord essence was in the watch…" she looked back to the end of the alley, "I couldn't feel the essence in the watch either, it's empty, he's a genuine, one hundred percent human."

He took a deep breath, frowning, "So why does he think he's me?"

"I dunno," she shook her head but squeezed his hand again, "Let's find out."

And then they were off, running around the corner to follow the Other Doctor. They managed to track him down quite easily, he was only a few feet away from the alley, watching the funeral procession from a distance with Rosita.

"The late Reverend Fairchild, leaving his place of residence for the last time," they could hear him say, "God rest his soul. Now, with the house empty, I shall effect an entrance at the rear while you go back to the TARDIS. This is hardly work for a woman…"

Evy raised an eyebrow at that.

"Oh, don't mind me saving your life those times," Rosita remarked, "That's work for a woman, isn't it?"

"The Doctor's companion does what the Doctor says. Off you go."

They watched as the Other Doctor and Rosita parted ways.

Evy turned to him, "If...in the off chance that IS you...you ever treat me like that, I'll kill you," and then she turned and snuck off after the Other Doctor.

The Doctor swallowed hard, looking just a bit scared before following after. They both looked on as the Other Doctor made his way surreptitiously towards a house. The Doctor took her hand and led her around the block to the other side, sonicing the front door and getting them inside.

They could hear someone fiddling with the lock in the back of the house and the Doctor strode over and whipped the door open, "Hello," he grinned at the Other Doctor.

"How did you get in?" the Other Doctor asked, shocked, seeing Evy standing behind as well.

"Front door," she answered, jerking a thumb over her shoulder.

"I'm good at doors," the Doctor nodded, frowning at the thing in the Other Doctor's hand, "Um, do you mind my asking, is that your sonic screwdriver?"

"Yeah," he held it up for them to see, it was just a regular old screwdriver, "I'd be lost without it."

"But...that's just an ordinary screwdriver," Evy shook her head, "How is that sonic?"

"Well, er, it makes a noise," he tapped it against the doorframe, "That's sonic, isn't it? Now, since we're acting like common burglars, I suggest we get out of plain view."

The Doctor stepped back to let him into the house, shutting the door behind them. He turned around to see that the Other Doctor was already headed down the hall and into another room. He glanced at Evy who just shrugged before they walked after him and saw him rifling through drawers of a desk in a library.

"This investigation of yours, what's it about?" the Doctor asked, just looking around the room with Evy.

"It started with a murder," the Other Doctor replied.

"Oh, good," he grinned when Evy whacked him on the back of the head, "Ow! Bad! I meant bad! But whose?"

"Mr. Jackson Lake, a teacher of mathematics from Sussex. He came to London three weeks ago and died a terrible death."

"From the Cybermen?" Evy asked.

"It's hard to say, his body was never found. But then it started. More secret murders. Then abductions. Children…stolen away in silence."

"So whose house is this?" the Doctor looked over at him as the Other Doctor headed to a book rack.

"The latest murder. The Reverend Aubrey Fairchild. Found with burns to his forehead, like some advanced form of electrocution."

"Who was he?" Evy frowned, "Anyone important to the community?"

"You two ask a lot of questions," he commented, looking up at them suspiciously.

"We're your companions," the Doctor grinned.

"The Reverend was the pillar of the community, a member of many parish boards. A keen advocate of children's charities."

"Children again. But why would the Cybermen want him dead?"

"And what's he got to do with the death of Mr. Lake?" Evy added.

"It's funny," the Other Doctor straightened up, looking at them in thought, "I seem to be telling you everything. As though you engendered some sort of...trust. You seem familiar, Mr. Smith. I know your face. But how?"

Evy would have been offended by not being remembered, however she knew he only remembered up to the Cybermen, long before the Doctor had met her.

"I wonder," the Doctor glanced down, "I can't help noticing you're wearing a fob watch."

"Is that important?" the Other Doctor frowned.

"The legends say that the memories of Time Lords can be sealed inside a watch," Evy answered.

"Do you mind?" the Doctor asked, holding out a hand. The Other Doctor handed him the watch, "It's said that if it's opened..." he opened the watch and all the workings fell to the floor, the watch had been broken for quite a while, "Oh. Maybe not."

'I told you,' Evy's voice filtered through his mind, 'It's empty.'

He nodded, looking down at the watch, 'Look at that,' he commented, seeing a 'JL' engraved into the back of the watch. He glanced over at Evy who frowned, having seen it through his eyes.

"It's more for decoration," the Other Doctor said.

"Yeah," the Doctor backed away, "Anyway, alien infiltration."

They turned away and began to search the room.

"Look for anything different," the Other Doctor instructed, "Possibly metal. Anything that doesn't seem to belong, perhaps a mechanical device that could fit no Earthly engine."

The Doctor glanced at Evy who subtly pulled out her sonic and began to use it to check around the room before focusing in on a locked desk.

"It could even seem to be organic, but unlike any organism of the natural world," the Other Doctor continued before stopping suddenly, "Shh! What's that noise?"

Evy switched the sonic off and stuffed it in her pocket as she and the Doctor spun to face the Other Doctor, "Oh, it's just him..." Evy nodded at the Doctor, "Whistling," she looked at him, giving him a meaningful glance.

"Oh, right, yeah," he did a whistling impression of the sonic screwdriver's sound for a moment before spinning to face the desk Evy had just unlocked, "I wonder what's in here, though..." he pointed to the desk before opening it, "Ah…" he pulled out a metal cylinder, "Different and metal, you were right. Infostamps."

"At a guess," Evy added quickly, "And, also at a guess, I'd wager that they work like this..." she pressed one end of the cylinder and images projected onto the wall before them, "Compressed information," she mumbled, watching it, "Quite a lot of it."

The Doctor put on his specs and squinted at the wall, "That is the history of London, 1066 to the present day."

"This is just like a Cyberdisk," Evy shook her head, glancing up at the Doctor, "But why would Cybermen need something this simple?"

He shook his head, taking the stamp from her as he continued to watch the projection, "They've gotta be wireless. Unless...they're in the wrong century, they haven't got much power. They need plain old basic infostamps to update themselves and…"

"Are you alright?" Evy asked.

He looked over to see the Other Doctor had paled considerably and collapsed into a chair, looking distraught.

"I'm fine," the Other Doctor waved her off as she came to crouch before him.

"No, what is it?" the Doctor asked, joining her, "What's wrong?"

"I've seen one of these before," he said quietly, taking the stamp from the Doctor, "I was holding...this device, the night I lost my mind. The night I regenerated…" he looked pained as he thought more on the event, "The Cybermen, they made me change. My mind, my face, my whole self. And you were there," he looked at the Doctor, startled, "Who are you?"

"Friends. I swear."

"Then I beg you, John," he reached out to the Doctor, "Help me."

"The two words he can never refuse," Evy smiled softly as the Doctor stood and helped her up.

"But it's not a conversation for a dead man's house," the Doctor continued, "It'll make more sense if we go back to the TARDIS...your TARDIS. Hold on, I just need to do a final check. Won't take a tick," he glanced at Evy who nodded and reached out to help the Other Doctor up as her Doctor began opening doors, "There's one more thing I cannot figure. If this room's got infostamps, then maybe, just maybe, it's got something that needs infostamping…" Evy looked up as he opened a door to see a Cyberman standing there, "Ok!" he slammed the door shut and turned to them, "I think we should run."

He ran forward, grabbing the Other Doctor's arm along with Evy as the Cyberman shoved through the door.

"Run, Doctor!" the Doctor shouted as they pushed him out of the room, "Now, Doctor!"

"Delete!" the Cyberman shouted.

They ran into the front of the house, almost getting to the door when another Cyberman appeared.

"The Doctor will be deleted," it stated.

They turned and ran back only to have the first Cyberman break through the door, "Delete!"

"Stairs!" Evy shouted, pulling them back, "We can't lead them outside!"

Evy pushed the Other Doctor up the stairs, only to feel herself being pushed up after him by the Doctor. She turned around halfway up to see him trying to find something to fight the Cybermen off with…and only managing to open an umbrella.

"The sword!" she shouted, pointing to a sword on the wall.

He turned and spotted it, pulling it off the wall just as the second Cyberman arrived.


He flourished it, "I'm a dab hand with a cutlass. You don't want to come near me when I've got one of these. This is your last warning. No?" the Cybermen kept advancing, "Ok, this is really your last warning! Ok, I give up," he started backing up the stairs, Evy backing further up.


"Listen to me properly!" he begged, backing up more, they went to strike him but he blocked the blow.

"Doctor!" Evy shouted.

"Whatever you're doing stuck in 1851, we can help!" he tried again, blocking their blows, "We're the only people in the world who can help you! Listen to me!"


He sighed, going for his last card, "I'm the Doctor. You need me. Check your memory banks, my name's the Doctor. Leave this man alone! The Doctor is me!"

He stumbled to the side as they moved to chop him once more, when Evy came out of nowhere, kicking the Cybermen square in the chests sending them falling back down the stairs. The Doctor looked up to see Evy let go of a small lamp that had been hanging above the corner of the stairs that she'd swung from and land square on the steps once again.

"Oh I love you!" he grinned up at her.


"Remind me later!" she shouted, helping him up and pulling him back up the stairs.

"The Doctor, remember?" he turned back as the Cybermen pulled themselves up and advanced again, "I'm the Doctor! You need me alive! You need the Doctor, and that's me!"


They had made it to the top of the steps where the Other Doctor was waiting but so had the Cybermen. They backed up just as a flash of energy shot past them and struck the Cybermen in the heads. They looked back to see the Other Doctor had opened one end of the stamp and fired the beams, felling the robots.

"The cyclo-steinham core," Evy breathed.

The Doctor shook his head in amazement, "You ripped open the core and broke the safety, zap!" he laughed, "Only the Doctor would think of that."

"I did that..." the Other Doctor said slowly, "Last time."

"Come here, you'll be ok," Evy reached out and steadied him as he swayed on his feet.

"Let me just check…" the Doctor began, pulling out his stethoscope and placing it on the Other Doctor's chest.

"You told them you were the Doctor," the Other Doctor looked at him, "Why did you do that?"

"He was just trying to protect you," Evy assured him, watching as the Doctor listened to his chest. He glanced over at Evy who looked at the scope, listening as she could hear only one heart beating.

"You're trying to take away the only thing I've got, like they did," the Other Doctor stepped back, "They stole something, something so precious. But I can't remember. What happened to me? What did they do?"

"We'll find out."

"You and Evy and me," the Doctor agreed, "Together."


It was night by the time they made it back to the alley where Rosita was waiting, pacing nervously.

"Doctor!" she shouted, running over to hug the Other Doctor as soon as she saw them, "I thought you were dead!"

"Now then, Rosita," the Other Doctor stepped back, "A little decorum."

"You've been gone for so long," she said, turning to the Doctor and Evy, "He's always doing this, leaving me behind. Going frantic."

"What about the TARDIS?"

"Oh, she's ready," Rosita smiled, "Come on," she took the Other Doctor's arm and led him away.

"Oh I'm looking forward to this," Evy remarked as she and the Doctor linked arms and followed after. They came to a set of stables, clothes and suitcases scattered throughout. The Doctor and Evy looked around as the Other Doctor talked with Rosita.

"You were right though, Rosita," he was telling his companion, "The Reverend Fairchild's death was the work of the Cybermen."

"You live here?" Evy looked around.

"A temporary base, until we rout the enemy. The TARDIS is magnificent, but it's hardly a home," he stepped into one of the stalls and put a cloth into a basin of water, washing his face.

"And where's the TARDIS now?" the Doctor asked.

"In the yard."

"Er...what's all this luggage?" the Doctor asked, eyeing the suitcases.

"Evidence. The property of Jackson Lake, the first man to be murdered. Oh, but my new friend is a fighter, Rosita, much like myself and with his very own companion. He faced the Cybermen with a cutlass. I'm not ashamed to say, he was braver than I."

As he spoke, Evy caught the Doctor's eye and pulled out her sonic. She slowly walked over to the luggage and flashed it over quickly, Rosita looking up at the sound of it.

"He was quite brilliant," the Other Doctor finished, "Are you whistling again?"

"Yes," the Doctor spun around as Evy shut the sonic off, "Yes, I am, yeah. Yeah."

He glanced over at Rosita and made a 'shh' motion as Evy put the sonic away.

"That's another man's property!" Rosita called as the Doctor moved over to the luggage Evy remained by and opened it.

"Well, a dead man's," he began as Evy whacked him again on the head. He winced but continued to search through the trunk as Evy looked on.

She glanced over at Rosita and smiled, "So how did you two meet?" she gestured to the Other Doctor.

"He saved my life," Rosita sighed, smiling as well, "Late one night, by the Osterman's Wharf, this...creature came out of the shadows. A man made of metal. I thought I was gonna die. And then, there he was. The Doctor. Can you help him?" she asked them, "He has such terrible dreams. Wakes at night in such a state of terror."

"Come now, Rosita," the Other Doctor walked over to them, "With all the things a Time Lord has seen, everything he's lost, he may surely have bad dreams."

The Doctor tensed and Evy laid a hand on his arm, "But with the bad dreams, come so many good," she reminded him softly.

The Doctor looked over and kissed her forehead, "Yeah," he agreed before turning back to the luggage, "Oh, now, look…" he pulled out a stamp, "Jackson Lake had an infostamp."

"But how?" the Other Doctor frowned, "Is that significant?"

"Doctor, the answer to all this is in your TARDIS. Could we see it?"

"Mr. Smith, Miss Daniels," he smiled as Evy just shook her head, having given up, "It would be my honor."

He turned and led them through the stables to a courtyard just outside it. He stopped to just look at the magnificence of his TARDIS before walking over to it with Rosita.

The Doctor and Evy stood and stared at the…hot-air balloon tethered a few feet away.

A/N: We have now entered the specials! I was debating whether to put that little scene with Evy and the Doctor at the end of Journey's End or at the start of this story, but Journey's end was already epic in length and I thought this would be a cute start to their now Linked lives :) They are definitely still getting used to the idea of being Linked and finally being allowed to be all cozy and sweet with each other without any guilt or anything holding them back.

A note to answer a question posed in reviews from Alone No Longer. The Ponds will definitely appear as companions for my revision of Series 5 and 6. Even though Evy is now in a relationship with the Doctor, they are both even more aware that they are the last ones left. Evy has been known to keep in touch with past companions, who she considers her dearest friends, so they are both open and welcoming of the idea of taking more friends along with them. They love sharing the experience and showing humans the wonders of the Universe. Even though they've got each other, it makes them feel less alone to have other friends travelling with them too. I've definitely got big things planned for the Ponds as well. Trust me, they NEED to be there, especially for Series 6 eh?

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Next chapter...Evy gets a Christmas present from the Doctor. We'll discover that Evy's idea of fun might just make a Linked Doctor angry. And Evy's powers make an appearance...will she survive it?