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Chapter 1- In the beginning

Another raid was happening on one of the noble's trains. A jeep drove alongside it, filled with a group of men and one young woman. The leader Tsume, a man of 20 wore black leather pants and jacket with a grey top underneath and a scar on his chest. His jacket had huge rips on the sides of his shoulders, exposing tanned, muscled skin. He had grey hair with a small ponytail at the front. He was a formidable figure and most of the group were scared shitless of Tsume.

Except for the young woman, who was called Bri. Bri was 19 and had lightly tanned skin, long brown curls that ended at her waist and large olive eyes. She was the shortest of the group, reaching just below Tsume's shoulder. She wore jean shorts that showed off her legs, a light blue shirt and a black jacket over it. She had known Tsume since they were in diapers and wasn't afraid to talk back to Tsume.

The jeep inched closer towards the train and most of the men started scrabbling out, breaking the locks and stealing the supplies. A couple of men fell from the train mid-jump and others were killed by soldiers or the robots that hid with the supplies. Bri looked towards Tsume and at his nod, jumped gracefully onto the side of the train and opened a lock with the help of the youngest member of the gang, Gehl. He slipped and would have fallen into the snow but Bri grabbed his shirt and hauled him back up. "Be more careful Gehl" She said with a small smile.

"Bri! Stop flirting and get more supplies!" Tsume yelled at her from the carriage in front. Bri laughed but obeyed him anyway, giving one last smile to Gehl. She helped the others haul out more supplies and dodged the soldiers and gave them a parting scar with her knife.

"Everybody! We're moving out! Back into the jeeps!" Tsume yelled at them and one by one they leapt back into the backs of the jeeps, supplies carefully tucked away. The whole group cheered, minus Tsume. Bri joined in the celebration and had a wide grin on her face as she sat next to Tsume.

"It went well" She said, her full lips still spread in the wide smile. "Lost a couple of guys but it were still a success"

Tsume simply grunted and leaned back, his legs splayed in front of him. Bri drew her knees to her chest and combed one hair through her curls.

"When's the next raid?" She asked but the only reply she got was a grunt. She placed her head on her knees and looked out at the distance.

"Are you gonna give me a real answer anytime soon?"


"You're a jerk"


"Do you love me?"


Bri turned to look at Tsume and was greeted with the sight of widened eyes and a shocked expression before he masked it away into a mask of indifference.

"What do you mean?" He asked, his eyes giving away his emotions. Shock and interest. Bri only shrugged and said, "I wanted to get an answer from you that wasn't a grunt. Guess I succeeded"

Tsume let out an annoyed huff and slapped her on the back of her head. She mewled with pain and looked at him with an angry expression. "What was that for?"

"Don't ask idiotic questions. If I didn't like you, you wouldn't be here." He said simply and Bri smiled softly, glad that Tsume's cold behaviour hadn't stopped him from accepting her as a friend.

The next day the whole gang were gathered at the huge tree that provided shade in their hideout. Bri was with the men and smiled at the sight. Tsume slowly came towards the group and heard the whispers amongst the men about the dog that was in the hollow of the tree. He pushed his way through the crowd and looked at the dog.

"It's not a dog" He announced and demanded that one of the men pull it out. The man gulped but pulled it anyway and when he touched the animal, it cracked its eyes open and lunged at the man, biting his throat and killing him instantly. He jumped at another man and ripped his throat before standing in front of Gehl, who looked scared, witless. Tsume punched Gehl away and lured the wolf onto the platform and ran away, the beast charging after him.

Bri ran forward and shouted behind her back, "Nobody follows us or I'll rip your balls off". All of the men that attempted to follow stopped in their tracks. They didn't notice Gehl sneak past them with his wrench in hand.

When Bri reached the top of the stairs she was greeted with the sight of Tsume and the white wolf talking to one another. She smiled and got rid of her human skin, morphing into a chocolate brown wolf. She stood before the white wolf and next to Tsume who was in the form of a grey wolf.

"That was quite a stunt" Tsume said.

"I was protecting myself" the white wolf growled and Tsume narrowed his eyes.

"Don't be so quick to kill". The white wolf snapped back, "What's wrong with killing?"

"I don't know what mountain you came down from but you're in the city now. There are rules" The two males looked each other in the eyes, their stances wary and defensive.

"Rules? Is running around the city with a pack of idiots a rule?" The white wolf snarled and Bri felt a little insulted.

"Don't compare me to those humans and don't call me an idiot!"Bri exclaimed, annoyed but both males ignored her, continuing with their conversation.

"I'm only using them."

"Your rules stink like this city. What's the point in living if it means throwing away your pride?!" Whitey crouched lower, looking ready to spring at Tsume at any minute.

"You got a big mouth for somebody half-dead" Tsume growled out, anger shining in his jade eyes.

Whitely lunged at Tsume and the two snapped at each other and blood splattered onto the concrete.

"Stop it you two! Calm the hell down!" Bri shouted but it was to no avail. They kept ignoring her and continued snapping at each other's heels. Bri pricked her ears and the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs.

"Idiots!" Bri growled and put herself in the middle of the fight, blocking Tsume from the white wolf. Both wolves snapped at her and she snapped back. The white wolf tried to bite her ears and throat but she was quicker, placing her jaws around his throat.

"NOW WILL YOU BOTH BEHAVE?" She screamed at them, which came out a bit muffled since her mouth was fur but she felt the white wolf nod his head. She looked out of the corner of her eyes and saw Tsume, not moving.

Taking that as a yes, she released Whitey's throat from her jaws and moved to Tsume's side, noticing the gash on his arm. As soon as she had moved to Tsume's side, the two started fighting again and the footsteps finally reached the top, revealing Gehl.

Gehl gasped at the sight of two wolves fighting each other, but rubbed his eyes and saw Tsume fighting with the white wolf. Tsume kicked his foot into the gash Whitey had on his side and the wolf whined in pain but jumped onto Tsume's chest, growling. Gehl started running towards Whitey, brandishing his wrench. Bri tried to stop him but he simply shoved her to the ground and waved the weapon at Whitey, causing him to jump off Tsume's chest and stared at Tsume before limping off.

Gehl fell to Tsume's side. "Are you okay Tsume?" He asked worriedly but Tsume pushed himself away from Gehl. "Don't touch me! I'm fine!" He yelled and walked away.

Bri put a reassuring hand on Gehl's shoulder. "Don't worry, he acts like a dick when he gets hurt. It's his way of coping. I'll try and get him to calm down" She gave him a soft smile and walked down the stairs, hands in her pockets.

When she reached the bottom of the stairs, she asked the men where Tsume went. They just shrugged and she huffed in annoyance. She climbed down the stairs from the tree and walked before reaching an abandoned building and she could smell Tsume's scent.

She and Tsume used this building as a house of sorts. She looked around for any humans before she jumped into the third story window and spotted Tsume leaning against the wall, eating some meat by tearing it with his teeth. Bri sat stiffly on the window sill, looking at the dried blood on his arm and forehead.

"You're such an idiot. I hope you realise that! Driving away the only wolf we've seen for years! And getting injured and then sulking around and snapping at Gehl like that! She yelled at him, her olive eyes flashing dangerously in the moonlight. Then she relaxed and her eyes and voice softened, "Do you know how worried I was at seeing your blood on the concrete?"

Tsume looked at her at her last words and his eyes also softened but somehow also remained hard. "I'm not sorry, the wolf and the kid needed to learn a lesson, plus my wounds are nothing but a scratch. But I am sorry for making you worried"

Bri only nodded and brought herself to Tsume, sitting in front of him. She placed her small hands on Tsume's forearm, examining the wound.

"It's stopped bleeding but it's still pretty deep. I'll have to bandage it" She sighed softly before grabbing a piece of cloth, ripping it in half and wrapping it around his wound. He looked at her, his eyes questioning.

"I had a feeling you would get hurt" She smiled and with the cut on his forehead, she wiped it with the other half of the cloth, getting rid of the dried blood.

"There, now you're all clean" She laughed softly and looked at Tsume. He smiled back before morphing it into a smirk.

"Come here" He whispered and grabbed Bri, moving her onto his lap. She leaned against him and closed her eyes, feeling incredibly tired from before. She fell asleep on Tsume's lap, listening to his heart thumping in his chest and thinking how great it was that he was with her now.

She woke up later with the sun shining through the cracked windows, the torn curtains fluttering from the cool breeze that floated into the room. She was on a dusty four poster bed, a thick tan coloured blanket covering her.

She opened her eyes lazily and noticed that she was alone in the bed. Her chest panged with disappointment but she brushed it away and jumped out of the bed. She stretched some of her bones cracking and she brushed her curls away from her face.

She walked out of the bedroom and into the main room where she had fallen asleep on Tsume. She didn't feel embarrassed since she had often fallen asleep on Tsume when they had travelled together but she felt annoyed that he left before she woke up. The sun was in the middle of the sky and Bri was amazed that she had slept for so long.

She slipped her brown heeled boots on and jumped out of the window onto the roof of a smaller building. She jumped from roof to roof until she reached the big tree. She jumped from the top of the tree and silently climbed her way down until she was on one of the lower branches and lay on her back. She watched the gang discussing plans and gossiping, talking to each other about the big science laboratory doing crazy experiments and about that wolf from yesterday.

They all shut up when Tsume come to stand in front of them and told them tersely that there was going to be anther raid in tonight. He told Gehl to toughen up and turned his back but before he walking away he stopped. "Bri! Get down here, I need you" And started walking away. All of the men started wolf-whistling and Bri couldn't help but feel a stab on annoyance. Stupid humans and their presumptions.

Bri giggled before yelling "Aye, aye Captain!" And with that she leapt from her branch and landed next to one of the gang members, a man no older than Tsume. He stared at her in awe and she winked at him, causing him to blush and the cat-calling and whistles to start up again.

She weaved through the men, half-laughing at their reactions and half wanting to kick them in the crotch. She ran after Tsume and caught up with him, jumping down the buildings to reach the bottom.

They walked amongst the humans and tried not to grimace at the stink that was more concentrated on the ground. "What is it Tsume?" She asked, trying to keep up with his long strides. She hated being so small.

"Can you smell that?" He asked her, ignoring her question. Bri looked affronted but lifted her nose, trying to block out the stink.

"Do you mean the stink?" She asked but he shook his head.

"No, that flowery scent. Sniff deeper" He commanded and she did as she was told.

She sniffed deeper and finally caught the scent he was talking about. It was a faint flowery scent that smelt heavenly. She found herself sighing deeply, feeling utterly relaxed.

"What is it?" She asked him, placing her hand on his forearm in an attempt to slow him down and stop herself from falling to the ground from that flowery smell.

"I haven't the faintest clue! It's been bugging me all morning! But it comes from the direction of that lab. Must be one of their crazy concoctions" He snapped before softening his tone, his voice lost and confused.

"Maybe the rumours are true? You know the one, where they apparently made a girl from flowers?" Bri asked and flipped off some guys that were whistling at her as she walked past. Tsume snapped his head at them and stared them down before turning back to her.

"Don't be ridiculous, they can't make a girl from flowers" He said before stopping and sighing. "We should probably be getting back; we need to make up a plan for tonight"

She nodded and they walked back to the tree, greeted with the sight of the gang members lounging about, some were drowsing and others fiddling with their weapons or reading magazines.

Tsume sat down with them, explaining the plan for tonight's raid and snapping at the humans that weren't listening, saying that if they screwed up he would personally slaughter them. Bri fiddled with her curls, half listening to what Tsume was saying and half thinking of the past, when she and Tsume where younger and happier.

"It's too late for that now" She sighed to herself and nearly jumped out of her skin when a voice from behind her spoke.

"What's too late?"

She turned around and saw the man from before, the one that blushed when she winked at him. She simply shook her head and turned around, drinking in the dying sunlight and its warmth.

"Are you ready for tonight?" He asked and she turned back around to him, wondering why he hadn't left yet. She shrugged and answered, "Well I have to be ready don't I? If I'm not, I'll probably die"

The man agreed with her on that and she had to admit, this guy was pretty attractive. Wavy black hair, blue eyes and a nice smile. She felt herself smiling back and they started talking about the simplest things.

"Hey boss, look! Second in-command and Bruce look to be getting pretty friendsy!" One of the men yelled at Tsume and he burst out laughing with some of the others. Tsume turned around and found his eyes narrowing at the sight of Bri and the human talking and laughing together.

"OI! YOU TWO BETTER GET YOUR ASSES OVER HERE AND KNOW THE PLAN OR I'LL MURDER YOU IF YOU STUFF UP!" He shouted at them and the human immediately snapped his head towards Tsume and started walking towards his friends, who were elbowing him and asking what happened. Bri simply glared at Tsume.

"Really? You big jerk! IF I STUFF UP I'LL LET YOU KILL ME THEN!" She screamed and jumped off the platform, her curls blowing violently in the breeze.



Bri jumped down onto the nearest roof and started pacing, her blood boiling.

"That big dickhead, I was just talking to someone and then he gets all batshit crazy! Idiot! I can't believe the nerve of that guy!" She rated to herself, her strides angry and erratic.

"Are you gonna keep ranting?" A voice called from the shadows and she stopped her heart racing.

"Who's there?" She called and braced herself in a defensive position.

"Me" And out from the shadows stepped a teenage guy in a yellow hoodie. He had light brown hair and amber eyes and looked a bit chubby.

"Who's me?" Bri asked, her eyes wary. This guy was a wolf but she wasn't exactly sure if he was friendly or not.

"Hige. What's your name babe?"

"Don't call me babe. Its Bri"

She relaxed her stance slightly and she noticed that the wolf smiled at her.

"What got you so worked up anyway? That was some pretty nasty ranting just then." He asked, stuffing his hands the pocket of his hoodie.

"Some idiot guy that thinks he can boss me around. I can talk to whoever the hell I bloody damn well want!" She exclaimed.

"So why don't you tell him that?" He asked but a breeze suddenly wafted past them, ruffling their hair and the teenager lifted his nose, sniffing.

"Well I hate to leave a pretty girl like you alone out here but there's something exciting happening at the lab. Unless you wanna come with me?" He asked, waggling his eyebrows at her.

She scoffed and replied, "No thanks, don't wanna listen to your horrible flirting any longer. But it was nice to meet another wolf in this godforsaken city"

"Ditto. See ya gorgeous!" He yelled over his shoulder and jumped in the direction of the laboratory.

Bri laughed at his words and lifted her head to the sky. It was now fully dark and she had to make it back for the raid. She sighed and started back for the gang's hideout, landing next to Tsume.

"About time you got here shorty. What took you so damn long?" He barked at her, staring at her with hard eyes.

"I was talking with another one of us" She told him in a hushed tone before turning away from him.

He frowned at her but lead the gang towards the place of the raid.

An hour later, the night was filled with the sounds of gunshots and sirens. The gang carried boxes in their hands, running along the thin pipes. Bri ran in front of Tsume and hadn't spoken to him since replying where she was. He simply brushed it off as it being her time of month and ran with two boxes under his arms. He dodged past the bullets that whizzed past him and kept sprinting.

Suddenly, a shout was heard and the sound of metal ripping of the pipes. "Tsume!" Gehl shouted in a scared tone, hanging in mid-air holding onto the thin strip of metal for dear life.

Tsume turned back and dropped one of the boxes over the edge and grabbed onto the boy's skinny arm. The boy felt pain on his arm and saw that instead of Tsume's hand holding his arm, it was a wolf's head. Scared and shocked, he screamed and let go, falling down. Tsume looked down at him shocked and could only stare at him as he fell towards the ground.

"TSUME!" Bri screamed and he snapped out of his reverie and kept running, narrowly missing getting a bullet in the leg.

When they made it back to the hideout, Tsume dumped the boxes with the others and walked off, his gait stiff and somehow self-loathing. Bri looked at his retreating back with tears in her eyes. She had seen this walk once before, when they were driven away from the pack.

He was hurting and he needed her. She followed him, her heels slapping the concrete along with her tears that rolled down her cheeks.

He was in the house again, sitting on the window sill. She jumped in and sat opposite him, staring at him with tears in her eyes.

"Tsumeā€¦it wasn't your fault. The boy panicked and let go. You couldn't do anything" She said gently, grabbing his hand and entwining her fingers in the spaces of his hand. He tried to pull his hand out of her hand but she held firm and he eventually stopped.

"It is my fault. I should have held onto him tighter" He whispered, his voice full of sorrow. Bri scooted closer to him and touched his cheek with one hand. He flinched from her hand but didn't make a move to pull her hand away.

"It is not your fault. Do you hear me? So stop blaming and loathing yourself. It was meant to happen. That's how Fate works"

"So it was Fate when I was cast out? So it was Fate that all of our pack got slaughtered? It wasn't Fate. It was me. It was my entire fault" He whispered, his voice cracking mid-sentence.

"No it wasn't Tsume! Listen to me. Those things happened because they had to. If they didn't, we wouldn't be here now, alive and together. We wouldn't have met the other wolves either! It's nobody's fault. Don't say that. Please. I tried so hard to stop you from hating yourself" She whispered softly, more tears fell into her lap and she howled in misery.

"Shh, Bri. It's okay. Don't cry please" He told her, picking her up and placing her in his lap, making her place her head on his chest.

"Do you still blame yourself?" She asked him, voice cracking in pain

"No, thanks to you. You're brilliant you know that?" He told her, resting his chin on the top of her head.

"I did know that but it's nice to be told by somebody else" She smiled, tears still in her eyes but no longer falling down.

"Well you are. Now go to sleep, you look exhausted little one" He said tenderly, his voice reminiscent of his old voice when they were younger.

"I'm not so little anymore! You should sleep as well, you're brains are starting to turn into mush. You have to be the Big Bad Wolf tomorrow" She giggle, significantly happier than before but the misery still lingered in the atmosphere.

"I will" He said and he carried her towards the bedroom, gently placing her under the covers. He was about to walk away when she grabbed his wrist.

"Sleep here. Please. I'll be lonely without my best friend" She whispered, a small smile gracing her lips.

He hesitated before nodding slowly and went to the other side of the bed, clambered under the covers and lay there. Bri turned on her side and stared at his face.

"No more loathing okay?" She asked him and when he nodded she closed her eyes, drifting off to sleep.

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