The Dusk after his fathers attack, Coal had been shown his hollow. He had also met his hollowmates, they were; Shard, Rocky and Merak, all three were Barn owls.

And Coal was also excited to be training on his first night at Ga'Hoole.

"Coal, c'mon, I need to show you around. And also show you they Owl you will be training with today!" Cooed Shard.

"Awesome! Lets go!" Hooted the young, but strong half-fledged owl.

Shard spread her wings and with one powerful downward swoop, set off carrying Coal.

"Have fun Coal" Called Rocky and Merak in unison, waving their talons in goodbye.

Coal and Shard landed on a branch of the great tree, a young female barn owl was perched on the branch.

"Hi, Shard. How did the search and rescue go this morning?" The owl asked and looked up at Shard.
"Well I found this young owlet on the ground, his names Coal. He will be training with you today."
Coal walked up to the strange owl, "Um... Hi." He squawked. "What's your name?" He puffed out his feathers to make himself look bigger.
"Coal, this is Kyra. Another guardian here at the great tree." Shard replied.

Kyra smiled at Coal. "Cool scar!" Kyra cooed. "How did you get it?"

Coal flinched. "Uh…It was my…Da…"

"Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that…" Kyra wrapped her wing around Coal's shoulder. "Lets get some training done? How's that sound?"

"Great. But, I can't fly…" Coal looked at the ground, disappointed.

"Cheer up Coal! I can teach you!" Kyra smiled at the young owl.

Coal looked up at Kyra, hope glimmering in his small blue eyes, "Really?" He asked.

Coal and Kyra spent the rest of the Night branching and discussing how to improve their flight.

"Ok, I'm going to do this! You ready Kyra?" Coal look at the ground, far from where they were sitting.

"Coal, don't! It's too far! And you can't fly yet!" Kyra had fear in her eyes for the young owlet.

"Please, trust me." Coal looked into Kyra's terrified eyes.

"But- Oh, ok…" Kyra closed her eyes, hoping for the best.

Coal held his breath, and then jumped. Air was rushing past him, he rapidly started flapping. He then felt himself slow down, so he stopped flapping so rapidly. Then it formed into a relaxing glide.

He loved the feeling! It was flight, at last! He flapped his wings and started rising up toward Kyra.

"Oh Kyra!" He cooed, "I'm a scroom!"

"AH! COAL! NO!" She opened her eyes in fear. "What the-"

Coal burst into a fit of churring, "You should have seen your face!" He then landed on the branch next to Kyra.

"Don't do that Coal!" She hissed in surprise.

Coal with a powerful downward stroke, headed to the Dining Hollow, Kyra close behind.

They raced to Tweener, and discovered Kyra was obviously the better flyer.

They sat at a table with Merak, Rocky and Shard. Laughing over their day.

"Good Tweener, aren't it young'uns?" Hummed their nest maid, Ella.

"This hot food is great!" Hooted Coal.

"Glad you like it!" She replied.

A Barn owl walked past, "Ezylryb always said cold food is better for the gizzard!" Hooted the owl. "Is it ok if we sit with you?"

Coal looked around and noticed that there was an Elf owl, Great grey owl and a Burrowing owl behind the almost majestic-like Barn owl.

"Um…Why us?" Asked Coal. He then realised everyone at his table was staring at him in shock. "What?!" He asked.

Kyra then whispered into Coal's ear, "That's king Soren! Don't talk to him like that!"

"Oh, sorry sir…Sure you can sit with us!" Coal smiled, welcoming the young king.

As Tweener went on, the owls got to know Coal a bit better. And Coal found an interest in Soren's adventures with Gylfie, Twilight and Digger.

And also, Coryn, the former king who was killed in the War of the Ember.

"I wish I could have met him…" He hooted, disappointed.

"He died last season…" Replied Gylfie.

"I'm only two seasons old though…" Coal stared at the ground.

"Don't worry young'un! There's still a whole life ahead of you! Who knows who and what you will meet!" Twilight said, lightening the mood.

"Yeah! Your right Twi!" Coal lifted his head up, smiling at the muscular great grey.

As the sun started to rise, Coal sat in his hollow, having dreams of fighting alongside Coryn and defeating Nyra.