Dihydrogen Oxide: A Formula For Panic, The Sequel to "A Formula for Mischief"

A/N: I haven't quite seen the end of the H2O third season (I'm a little under half way through), but it just doesn't seem right to continue without considering the change of events. Why didn't I write a sequel to the first story before now? I've been very busy studying for my bachelor degree. At any rate, I hope the lovers of the old story will return to enjoy this one, and hopefully my writing would have improved by now. Anyway, this first chapter gets a little serious, but it will lighten up soon enough, I promise. :) Hope you enjoy it as much as you did the first! I know some things in the first story were a bit silly (I don't know why I put so many flashbacks in there - character development I suppose), but I hope my storytelling of mermaid antics has improved somewhat over the years. Let's see.

Chapter 1: Moon

'Ugh!' Rikki screwed her nose up at the television. 'What a rubbish movie!'

'I know!' Cleo agreed, 'I would have expected something else to happen but no... You're a man on the moon, a clone, and then he just escapes!'

'Yes, I didn't think I was the only one who saw that coming,' Emma agreed.

The three girls were spending the full moon at Cleo's house, and at Lewis's request, they decided to watch the 2009 science fiction movie Moon. What a mistake it was.

'Lewis, this is your fault,' Rikki said. 'I could have been studying while this was on!'

'Studying?' Lewis asked. 'It's the summer holidays, why would you want to study?'

'I don't, but it would have been better than this rubbish!' Rikki growled.

Cleo rolled her eyes, resting her head on a pillow. The four were settling in on the couch, sinking deep into the cushions. Lewis had come home over the summer holidays to spend time with Cleo. He had been studying in the United States. At this point in time, it was the end of everyone's first year at university. Emma was studying biochemistry, Rikki was manager at Rikki's full time (not feeling the need to go to university just yet), and Cleo was studying animal biology (hoping to specialise in marine animals, to nobody's surprise).

'And this is why Bella left!' Rikki continued, turning the television off and heading into the kitchen for some food. All the while, wind and rain penetrated the night outside.

'Bella left to pursue a musical career in the United States, Will followed to pursue his diving career.' Cleo corrected. Emma frowned. It was getting pretty late. And all the windows were covered up.

'They sounded pretty nice from what I heard. She sang well. Who's doing the music now?'

Rikki pulled some soft drink out of the fridge. 'Eh, some band from Sydney. They're pretty good; the Perks, or something like that.'

Lewis looked at his watch, and suddenly fumbled with the tv-remote, putting on the news.

The next few minutes were filled with arguing. Word was that a vicious hurricane was on its way, and had enough force to completely destroy Mako Island. One might have wondered what the arguing was about, but something had come over the girls. A powerful emotion rose from deep inside of them and urged them outside; the mermaid in each of them was playing up, and there was nothing Lewis could do to stop it. They had to save Mako Island. Lewis shook his head and retorted.

'No way, it is way too dangerous to go anywhere.'

Lightning shook the night outside, and Cleo hurried to the window and tore open the blinds. Moonlight hit her as clouds parted, perhaps by her influence, and as she slowly crept out of the way of the window, the pale light sneaked into the room and reached Rikki and Emma's gaze, their gaze changed. Their eyes narrowed onto Lewis, and Lewis knew that he had no way to stop what was brewing inside of them, even if his life depended on it.

But something was different.

A huge wind burst through the room, even though no windows were open. It was Cleo's power. She pointed her hand at Lewis. A snake of water shot out of the sink and wrapped around the man like a rope. With a sharp push of Emma's hand, it froze. Their hair whipped into the air from the wind, and the mere force pushed the door open. The gust outside was getting steadily stronger, and the rain heavier. The girls were hit by water droplets as they petted inside, but they did not transform like they should have. With a flick of their wrists, Lewis floated off the ground, and when he protested, his mouth was sealed shut with ice. The girls rushed out into the night, the tree branches whipping in the gale. A ball of water surrounded them like a shield, and they jumped. In a split second, the ball turned to ice, and they were inside of it. The speed was incredible- they were running faster than they ever had, the ice rolling under their feet like a hamster wheel. And then they reached the water's edge, and the three girls passed through the hollow ice ball as if it was jelly. Lewis dropped onto the ice, alone inside, his watery binds disintegrating. He felt the ball skid forward, and then drop. The ice fogged up; Lewis could no longer see through it. He was being pulled behind through the water by mermaids.

Lewis grumbled, and struggled to keep his thoughts steady. If they had acquired this kind of strength, perhaps he would be okay. Their precision and augmented power was breathtaking, and they were at Mako in several minutes. The brute force of all their powers were working in tandem. Lewis wondered what it must be like to be caught up in a frenzy with power, although from his past experience, the girls didn't seem to remember much about the times they were possessed... It's not like he could ask them and expect a valid answer.

Lewis didn't even notice the ball moving up into the moon pool at Mako; he couldn't see what was going on. But suddenly, Lewis heard water gushing around the ice ball, and its structure collapse around him, water falling into the pool beneath his feet – he was floating in the air.

'Why can't you just stop the wind destroying this place with your powers? Don't you have that kind of strength?' Lewis blurted out, half out of curiosity, half out of desperation. What was he going to be? Some kind of sacrifice? What use could he be for mermaids? But it was no use asking. Emma, Cleo, and Rikki, all standing at the edge of the pool, pointed above, where the moon was steadily creeping over the hole of the cave. They looked very serious.

'Nature provided us with power, Lewis,' Cleo said sternly. 'If we go too far against it, it will take us with it.'

Lewis gawked, trying to make sense of what he just heard.

'But where do you draw the line for something like that? There has to be some-'

But the water beneath the floating man began to bubble, and before Lewis could speak, he was dropped into the pool, just as the moon hovered over it. He gasped for air and struggled to remove himself from the cold pool, fearing the worst. However, ice tentacles wrapped around his waist and kept him still. The three girls started dancing in a circle, sparks and embers flying around them as they sang an eerie chant. What kind of messed up mermaid ritual was this, he wondered. He didn't know whether to be terrified or in awe – there were so many questions running through his head.

Lewis wanted to yell, demand answers, or call for help, but he was completely lost for words. As the hurricane roared overhead and the bubbles and light surrounded him in one magical moment, he lost all motive to speak.

The girls brought him home later, but not before they froze Mako and protected it from the storm with their powers. For some reason, they couldn't fight the storm directly, but their exponential increase in power allowed them to protect the island. He only suspected being thrown into the pool had helped with that, but he didn't understand why. He was pulled out of the pool and frozen inside the ice ball after the moon disappeared from overhead, the wind roaring and rain pouring. He didn't quite like the idea of being captive, but it was a lot more peaceful, and certainly a lot warmer in there.

As he collected his thoughts, his nerves began to wreck havoc inside of him as he realised what had just happened. He was been put into the moon pool during a full moon. He didn't feel any different... so he couldn't possibly be turned into a mer... a merman, now could he?