Soul X Maka Fan Fiction Story

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Note: For the story 'Limitless Love'. I apologize that I had to delete it. Because uhm... My notepad was missing. MISSING and I couldn't work without it. I'm so sorry for my stupidity. I'll try and make it up to you with this new story. I promise... This time... This time... It will be finish.^_^

Two is better than one

'You spin my head right round, right round... When you go down, when you go down down... Down, down, down, down, doowwwwnnnn... ~Where... Have you been on my life?~' The song continued echoing in the party people's ear drums. I smirked at the crowd and clearly they are having fun. Well... That's the job of a disc jockey or a DJ. I mixed some more tunes with the provided sophisticated panels and machines. All I know is... Being a DJ runs in my veins actually.

My name is Maka Albarn, ever since I was in middle school. When I first watched a movie about a disc jockey, that was the time I was passionate to learn and now that I did. I fell in love with it. Not to mention you'll bring the crowd's energy onto you but you control them by motion. You're like their powerhouse. Like 'Mitochondria'. Obviously, I'm a bookworm. I love books actually.

People ask me always... Why do I like being a DJ? When all you do is look cool and scratch some records? Maybe they don't know what passion is. Being a DJ isn't just about those things. You bring the crowd's energy, you create fresh music to make them happy and you control their motion. And I am contented of my salary as a disc jockey in 'Cupa Manhattan' to pay the rent of my apartment and my basic needs. I have friends and a best friend. And I am single. Being single is something that I am completely contented with. Easy as pie when you figure out the consequences of being in a relationship. You don't have to deal with quarrels, jealousy and heart aches. Because once you love someone fully and he or she breaks your little beating heart. Your life is over then. Pathetic actually.

I swayed my hips together with the crowd which in fact is getting bigger every second. I gotta say, there are more drunk people than the usual for some reason. But none the less, I am having fun.

"Maka!" A high pitched voice called out somewhere. I lined three songs and then placed my beats on the side. I faced where was the voice coming from and it is none other than Tsubaki Nakatsukasa. My best friend and also my co-worker as a DJ. She walked on the elevated pavement with her ever so long pitch black hair moving swiftly. Then, I trailed my gaze in her amethyst colored eyes. They were beaming with joy. Then I know what was written in her face. She is committed in a relationship with someone she met named Black Star. Then I began to wonder, why is she happy committed in a relationship? Is it required to be happy? Tsubaki talks about it all the time.

"What?" I shot back and not because I hate her or anything. But because I know where this is going.

"Listen, can you take my shift today?" I know it... I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms and what I know is the very reason why she wants me to take her shift is to meet with the blue-haired moron that I also met him in a convenient store and long story actually. What did she saw in him anyway? But my point is... That guy is so talkative you don't even have a chance to talk and he always brags about himself in a 'godly' appearance. Poor Tsubaki, she'll clean his shit while being hypnotized. But I know I'll never understand. Does love really turn your world upside down? That love sends a thousand volts of electricity in your body?

"Come on Maka... He asked me out again! I just... I wanted to see him again" Then, again with her eyes. I think, I also want to recognize that feeling... Hmm... Nah.

"Let me think... Hmmm... No!" I cocked an eye brow and held my daze. Oh no... No, no, no, no.

"Come on, if someone asked you and you actually had a good time before... You want to meet him again, right?" Well... I was silent for once who always demands and defenses for an answer but not because I agree with her but because I don't know. Fine... I admit it, because I never tried that thing called 'dating'.

"Please... Please" Yet again. She knows those things works on me. But... Uh... Damn it!

Alright, fine!" Then I regretted what I said. But she even looked happier with my approval. She then wrapped her arms around me while jumping saying thank you over and over again. Little did I know, for Tsubaki who is older and looks more mature than I do... She's actually cute when she's childish. But still, poor Tsubaki... Trapped in a fantasy. Boys is just a pile of distraction. I wonder, what if I recognized that feeling? Would I sound and act like Tsubaki?

Heh, no.

"Okay... Okay... You can stop with the hugging and I think your lover boy is waiting. He might get jealous of me... Run along" She chuckled sweetly and unwrapped her arms while walking over to the idiot who was waving at her. I sat on the stool of the pavement when I noticed that the last song is about to end. I placed my red beats back and then twisted my hands and neck as it snapped. "That felt good" I muttered.

'I'm about to lose my mind~. You've been gone for so long, I'm running out of time. Call me a doctor. Call me a doctor. Call me a doctor, doctor to bring me back to life~. Oh... Written in the stars~. A million miles away~' I started for the second mash-up and the crowd was getting larger again.

When I noticed this guy entering the club with bleach-white hair, red crimson eyes, razor sharp teeth and tan-colored skin wearing a red button shirt with the sleeves rolled up on his elbows and black pants. But, I think he's staring back at me. Wait... Am I staring too long? I never really cared of what or who comes in the club but yeah... I care less anyway. But why was I staring? He's just another playboy picking up other chicks to you know what. What's so special about him?

Focus Maka... Focus... So I jerked the thought away and continued with the mash-up.