Soul X Maka Fan Fiction Story

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Two is better than one

Strike four for a margarita, wooh! I feel a bit sober. I stared down at Tsubaki who has her eyes closed with her cheeks all flustered. I think Tsubaki is a bit drunk. We are currently sitting on this L shaped red couch with a glass table. Now, I feel what other people do when they have problems. Or I have problems.

"Maka... Do you want to hear something funny?" She still had her eyes closed while grinning like crazy. Hmm, figured. She is drunk and she might talk about how she likes fried chicken.

"Alright, here we go" I rolled my eyes, she poked her index finger on my cheek with her half-asleep eyes gazing at me.

"Tsubaki and Black Star are not stupid enough, you know" Okay, that was new. The fact that she's not talking like she's not Tsubaki and she might just be drunk talking.

"Okay... What does that mean? Not Tsubaki?" I grinned on my own joke which was pretty corny and I think I'm feeling drunk because I just drank a shot or two of brandy. I don't really know how surrounded are we with bottles of empty alcohol but save the king! I think I'm feeling dizzy.

"Okay, Maka-chan. I will tell you. Tsubaki was just worried about you of how you think of boys. You said they're all stupid and a pile of distraction. Which is true because I believed that true love exists. But guess who's stupid" She cackled a laughter and I don't know. I couldn't compose myself properly.

"During... The lunch in the not for two restaurant. Yeah, stupid place... Tsubaki asked Black Star if he has a friend who could hook her up with. He said he has and guess what? His name is Soul!" Wait, what? I ain't sure if she's drunk talking or shit talking or both. I cackled a laughter and giggled.

"Come on, Tsubaki. I think you're just drunk. Come on, let's not waste this set-up. Let's dance!" We both giggled and we both walked over to the dance floor with random strobe lights hitting everyone's drunken faces. This could be fun, I haven't danced in a while.

'I can't win, I can't reign
I will never win this game
Without you, without you
I am lost, I am vain,
I will never be the same
Without you, without you'

'From here on out
I'll be your commander
No fear no doubt
I'll provide the answer'

'Hey I heard you were a wild one
Oooh ooh
If I took you home
It'd be a home run
Show me how you'll do'

Wow! From now on, he is my idol! He mixed David Guetta with Flo-Rida! With a fast mash-up! That's just rad! But I think... I can do better. I'm being sarcastic with his skills. I smirked as I staggered on the elevated area while I caught everyone's attention, heck I don't give a fuck of what they think. I placed his beats on my head and he remains stunned. We'll see about that. Does he know who I am? I'm a disc jockey and I don't idolize him. Well, he only got something but I can do better.

"HEY! WHAT THE HECK YOU DOING?!" Well, for sure. He talks like a black guy. Okay, I'm being racist. Fuck me! I'm drunk! "I'm making the dance floor less boring" I manipulated the sophisticated machines with a few other people joining. What did I told him? I'm the best!

'Stand-standing in the hall of fame. I'm wide awake!
And the world's gonna know your name, I'm wide awake!
I'm wide awake!
Yeah, I was in the dark
I was falling hard
With an open heart'

'Yeah you could be the greatest
You can be the best
You can be the king kong banging on your chest

You could beat the world
You could beat the war
You could talk to God
Go banging on his door'

'I wanna do it for the night, night
So get me now, and knock this over
I wanna do it like you like, like
Come get me, baby we're not getting younger
I just want you tonight, night
Baby we won't do it for life'

'Standing in the hall of fame!'

I ended my mash-up while swaying my hips and gave what I wanted on the boring disc jockey. See that! In the face, baby! Where's your beats by dre now, bitch!

"Wow. I mean... Wow" He looks up on me in amazement. He has this pink hair which is weird that it looks good on him. He grins at me with amazement while I gave his headphones back. He does look good though.


"Well, for a second there... I thought you're just another drunk bitch trying to throw yourself at me guess I'm wrong. You're flying man! I'm Chrona, a dj in this club"

"Aw, that's so cute. I'm Maka Albarn a disc jockey in Cupa Manhattan" Again, he's impressed again. "Really? It takes skills to work there! Shit! You're freaking flying dude!

"Well, let's not waste your time. Wanna show down?"

"You? Challenging me?"

"Yeah. Ain't a question it's an answer" Okay then, this guy doesn't know what he has gotten himself into.

Hmmm, forcing my eyes to open. I feel wonderful, I feel soft under a cottony cloud. Hmm... Wait! Bed? Huh?! I looked down and I was wearing black corset and panties. Oh... Oh, what the fuck happened last night? Maka, recall! Recall! Uh... Fuck, all I remember is Tsubaki and I were drinking and... She said she sets us up. Fuck!

"I gotta go! Where the fuck is Tsubaki and my purse" I stood up from the bed which looks pretty okay. Am I in a hotel suite? I looked around every corner of the bedroom and not until the door opens. I was started that the covers draped on my shoulders dropped.

"Maka! That was some party yesterday, huh? I admit it... You are the best! Super! You pulled out a ggood stunt" Pink haired guy? Wait... Fuck! We had a showdown! And, what happened after that?

"Uh, Cona"


"Right... Uh listen, I don't remember much of what happened yesterday and... Can you give me a clue?"

"Okay, you... We were having a showdown of who's the best dj and clearly, you won! Your friend... Tsubasa?"


"Right... Tsubaki, she went with this guy with blonde hair" I sighed in frustration and of course she did. I don't know what kind of powers she pulls to everyone. Every single one.

"Uh... Did you undressed me?" I lowered my head while feeling embarrassed.

"Yeah, you puked on your clothes. I asked the cleaning lady to clean it for you" Crap, I still can't recall what had happened yesterday.

"Did we...?" He chuckled at first and sighed. Fuck with the suspense!

"No... But you were insisting that you want to. I had a hard time struggling with putting you down to sleep you know" Fuck! This is got to be the worse ever moment in my life!

"Besides, I don't sleep with my girls drunk. It sounds so... Hopeless. Anyways, here. Dress-up. Breakfast is downstairs. I'll go on ahead" So he exited the bedroom and I found my phone in the bag. Thank heavens!

I dialed some numbers which is Tsubaki... I'm gonna kill her for leaving me and for telling me about the set-up. If it's true... I've been so stupid.

"Hey! It's Tsubaki. She's not here at the moment but please leave a message after the beep" So a beep followed and of course, she might be asleep on the blonde's bed.

"Tsubaki! Listen, you need to tell me now if the set-up is true or else, I'll kill you! And meet with me at Parkson Hotel on the lobby at one! I need to talk to you... We... We need to go to London" I sent her a voice mail and soon regretted what I said. But... Fuck! I need to make things clear!