The Unfortunate Eldarian

This is a work of fiction based on characters from Square-Enix Star Ocean The Last Hope. I'm writing this for amusement only.

Innocent Beginnings

Faize Sheifa Beleth: young, passionate, and innocent to a fault. The Eldarian wasn't too bright on a few things, and that was what made him such an easy target. In fact, he often found himself the target of one Arumat P. Thanatos, another Eldarian who was six years older than him, and the dominant partner of their current relationship.

Faize sighed and fiddled with his pencil. As per Captain Edge's orders, they were in the middle of an inventing session, though Faize's inventing partner had other ideas. Arumat had managed to hook one leg around Faize's, and was currently making the young Eldarian jerk him off under the table.

"We're going to get caught." Faize whispered.

"Not if you're quiet, kid." Arumat hissed. He grunted slightly, and Faize released the throbbing organ. Again, his hand was covered in the thick white cum that Arumat had fired so eloquently across the underside of the table.

"Are we finished?" Edge asked.

"Yes." said Faize, wiping his hand off on the side of his chair. He handed Edge the badly scribbled recipe.

"Well, it's your week to clean up here, Faize. See you when you finish." The others headed out, and Faize was sure Arumat had winked at him from under those thick grey bangs of his.

Running a hand through his green hair, Faize set to work gathering the lists. He idly submitted one to be assembled while he finished wiping down the tables. This, sadly, included getting Arumat's cum from under the one they had been sitting at.

"All finished." called Welch. "Hey, um, what's up?"

"Nothing." Faize replied, taking the cup of warm liquid in hand and drinking it. It tasted like Aquaberry tea, one of his favorites. "See you next session, Welch."

Arumat was waiting outside the room. "Faize, can I speak with you privately?"

Without waiting for a response, he grabbed the younger by the wrist and dragged him up to their room. As the door slid shut, Faize found himself thrown to the bed, stripped, and assaulted. Not that he minded. It was better than any of the other alternatives Arumat could force upon him, and before long, he was moaning with the sensations. As always, he dozed off once their activities were over, leaving Arumat to stand and watch him.

The elder gently brushed his hand through Faize's hair. "So beautiful." he whispered. He gently tilted the younger's face towards him and left a gentle kiss on his lips. Covering Faize in a blanket, he walked out of the room, grabbing his scythe to go practice in the battle simulator.

It was without warning. Reimi had baked some cookies, and Lymle was watching to see if Faize was going to eat any. As the younger Eldarian passed, though, he seemed to be suffering a headache.

"Faize?" Reimi asked. "Are you alright?"

Faize shook his head. "A bit of nausea, that's all." he said. Rather suddenly, he headed for the washroom.

Edge and Baccus looked over as a horrid retching sound erupted from the washroom. "Who's sick?" Edge asked.

"Faize is." said Lymle, stuffing a handful of cookies in her pocket. "He said he was sick, though, so I'm not worried, kay?"

Reimi looked worried. "He does know that was occupied, right?"

"Huh?" Edge asked.

There was a thud from the washroom, followed by a moan. Moments later, Arumat walked a staggering Faize out.

"You should be more careful." Arumat admonished.

"My apologies." Faize whispered. "I need to go lie down." He staggered off to his room, where he practically fell to the bed. Putting a hand to his forehead, Faize tried to figure out what could be wrong.

Sarah and Mericle shared a room with Lymle, and Baccus and Myuria stayed together, though never at the same time, mostly due to shifts on the ship. Edge and Reimi shared a room as well, but they were a couple. None were sick, so why was only Faize?

He rolled over, suddenly feeling like he was being watched. He was right. Arumat stood just inside the doorway.

"Too ill to even notice I followed you? You're still just a whelp." He walked over and felt Faize's forehead. "No fever. So, what's wrong, kid?"

"Must have eaten something that's disagreeing with me." Faize replied. "I'll be fine."

But the sickness didn't go away. Faize began avoiding solid foods, preferring softer meals. It began to worry the others.

The young Eldarian snuck out of his room late one night, sure Arumat was asleep. He stole over to the women's washroom, where he checked the medicine cabinet. Yes, there was one, still in the box. It had bothered Faize for a while now that there was no recipe on the ship for Aquaberry tea, and yet he was sure that had been what he'd drank. So he'd looked up the recipe he'd drank that day almost six weeks ago, and now he was here to confirm his fears. Taking the box, he slipped over to the men's washroom and locked the door.

Only three minutes later, he was staring in horror at two little pink lines on the stick. The drug that he'd so absently invented worked.