I don't own Star Ocean. This was written for fun.


The SRF medical ship was ready to receive Faize when they arrived a day later. However, they were not prepared for Arumat to constantly be watching them as they cared for him, or the two babies that never seemed to leave the elder Eldarian's side.

It was a week later, while undergoing some tests, that Faize woke, screaming. Part of this was due to the unfamiliar environment. The other part was from a nightmare.

Arumat ached to help him, but the glass that separated them was break-proof. He could only watch helplessly as they drugged Faize into a doll-like state.

Faize moaned softly and tried to move. The restraints strained and resisted; only making Faize struggle more. A mask was fit over his face, and he slept again.

Edge saw the worried look on Arumat's face. "What is it?"

"They drugged him. He was awake, and they drugged him back into sleeping. It's like they don't want him to see his own children." In his frustration, Arumat slammed a fist into the wall, leaving a dent.

Sheifa began to cry from the noise, so Arumat busied himself with caring for the baby. The children were all he had left of his beloved.

Reimi looked at Edge. "We need to do something." she said. "Also, the head doctor wants to see you, Edge."

Edge nodded and went to see the doctor. "Captain Edge Maverick reporting, sir."

"At ease." said the doctor. "I have a few questions involving your friend we have in the medical ward."

Edge nodded.

"His name, for starters."

"Faize Sheifa Beleth."

"Second, what happened to him? His body looks like it tried passing a baby through its backside."

"It did. Twins, sir."

"Who's the man that keeps watching him?"

"His lover, Arumat P. Thanatos." Edge replied. "And his two sons, Sheifa and Thane."

The doctor nodded. "And how did Mr. Beleth end up in the condition he's in?"

"Birth, sir. He gave birth to the twins in the snow, and we fear it strained him."

"Yes, it has. He's still hyperventilating, and his heart rate is abnormally fast."

"He's alone. Let Arumat sit with him when he wakes up next. He'll help him calm down. And he has yet to see his children."

The doctor nodded.

Arumat was made to sit in a chair near Faize's bed. The ragged breathing unnerved to warrior, but at the same time, he knew how to help. Carefully, he reached a hand over and stroked the soft, delicate ear that had been uncovered.

Faize shuddered at first, then slowly opened his eyes. Panic gripped him, and he tried to pull away.

"Shh. I'm right here. It's alright, Faize."

"Arumat?" Faize whispered. He coughed. "Where am I?"

"On an SRF medical ship. We were worried about you after you birthed the twins."

"I'm sorry." Faize tried to move, but he was still restrained. "Why am I tied down?"

"You move too much." said the doctor. "We needed you still while we attended to your injury."

Faize began to panic again, but Arumat slowly petted his hair.

"There's nothing to worry about. I'm right here." He smiled at Faize. "Sheifa and Thane are here, too."

"Boys?" Faize asked. He watched as the doctor undid the restraints. "Who's last name do they have?"

"Mine." said Arumat. "Since that's the one you're taking, too. If you'll stay with me?"

Faize threw his arms around Arumat. "Yes." he cried, tears of joy streaking down his face. "I'll stay with you, Arumat. Forever."