A/N: These are probably going to be on and off...and the off times are going to take a while. I have a whole head-canon for this so I'm gonna try to type it out,we'll see how this goes. Constructive criticism is welcome.

Billy lay in his bed. He was feeling sleepy most of the days and his appetite was not what it used to be. Even though he was now in ELE he still couldn't get over Penny. He had problems getting out of bed, not to mention getting dressed. Moist told him that he shouldn't be so hard on himself but it was only a miserable attempt to get him back to work.

He heard two loud knock on his doors so he rolled out of bed; grabbed a pair of jeans that was tossed near by a while ago.

"Wait a moment!" He yelled and slipped into the pants. The t-shirt he was wearing then seemed good enough so he got to the door and with one swift movement he opened it. To his surprise a familiar suited blond stood there.

"Barney? What are you doing here?"

"I- I heard what happened." Barney said taking his hands out of his pockets.


"You know, I have ways of knowing things." Barney explained and then hugged him. "Shut up, now. I know you're not a hugger, but…"

Billy stood there awkwardly; unsure whether to return it.

"Not a hugger? You're the one who compared hugs to public dry humps."

Barney squeezed him tighter. "I said: shut up."

Billy sighted and wrapped his arms around his brother, patted a few times before they broke the embrace apart. Barney stepped inside the apartment.

"Pack your bag, you're going with me."

"What? Where?"

"To New York, obviously."

"I can't just leave. I have a job here!" Billy stated logically.

"Billy, I can tell you that getting away would help." He said looking around the apartment.

"Once again-I have a job here, that I literary went through my own personal hell to get. I can't just leave."

"One week. I'm sure ELE isn't going to mind one week of absence." Barney said with puppy dog eyes. Billy on the other hand was surprised. "Yeah, Billy Stinson by day-Dr. Horrible by night or something like that. You work for the evil league of evil; your arch nemesis is Captain Hammer-or more like, Captain Douchebag. I know. Now pack up."

Billy gulped and went to get his travel bag. The fact that Barney always had a way of knowing things bothered him, sometimes it felt like the wrong one of them was posing as a villain...