"Let's go Sen .." After I finished saying this all the four of us disappearing in the gust of wind.

Kazama and I appeared at a house near a forest. This was where I stayed when I escaped from those humans .Kazama bulit this place for me . It's a really special place. This place let me feel quiet and peaceful and I can rethink my thoughts. There is barrier outside surrounding the house , no one could detect where the house is. The only person who knows who this place is Sen, Me and Kazama. Sen and Kazama know this place and its considered a secret between us .

Sen and Kimigiku went back to their Clan to do something important and also , they have to warn kazama's clan about ryunosuke yusa . I on the other hand will take care of kazama until he heal .

I laid Kazama on the bed to let him rest and hoped that he could recover from the attack soon . I have get back to the Shisengumi Headquarters to let them know that I would be away for a few days , I just need a prefect reason to avoid any suspicion .

I stepped out of the house and I disappeared again in the gust of winds. The next second , I am standing at a dark corner near the Shisengumi Headquarters. It was almost morning . I think Heisuke has already returned and reported that I went "Missing" again. I walked into the Headquarters and went straight to the kitchen and I found that the ingredients that needed to brew for Saito was on the table.

Oh shit! I just remember that there is still Saito's injures that I need to be concern about. Why must all of this happen now? First Saito was being injured by Kazama and now Kazama was injured by Ryunosuke Yusa ! God what a screwed up life i have !

Troubles seem to be brewing straight up, the Northern Lord broke the truce and wanted me to become his bride to be and now he injured Kazama. All of this happens in just a few seconds ! Sigh.

I stood there in the kitchen and i was brewing the medicine for Saito when Heisuke ran straight into the kitchen and shouted .

"Chizu-san! Where did you go!? I went to get the ingredients and when I returned you disappeared! So I went too looked around for you but you were nowhere to be found!"

Must he be such a noisy guy . Can't he just shut up for once and calm down ?

"Sorry, Heisuke-san. I sort of got lost again. Since I figure that you went to get the ingredients I thought I can find some information of my father. But then , i realized that i lost my way again. But I managed to find my way back." I explained. Oh man they will think I am some sort of idiot that I managed to get myself lost whenever I get out! I thought to myself.

"ah so that's what it is , Saito seem to be very worried about you and keep asking where you are when I came back without you." Heisuke said it cheerfully.

Why he is worried about me again ?! I can take care of myself just fine !But .. Why I feel this feeling? I felt happy that Saito was worried about me. I continued to brew the medicine and some soft food for Saito to eat. Heisuke left the Kitchen and I carried the medicine and the food to Saito's room.

When Saito saw me he got out of the bed and walked unstably towards me. What on earth he is doing right now? Standing at his condition like this, maybe I should knock him out just like what I did to Kazama. I thought to myself. I put the tray on the table and ran to Saito who was about fall to the ground . I held him on his shoulders and prevented him from falling .

"What do you think that you are doing right now? Standing in the condition like this?! Sit back down on your bed now !" I shouted

"You went out with Heisuke and you didn't come back with him I was getting….." He stopped at the words he wanted to say.

"Yes yes yes i know , im fine and i'm sorry . Just get back to bed !"

"Please don't go out at night anymore ..it's dangerous .. i know you want to look for your father but ..it's too dangerous ..especially at night .When my body recovered, I will take you on my patrol so you can find out information of your father. Don't go out for now." He said.

My face turned red all of the sudden, he is going to take me on his patrol and he is worried that I got lost? What is this feeling that he is giving me? This unique feeling I have.

"Come on, go back to the bed and rests." I replied while helped him to the bed. With my face close to his, this is making more nervous ! He lay down on the bed.

"I need to go out for a few days or so. I have some business that I need to do. I will asked someone to brew your medicine while I am away." I said.

"What? Where are you going?" He exclaimed while holding his body up and his hands grab mine.

"Erm..well my mother's death anniversay is coming and i want to go back home to pay my respect . " I lied. My mum has already passed away twenty years ago, i just lied to him and I need to go to take care of Kazama wounds.

"Can I come with you or asked someone to accompany you on your journey." Saito said.

"No, I want to be alone .." I pleaded. I acted with a sad face.

"Alright, but you have to tell Hijikata about this. When you be going?." Saito said with a resigned look on his face.

"I will be as soon as I tell Hijikata. But I will help you change your wounds first and I will tell that you can only handle soft food just for now." I said with a smile formed in my face.

I helped Saito to drink down his medicine and helped him with his Breakfast. Once he finished I made him to go back to sleep again. I just hoped that Kazama will stay unconscious until i return. I went to find Hijikata to tell him about leaving the Headquarters for a few days since I doubt that he will let me leave without saying anything to him. When I find him I find him and Okita are talking to each other.

"The experiment of the elixir of life was a failure again" Okita said

"Maybe, it's just too dangerous to be counting on the elixir of life." Hijikata said it with a stern voice.

What ?! Elixer of life ? What did they mean by that ? Are they using the elixir of life on humans ? What is going on ? I was about to leaned in closer to listen to what they were saying when Okita spotted me

"Is something wrong Chizu-san?"

I walked towards them and said "I am going to be away for a few days and i was hoping that you will allow me to leave ."

"Why? It's quite dangerous for you to be out there." Hijikata stated.

"My mother death anniversary I want to go back to pay some respects to her." I replied sadly.

" Let one of us comes along with you." Okita said.

"No, I want to be left alone for a while with my mother." I said with a sad voice.

"Alright, when you be going?" Hijikata said

"I will be going soon.. i don't want to be late and i really miss my hometown ." I replied.

"Just be careful." Okita said.

"Thank you, I will be going back to my room to prepare my trip." I bowed towards them and went back to my room.

When in my room while I was preparing I call one of my servant into my room.

"Hime-sama, what can I do for you." My servant bowed.

"Go and investigate what the Northern Lord has been doing the last few days when he broke the truce and also investigate the Elixir of life the humans have been using and what they are using for. Give me a full report in a few days' time." I commanded.

"Yes, hime-sama." My servant disappeared from the room.

I packed my stuff and prepared to leave . I hope kazama is alright . I walked out of the room after packing my stuff and saw that everyone was standing at the entrance of the headquarters .

"Chizu-san , please have a safe journey and don't get lost again.."

"Yeah yeah ..Well, I must be going." I said. Who the hell will get lost ?! I only lied that i got lost on purpose ! And they already think of me as an idiot ! Then i saw that saito was there . Why is he there ?! I thought i told him to rest !

"What are you doing here? I thought i told you to-"

then his arms went over me and hugged me close to his chest . AHHHHH ! WHAT IS THIS ?!

"Just be careful on your way there and come back safely." He said

"Y-yes.., t-thanks for the concern." I said. Why am i feeling nervous !?

I walked out after saying goodbyes to some people of the Shisengumi I went to a dark corner. I disappeared in the gust of wind and reappeared at my house.

I walked into the house and found there Kazama is still sleeping soundly on the bed. I went over and put some medicine on his wounds. He slowly opened his eyes and he saw me standing beside him.

"Princess, what are you-" Kazama said

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