This fic is written by two people who will be refered to as 'C' and 'A'

Prologue written by C

The train flew over the tracks in one fluid endless motion. Gale Hawthorne sat quietly in the near empty passenger car. Its plush velvet covered seats and glistening steel arm rests seemed so extravagant and unused. Even after the Republic of Panem had established an open railway many of the people from the districts were still hesitant to use it. Gale wasn't. The freedoms that the people now experienced seemed to almost overwhelm Panem. This freedom was what Gale had always dreamed of. Now he was living it as he stared out the window on a train that would take him to where he wanted to be. The fiery red sun was setting over district 5 as the train made its way to its next stop.

Gale clutched a letter in his hand. It had a simple message and contained only a few sentences. This letter meant the world to him. It had been a year, a long year, but Katniss finally wanted to see him. So he made his way to the remains of district 12. Back to the home that he had not seen in over a year. Gale's gray eyes focused on the scenery flying by his window. He thought of Katniss and the past year away from district 12. He had not expected her letter, her invitation to come home."How had she changed in a year? How would she react to hiow he had changed?" He thought restlessly. "I guess I'll find out." He said softly as the red and orange sun began its decent over the land. Dim lights turned on. Night was coming on.

It was about 2:00 am when Gale woke with a start. It was completely silent in the passenger car. The train had stopped moving. "Probably another refueling station." Gale muttered to himself. Then the door flew open and a slim figure walked in. She walked across the car but stopped when she reached Gale. He did not recognize her but she seemed to. A sly but mocking smile crossed her lips. "Hey, Handsome." Gale recognized her immediately. It was non other but the last surviving victor from district 7.

Johanna Mason

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