Chapter 20 Unexpected News

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Katniss took a deep breath before she left the train. She glanced back at Peeta, she saw a deep pain in his blue eyes. The whole way to the capitol he had been struggleing with his mutt side. Haymitch looked undisturbed by it and somewhat annoyed.

"We don't have all day, sweetheart." He said in a sartastic tone.

"Oh shut up Haymitch." She gave Peeta one last soft glance and then faced the capitol before her. She stepped onto the platform outside and started heading towards the presidents' mansion.

"You go with Katniss, please Haymitch, keep her safe. I-I think I might stay behind." Peeta said this in a shaking voice.

Haymitch gave him an unconcerned glance, " Stop being a drama queen Peeta." Then he pulled him out of the train with him.

They only had a few blocks to walk before they would reach President Paylor's residence but unfortunatly this was in the area that the victors' most bitter memories of the captitol had taken place. Things became worse as they walked closer to the mansion, it had been Snow's mansion before the new government took over but that didn't change Katniss's hatred for it. When the courtyard came into sight Katniss started hyperventilating and Peeta was on the verge of having a mental break down. The memories had been too much for the pair.

"Come on you two pull it together!" Haymitch growled.

"Prim! I-I lost her here!" Katniss said fighting back tear filled eyes.

"It's ok Katniss." Peeta said trying to comfort her, but his own blue eyes were wide with terror. He was barely keeping it together.

"Peeta I failed her!"

Haymitch ended up taking them to Effie's house. He knocked on her door with a look of total boredom on his face. When Effie opened it she jumped in suprise. There was Haymitch standing like nothing was happening. On his left and right were Peeta and Katniss; they both looked like they were about to lose it.

"Hi Effie," Haymitch said.

"Haymitch what are you doing here? And what's wrong with Katniss and Peeta?"

"Oh they wanted to visit the capitol, it wasn't my idea it was theirs for the record but if you dont want Peeta to go mutt and destroy your front porch I think it might be a good idea to take them inside."

"O-Ok" Effie was very unsure of all of this.

She let all three on them inside it was like they entered into a world of neon pinks and oranges. The capitol might have changed but not Effie. Peeta sat down nervously and dug his fists into a plush pillow. Katniss immediatly felt better mostly because she was inside instead of out on the streets. Her breathing slowed down and her head stop pounding. She looked over to Peeta he was staring into the bright fuzzy carpet calmly. Effie and Haymitch were bantering in what was a typical conversation for them when it occured to Effie that it wasn't normal for them to be in the capitol.

"Haymitch why are all of you here?"

Katniss's eyes narrowed she answered in a cold hollow voice, "Gale! We're here to find out who killed him and why."

The room was quiet.

"Let's go, I'm ready to get answers, if Paylor likes it or not she's telling me all that happened." Katniss got up with a new firm resolve. The thought of Gale being killed in that train accident gave her the strength she needed to overcome her sorrow. She left without another word.

"But I want to stay here with Effie." Haymitch wined.

"Come on Haymitch, she's going to need us." Peeta dragged Haymitch along this time. The group headed to the President's Mansion but this time no one spoke a word.

Paylor smiled when she saw Katniss enter the office. Haymitch and Peeta and decided it was best to let Katniss handle this alone.

"It's nice to see the Mockingjay back in action." She said in a slightly friendly tone.

"I need to know what happened to Gale!"

"I knew that you would be here. Aren't you wondering what happened to your mother?"

"My mother?!" Katniss replied in shock.

"The hospital she was working in was attacked, just like the train Gale was on. Katniss you need to take Peeta and Haymitch and get back to district twelve. Someone is targeting every surviving victor and their families and you three are next."

Katniss was silent. She was not expecting this.

"But Gale wasn't a victor."

"Johanna was and she was on the same train." Paylor answered in her matter of fact tone.

"Who is doing this?"

"We're trying to figure that out, but whoever it is is a genius. We can't track them."

"So your expecting me to go back to district twelve and sit there and do nothing?!"

"No I want you to go back to District Twelve and stay out of the way."

"I'm not going to do that."

"You have no other choice."

"That's not true! Where's my mother?!"

"Here in the capitol at our hospital."

"Take me to her."

In the next room was her mother. She had not seen her in over a year. Katniss paused and swallowed hard before she walked into the room. Peeta took her hand and squeezed it. He looked into her eyes with a look that said, "It will be ok." Katniss and Peeta walked in together. Her mother had lost her memory of that day that is what the doctors had told them. When she saw her daughter's face the frail woman seemed shocked and excited look crossed her face.

"Katniss," he said weakly, "He's alive, I saw him before they attacked. Gale is alive."

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