Hitomi. I've been friends with you for years.

You knew that I loved Kyousuke. He meant so much to me. You don't know this, but I gave up my one and only wish for him.

And what did you do?

"…I plan to tell Kamijou-kun how I feel."

What? Why would you even think to do something like that? If I was really your friend, why would you try to take the person I love away from me?

Sure, he wasn't my boyfriend, but he was my childhood friend and I loved him very much. That didn't give you any right to confess your feelings to him.

Hitomi… I see that you're with him now. Smiling so much. So happy…and so is he.

He is really better off with you than me? I gave up everything for him! It's not fair!

My Soul Gem is so dark…so tainted… I can't take this anymore…

If I can't have Kyousuke, than no one should be able to. I normally put others needs ahead of my own, but I can't stand to see him happy with you. Even if he is happy, it shouldn't be with you.

It shouldn't be with you.

Hurry up. I can't watch this anymore. You're going to have to leave at some point. Get off the bench and walk home already. You guys don't live anywhere near each other; he's not going to walk you all the way home.

…I still can't believe I even called you my friend. Madoka is my real friend. And maybe if I gave her some more time, I could have called Kyoko-san a friend. Getting friendly with that Akemi girl was useless, but at least she probably wouldn't have stolen the person I love from under me!

Maybe this would have been different if you were just some random girl who confessed her love for Kyousuke before I did. No, I'm pretty sure it would have been different. Sure I would have been upset, but not how I'm feeling now.

Completely inexcusable.

This may be the last draw for me. I'm pretty sure magical girls are not supposed to do this. Our powers are to be used to fight Witches, but you may as well be one yourself. You stupid bitch.

Oh well. If I get turned into a Witch, maybe you can join me in Hell when Kyoko-san or Akemi-san defeat me.

Oh, you're finally getting up. Yeah, give him a long hug before you go.

It will be your last.





"Sayaka-san? I wasn't expecting to see you here. Huh? What's with that silly costume? Did I miss something going on at the park? Hey, why aren't you saying anything? Sayaka-san, is this about Kamijou-kun? I already gave you a chance and you decided not to take it. What's that in your hand? Oh, is that just a part of your costume? That weapon looks really realistic. Are you cosplaying as a character from an anime or something? Sayaka-san? W-what are you doing? Why are you raising that over your head? Are you going to hit me with that? Sayaka-san!"

"Shut up!"