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Roya's Letter


-The moment I saw you on that training day,

I knew you were special, even Jiko felt the same way.

He took you in, I thought, because you were strong.

Never would I think it was to atone for something he did wrong.

The shard he tried to get your mother to control,

Had not only broken her will, but also her soul.

She had grown so obsessed, that she left you in your own care.

You grew up a hard life, with a sense of despair.

I chose to befriend you, your stoic persona, I chose to ignore...

You, I am pleased to say, are way more open than before.

You helped me find my way, when things were going rough.

You proved to me that no longer, do I have to act tough.

You showed me I had family who loved me, as well as friends;

Since that day, my sadness had come to an end.

My feelings of friendship had bloomed into love.

It was the work of Robes, in fact, that gave me a shove.

You helped me find my future, helped define my past.

I will help you with your future, a destiny you must surpass.

I stayed by your side, even through thick and thin.

When all seemed lost, you always managed to win.

The spirit of wind was strong that day,

Somehow I knew it'd be the last I'd see you this way.

I left my feelings inside, locked them up and threw away the key;

The way you flew from my life, revealed how you felt about me.

There was no goodbye, or anything of the such...

That gesture alone, caused me to cry so much.

Two years have passed by, and I write this letter here...

I know you fly with the wind Zed, but you always feel near.

I close this letter off with only one more thing to say:

Hopefully you'll tell me how you really feel... one day.-

I threw the letter down, and started to run.

Roya had to know; it couldn't be left undone.

I thought of all the places she could possibly be.

I laughed at the predictability of the first one that came to me.

She was there where I knew, at the top of the hill.

It was the tallest hill, that contained the giant windmill.

She was looking out at the setting sun;

When I came next to her, a word she couldn't say, not a one.

I started the conversation, but she interrupted me soon.

Surprise was masked from her voice, and as she asked me how I was doing, she looked at the moon.

I goaded her to look me straight in the eye.

The moment I met her eyes, I knew she was shy.

I smirked just a little, before leaning closer to kiss her.

The only thing she could manage was "Zed..." a mere whisper.

The kiss was special, quite a shock unique.

I realized immediately, my visit was at its peak.

She wanted, at the moment, for the words she longed to hear...

I pulled her into my embrace, and whispered into her ear.

My warm breath tickled her, causing her to blush.

For some odd reason, even I started to flush!

"I love you," I spoke, my voice full of devotion.

"You saw the letter..." she stated, her voice full of emotion.

We sat together that night, under the starry sky.

Even though I was free with the wind, I suppose I can still be a happy guy.


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