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"Cooper Anderson speaking. How may I service you?"



"Coop, I did something stupid…um, are you busy, or something?"

"Naw, of course not, kiddo! What's up?"

"I did something stupid."

"You already said that, Blaine, I think you need to elaborate."

"Well…are you sure you're good to talk right now, because I don't want to bother you, or-"

"I'm always here to listen, B, you know that. Now, spill. Is it boy problems?"


"Go on. Start at the beginning. I've got all night."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, man. I had a date, but she stood me up, so I'm lounging on my couch."

"Oh…um, are you okay? Like, are you upset that-"

"Blaine! Ohmygod, we're not talking about me! Quit avoiding it and talk to me about your problems!"

"Okay, well, I guess it all started when I paid a surprise visit to the Warblers…"

"Aw, your old glee club. How are those guys, nowadays?"

"They're great. Nick got a solo, and it was great to hear him so confident because I know how shy he is."

"Aw, Squirt, you miss them."

"Don't call me that. But, yeah, I do. But I'm happy at McKinley…most of the time."

"So, what happened?"

"Well, I got caught up with them and it was great to see all my old friends but there were also some new guys in the group. There's this guy named Sebastian…and he kind of won't leave me alone."

"So, he wants to get into your pants."


"Sorry, bro, but I need to say it bluntly because you can be a little oblivious."

"Yeah, I know…"

"So, what happened with this Sebastian guy?"

"Well, he was nice enough and he kept asking me to hang out with him and stuff, so we went out for coffee and stuff like that. But…um…Kurt didn't like that."

"Ah, so he's the jealous type?"

"I don't believe in labels, but yeah. He doesn't like that Sebastian and I hang out all the time, but we're just friends! And I hang out with Kurt way more than I hang out with Sebastian!"

"Well, maybe Kurt just considers him to be a threat."

"A threat?"

"Yeah. Sebastian's after you—which you didn't deny, so I'm just gonna state it—and Kurt feels like he has to compete for you. I haven't met the guy yet, but maybe he's self-conscious? I have no idea, maybe about his sex appeal?"

"Kurt's sexy…"

"I'm sorry, B, you're gonna have to speak up, I can't hear you when you mumble."


"Okay, so you're hanging out with the new guy and the boyfriend doesn't like it. That's not all, is it? Because I don't see an overwhelming amount of stupidity here…just a little."


"Yeah, yeah, go on with your story, kiddo. I want to see how this plays out."

"My life isn't a soap opera for you to entertain yourself with!

"Be calm, little bro. And, you called me, so get it off your chest."

"Alright, so then Sebastian springs an offer on us, asking us if we want to go to Scandals, the resident gay bar. I sat no, because I know that's not really Kurt's thing…but then Kurt pipes up and agrees to it out of nowhere."

"Aren't you guys underage?"

"They're called fake IDs, Coop, don't pretend you didn't do this when you were my age."

"I didn't go to gay bars."

"Shut up, you know what I meant."

"Yeah, yeah, continue."

"So, we go to this bar and…well, I get a little drunk…"

"With the prompting of this Sebastian guy, I take it?"

"Well, yeah, how did you know?"

"If this situation were an episode of some sort of drama, that's what his character would do."

"I'm just gonna ignore that."

"Can't ignore my killer intuition."

"So, I'm consuming a little too much alcohol, and you know how I get when I'm drunk…well, maybe you don't…"

"No, I haven't had the pleasure. When was this crazy night at the bar, by the way?"


"Are you hung-over?"

"I feel shittier about what happened after that than about the drinking."

"Okay, we are getting to the climax of this story, please keep going."

"So, I'm a little out of it, and I'm dancing with Sebastian a lot. I don't know where Kurt is. He doesn't drink, by the way."

"What? What teenager doesn't drink?"

"I dunno, some bad experience with vomiting on his OCD guidance councillor or something…"


"So, I'm dancing with Sebastian and then Kurt comes out of nowhere and starts dancing with me and having a good time and it's great because I got the feeling he wasn't enjoying himself before, but was too intoxicated to care, I guess. But then it's time to go and he helps me out to his car…"

"What happened, B? You're making me nervous."

"Well, I-I did something stupid."

"Spit it out, kiddo. I'm not gonna judge. Pinky promise."

"He was getting me into the backseat and I pulled him and started…you know…I-I pressured him…wanted to do it right there in the backseat. But that's no way for our first time to be and I was so stupid and drunk-"

"Wait, you actually…?"

"No…no, he pushed me off. Told me things that kinda hurt, but were the truth and I deserved them. And I walked away…he tried calling me back, but I walked home. And, Cooper, the last memory I have of that night is making him cry!"

"Woah, slow down, buddy. It's okay."

"No, it's not! How could I do that? I'm so stupid!"

"Hey, I need you do listen to me, okay? You called me for a reason, and that reason is my epic advice, so listen up."


"Yeah, you kinda screwed up. But, Blaine, it's okay. You were drunk, you made a mistake. The important thing is that you feel bad about it when your head's clear. And, you won't do it again, right?"

"Of course not!"

"Then, all you have to do is apologize, kiddo. I don't know Kurt, but I know you and I know what you've told me about him…and I think he'll forgive you. I think you'll be okay. Just really put your heart into what you say and let him know how to feel, okay?"

"That's the same advice you gave me when I called to tell you I fell for him."

"And did that work? Yes, as I recall, it worked pretty damn well."

"…Okay, yeah, I'll do that."

"Go get him, tiger. Let me know when my advice works perfectly, as usual."


"Yeah, Squirt?"

"Thanks…you know, for being here for me. It means a lot."

"Anytime, kiddo. Seriously, call me whenever."

"Okay. 'Night, Coop. Love you."

"Love you too, Blaine."

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