Halloween Spirits

Feeling the weight of the world on his shoulders, Wyatt seeks to relax as much as possible. However, it soon proves more difficult than he realizes when a spirit comes to town, intent on wreaking havoc, followed by a young woman who seems to catch his eye. When a member of the family is put in danger, how far is Wyatt willing to go to defeat the spirit and prove himself to the young woman and to the magical community?

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Chapter One

The air in the room was murky from the many cigarettes being smoked at the party. On the dance floor, people undulated to the sound of loud music. A bar in the middle held several glasses of drinks that were very obviously not soda, catering to the many young men and women who were enjoying themselves.

Or, at least, most of them were. One of them, a boy who couldn't be anything other than a freshman at the upper-classmen college party, watched the dancers with bright green eyes, strangely serious despite the festive environment. Unlike the others surrounding him, he was obviously not completely drunk, as his movements still seemed certain, his sight keen.

The bartender, a much older man who had been hired to serve at the college party, walked over to the boy, rubbing a glass with a dirty cloth, trying to clear it of the bright orange lipstick that was clearly staining the rim. "Do you want anything else?" he asked in a gruff voice, eyeing the glass that the brown-haired young man was cradling in one of his hands. "Maybe something a bit stronger?"

Chris shook his head. He was the designated orber after all. The brothers had come to this decision some time ago, when they'd both gotten completely smashed at a party and had then tried to use their powers to get home. It had been extremely difficult to explain to their mother why they had finally arrived back at the manor not only unable to walk in a straight line, but reeking of the city dumpster. Like other people needed designated drivers, the brothers would keep each other safe by having a designated orber. Whoever of them it was, he would be able to drink, but only enough to feel slightly buzzed and still have a clear enough head to help get the other home.

This time, it was Chris's turn, which meant that he got to enjoy the sight of Wyatt and all of his friends reach the stage when everything was extremely hilarious, and then have to watch over his brother as he realized how stupid he'd been to drink the night before. On the one hand, it was better, as Chris usually got to laugh at his older brother acting so idiotically, but it on the other, it meant that Chris couldn't really enjoy himself as much when everyone had stopped making sense.

Wyatt was approaching that stage quickly. He was on the dance floor, surrounded by several women, not all of them juniors as he was. They stuck close to him as he tried to dance, not seeming to mind when he stepped on their feet in his drunken haze, or danced out of beat. That was one of Wyatt's charms, and Chris huffed as he watched the girls hover over his brother. He had no shortage of them himself, looking the way he did, but somehow, Wyatt seemed to handle it so effortlessly, that it made one more thing that Wyatt was better at than Chris.

However, at the moment, nobody could judge how good Wyatt was at doing anything. He'd been saying something to one of the dancers for a while, but when she shook her head at him and disagreed for the third or fourth time, Wyatt raised his voice, his words slurred by the amount that he had to drink. "No, seriously! I can move things without touching them!" He raised his hand, and Chris saw that it was time to leave.

The younger man rushed to his brother just as twinkling lights began surrounding one of the bottles sitting on the bar. "Really, Wyatt, you know you can't do that," Chris said, grabbing the blond man's hand and pulling it down. He glanced at the disappearing bottle worriedly, hoping that nobody was noticing, and continued talking. "You've tried that trick a bunch of times and nothing ever happens," he said, convincing the hazy-minded people around them that Wyatt was just being silly. "Sorry guys, but I think it's time I take my brother home, before he swears he can fly, or something!"

Laughter accompanied the brothers as they headed to the door, the smaller one supporting his brother's larger frame. "Jeez, Wy, did you have to drink so much?" he complained, as Wyatt's breath managed to get in his face. "You smell like the inside of a liquor store."

"N-no," his brother slurred. "I don't wanna leave yet. Party's just getting started!" Wyatt made a tremendous effort to stand up straight and yell around the room. He looked back at the bar, where the older man was looking grateful that at last people were beginning to disperse. "Barman, another round!" Wyatt called, his words accompanied by a loud cheer from the crowd that had assembled to celebrate the Halloween weekend.

"No, Wyatt, we're going home," Chris said firmly, tugging on his brother's arm and leading him to the exit. In Wyatt's inebriated state, it wasn't too difficult to force him to leave, but the younger man was forced to half-carry him, which was a much harder task. "It's going to be hard enough telling Mom what we've been doing all night as it is," Chris murmured, imagining the look on Piper's face when they arrived. She would definitely not be happy with them, especially Chris, who would be blamed for not stopping his brother from exceeding the limit. Well, at least he'd managed to stop Wyatt before he blew the magical secret. Not that it would have mattered much. Because of how much the people at the party had drunk, they would probably not remember it the following day; and if they did, they would assume it was something that they had imagined.

As the boys staggered towards the exit, an older man detached himself from his viewing point near the wall and began to follow them, a strange silver gleam in his eyes. He watched the boys keenly, keeping only a few steps behind them. The brothers didn't see him, occupied as they were. Nobody at the party seemed to notice how the strange man was too old to be at a college party, and too well dressed to belong anywhere near that neighborhood.

However, people did notice when a young woman with disheveled strawberry-blond hair rushed into the room. She looked around frantically, ignoring a few wolf-whistles launched her way. She spied the older man and ran after him. She pushed her hand into her pocket and gripped the hilt of her dagger tightly.

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