Chapter Sixteen

Wyatt watched as Jennifer ran away from him, not able to believe everything that had happened. She'd appeared out of nowhere, first threatening to kill them and then telling them her complete story. It had been a lot to swallow, but Wyatt had never doubted her for a second. It was also especially hard to disbelieve her after he'd seen some of the facts for himself. Chris's possession had most definitely not been a trick.

While they'd been searching for a way to save Wyatt's little brother, Wyatt had thought that they'd become a lot closer, and then, when he'd healed her, he'd thought he'd caught a glimpse of yet another side to the witch that hadn't surfaced before. With that look, Wyatt had completely fallen, head over heels. As he watched Jennifer leave the Manor, he decided that there was no way that he'd just leave it there. She was the first woman he felt this way about, and he wasn't going to give her up without a fight.

Unconsciously clenching his fists, Wyatt orbed out to the front lawn, instinctively knowing that nobody else was around to see. He'd sensed that Jennifer was still there, but as he orbed in, he hadn't realized how quickly she was moving. Wyatt was hit with an invisible force, and he fell down on his back, something on top of him.

As he propped himself up, Jennifer became visible once more. Her face came into focus and Wyatt realized that there were tear tracks on her face. He reached up a strong hand and brushed one of the tears off of her cheek. "What's wrong?" he murmured. He'd come out to prove that he was good enough to go out with a person like her, to convince her to date him. But, as he saw the sadness in her eyes, he realized that she had been through a lot. He still really liked liked her, though, and he was going to make every effort to understand, so maybe they could be together.

Jennifer just pressed her lips together and pulled herself off of Wyatt. However, she seemed to be lacking the strength to stand up and instead remained lying on the grass next to the Twice-Blessed witch. She sighed and coughed, trying to hide the fact that she was crying.

Wyatt felt rather uncomfortable. He wasn't used to people crying. Sure, his mother and sister cried, along with his aunts and many cousins, but he usually didn't have to deal with them. It was lucky he had so many other relatives to direct the crying people to. Now, though, he was going to have to manage it all by himself. He awkwardly put his hand on Jennifer's shoulder, meaning for it to be comforting.

Instead, Jennifer only cried harder, and Wyatt was beginning to despair when she spoke again. "It's just… I've been tracking Malachi for so long, and now it's all over," she sobbed. "I hadn't allowed myself to feel anything since my fiancé's death, and now, it's all coming back." Jennifer sniffed and wiped at her eyes roughly. "I've been so horrible. I've done terrible things."

"Hey now, I'm sure whatever you did wasn't that bad," Wyatt replied, tightening his hold on her shoulder slightly. He wasn't sure what it meant, but his father had done it to him a bunch of times when he'd been upset, so it must work in some way. Jennifer didn't seem to realize it, though, as she sobbed, much louder than she had before.

"That's where you're wrong. It was bad. I let revenge take over my life." Jennifer turned to look at Wyatt, her eyes red and puffy from her crying spell. "I murdered innocents in my search for Malachi." Her voice broke as she continued. "I was so eager to vanquish him that I started to not care if I got an innocent instead."

Wyatt almost pulled his arm back from the woman as she admitted her guilt. However, he remembered how not even the best witches could save every innocent. He didn't believe that it had been Jennifer's fault that people had died while being possessed. She wouldn't murder them in cold blood. She had just been through a really rough time.

Wyatt was well aware that he was making excuses for Jennifer, but he couldn't help the way he felt. Even as she sobbed and her face became even more puffy and pink, she looked beautiful. Wyatt couldn't help but compare her with all the other women he'd been with. Jennifer was just so much more genuine, and she might actually be able to understand him in a way that the others never had. She'd been through a lot, she had magic, and she could defend herself in a fight. If that wasn't perfect for Wyatt, he didn't know what was.

Instead of using the safe shoulder-petting tactic, Wyatt decided to risk it and go deeper. He put his arm around her, keeping her steady, as he spoke. "Look, you were scared, you were angry, and you were trying to save everybody from an evil spirit. You did all you could and more to keep us safe. You're entitled to feel sad, but you just saved a bunch of people today. If it hadn't been for you, Malachi would have taken control of my body and probably destroyed the world." Wyatt smiled at Jennifer, whose tears had momentarily slowed. "You did so much, and you should be proud."

Jennifer nodded cautiously, and watched the Twice-Blessed carefully. "So, you don't mind that I stabbed your brother?" she asked.

Wyatt paused, pondering how to answer this. "I know you thought you were doing the right thing," he finally replied. "But, next time, try to be a little more careful with him. I've already nearly lost him way too many times in the last few months." That was putting it mildly. Recently, Chris had developed a knack of getting into trouble, and one that Wyatt was determined to break.

"I am sorry about that, you know," Jennifer said honestly. "I just didn't know what other way to get rid of Malachi, though. Stabbing him was the only way." She had truly believed that. She'd never gotten the spirit to vacate a body any other way.

"I know, but next time, maybe just keep the dagger away until there's no other alternative."

The corners of Jennifer's lips twitched upwards, as if turning into a smile. "There's going to be a next time?" she asked.

Wyatt smiled, thinking of what he'd just said. "Well, I don't know about a demon hunt, but I was hoping that maybe, we could do something a little less violent first. Get to know each other and stuff."

Jennifer had stopped being serious and actually broken out into a grin. "I don't know. You learn an awful lot about a person when you're trying to vanquish a demon together."

Wyatt laughed. "In that case, I think we know each other well enough already!" He quieted slightly and eyed Jennifer carefully. "No, seriously, I was wondering if I could have your number and maybe take you out sometime."

The woman was uncertain of what to think. For so long she'd put her life on hold to take care of the spirit that had killed the one man she'd loved. Now, though, it was over. Many years had gone by, and her fiancé was gone. Jennifer began to feel as if she might love again, and maybe take control of her life once more. Maybe going out with Wyatt would help her to do that. He was very attractive and charming, and there was something about him that pulled her closer.

"Well, that would be nice, but there's a bit of a problem." Her eyes were twinkling as she responded. "I haven't had a phone in a while, so you wait here while I go get one. Then I'll give you the number."

She began to move as if to stand up, but Wyatt stopped her with a hand on her arm. "Hey, you're not getting away from me that easy," he joked. "You don't need a phone to give me a call," he said, referencing his whitelighter abilities.

Jennifer smiled and pressed a brief kiss onto the Twice-Blessed lips. She then pulled away and stood up. "Ok, then I'll call you soon," she said as she began to walk away. Wyatt watched her leave, feeling quite differently this time. After a minute, once Jennifer had long disappeared, he headed into the house. He heard Piper's voice calling him, and he groaned. This would be a Halloween he would never forget, in both a good and bad way. Hopefully, though, there would be more good than bad!

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