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I Hate Hug A Smurf Day
By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

I hate changing Baby's diaper, but I love Baby Smurf. I use to hate swimming because I didn't know how to swim. The other Smurfs tried, but failed to get me to swim. I overcame my fear of swimming to save Baby from Gargamel because I love Baby and I would hate for anything to happen to Baby. I hate Gargamel. He's always trying to get us, Smurfs. Sometimes it's to turn us to gold or eat us or to destroy us.

"Tomorrow is hug a Smurf day." Papa Smurf announced. I rolled my eyes and looked down at Baby Smurf.

"I hate hug a Smurf day." I stated firmly. I hate being huggable and I hate getting hugged by a group of Smurfs. Baby Smurf giggled and a smile slipped out for a second from my lips. I would hate for the other Smurfs to see me smiling they might get the wrong idea and think I don't hate hug a Smurf day, but regardless they are going to try and hug me. I'll just hide with Baby Smurf tomorrow.

"Hey, Grouncy. Can I hold Baby now?" Smurfette asked me.

"I hate handing Baby Smurf over." I replied while handing Baby over to Smurfette and frowning.

"You know if you don't make a big deal over getting hugged on Hug a Smurf day..You wouldn't have a group of Smurfs chasing after you. Honestly, Grouncy. You should stop running away." Brainy stated in a matter of fact tone of voice. "Hug a Smurf day always end with you getting a hug from a group of Smurfs. For some reason I never get a group hug."

"I hate group hugs, but I do not hate you not getting group hugs." I informed him, Brainy sulked, and I walked away.

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