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Meg Pov.

Lunch. A time where you can satisfy your hunger, but can't find a place where you can sit and enjoy it.

After Puck, Ash, and I got out of the lunch line we headed to a table in the corner. Puck had filled his tray with everything (he must have been reallllly hungry), Ash just got a slice of pizza and a pepsi, and I got Puck's most favorite thing in the whole world: an apple. I wasn't feeling that hungry.

"Wow, Your-Royal-Super-Highness-Queen-Of-The-Iron-Fey," said Puck with his mouth full of cookies and Doritos, "that is a good choice to eat".

"Oh, be quiet Puck!," I replied, " chew with your mouth closed and DON'T call me that!".

"Don't call you what?," said Puck, "oh! You mean Your-Royal-Super-Highness-Queen-Of-The-Iron-Fey? Sure I will Your-Royal-Super-Highness-Queen-Of-The-Iron-Fey."

I started hitting him with his half empty water bottle. Ash joined in by chucking some at Puck out of Puck's tray. Ash and I were laughing really hard while Puck was saying/screaming " Ow!Ow! Hey! Stop that! I'm sorry! I won't call you Your-Royal-Super-Highness-Queen-Of-The-Iron-Fey anymore! Hey Ice Boy! I'll stop calling you that too if you stop!"

But Ash and I didn't listen and kept hitting him and chucking peas at him.

In the middle of our little war Ian came over and sat next to Ash and seeing what we were doing, he joined in by hitting Puck with spit balls.

Ash and I stopped when Ian came.

"Hi Ian!" I said.

"Hey!" he replied.

" Hmpff" said Ash. (Guess he's still feeling jealous)

"gaaw gamon tam," said Puck his mouth stuff with food.

We all just looked at him. After Puck swallowed his food he said "I mean, Aww c'mon man! You didn't even know what they were torturing me for so why did you join in?"

"Because it looked fun" said Ian.

"Not cool dude!" said Puck.

"We were not even torturing you," said Ash, "we were merely just having fun".

Ian gave him a weird look and I was guessing it was because he probably didn't know that many people that use the word "merely".

Ian, Puck, Ash and I talked for a while until lunch ended. Well technically only Puck, Ian and I talked because Ash mostly kept to himself.

Then we headed to our next class.