Sasaz: Hello.. :D

Rika: And what, exactly are you doing?

Sasaz: Posting my new story about digimon?

Henry: Uh, digimon? What do you mean? *gasp dramatically*

Sasaz: I'm making a Henrika/Jenruki story.. duh, what else?

Takato: About time.. Bwahaha *evil laugh*

Jeri: Since when are you THAT evil? O.o

Takato: *blush* I-I don't know. I just felt like it.

Jeri: Oh? You're weird. But I-

Takato: What? Nooooooooooooooo! *screams frantically*

Jeri: But I like your personality.. O.o why are you screaming?

Takato: *stops screaming* Really? :D *starts drifting to heaven*


Henry: Now now Rika, you'd make them scared to death if you keep glaring like that to them. *smiles*

Rika: Your smile is the creepiest smile I've ever seen. *shivers in fright*

Sasaz: Enough chit chat, on with the story!

Calumon: 3, 2, 1! Rock on! :D

Chapter One: My Knight in Shining Armour

Xx ~Normal POV~ xX

A girl with orange hair and violet eyes walked with a bored expression towards a park. She glared at some childrens who were playing at the park gleefully. The children stopped playing and started to get scared. 'What a bunch of wimps. Hmph!' The girl thought and smirked.

''You're mean Rika-chan!'' A cute little voice said.

''What do you expect? Me smiling at them? Hell no that'll happen, Calumon.'' Rika glared at the little digimon who pouts after hearing her answer.

''Aww. Whatever, wanna play? I'm bored now!'' Calumon jumped up and down on the green grass and smiled a lets-play-or-else smile.

''Uh.. Why don't you ask Jeri to play with you? I'm sure she'll just LOVE to play with you!'' Rika quickly told Calumon with a FAKE smile to avoid from playing with him. 'Ugh, why is this digimon TOO hyper-active? Why can't he be quiet for just a minute?!' She thought in her mind.

''Awwww.. Okay then~'' Calumon headed straight towards Jeri's house with a big grin.

''Rika, I sense a wild digimon somewhere nearby.'' Renamon suddenly appeared by her side and Rika quickly nod, understanding the current situation.

''Terriermon!'' Henry yelled at the top of his lungs. ''Let's go already!'' He sighed and leaned his back on the wall, waiting for his digimon.

''Okay okay. Geez, moumantai Henry. Moumantai~'' Terriermon grinned and hopped on Henry's shoulder.

''How could I be calm when a wild digimon is on the loose? And, Terriermon. You're becoming heavier day by day, you know that?'' Henry raised one of his eyebrows and shooked his head.

''Well, Suzie gave me too much food. How could I resist?'' Terriermon laughed softly and they went to the wild digimon's place as fast as they could.

''Guilmon? What did you sense, boy?'' Takato asked his digimon worriedly.

''A wild digimon is nearby. We gotta go fast, Takatomon!'' Guilmon said fiercely as smoke came out from his nostrils and his eyes changed into narrow slits.

''Uh, okay. Come on, Guilmon!'' Takato opened the back door of his family's bakery and slammed it shut. Panicking, he clumsily followed Guilmon from behind.

''Takatomon! Hurry up!'' Guilmon whined as he became his old childish self again.

''Y- yeah. Let's get going Guilmon!'' Takato grinned and pulled Guilmon with him. Happy that Guilmon was back to his old self.

''I like to do mischief. Mischief is my favourite. I'll cause enough mischief so I'll be Dark Lord's favourite.'' DemiDevimon chanted with an evil smile plastered on its face.

''That's enough little batty bat.'' Renamon said calmly and glared at DemiDevimon's direction.

''Yea. You've already wrecked half of the park!'' Guilmon hissed at DemiDevimon.

''You're pretty small but you're also a pretty wreck-full little demon.'' Terriermon retorted and noticed that the three tamers were glaring at him which made him grinning like a goof.

''Enough talk talk. Its battle time.'' Rika said with her usual bored expression.

The three of them looked at each other and nodded in agreement. ''Digimodify! Digivolution Activate!'' The three of them swiped the digivolution cards on their digivice.

''Renamon digivolves to... Kyubimon!''

''Guilmon digivolves to... Growlmon!''

''Terriermon digivolves to... Gargomon!''

''Let's get this battle over with, so that I can eat my Guilmon bread!'' Growlmon growled and made his first attack.''Pyro Blaster!'' He shoots powerful fire balls from his mouth and it hit perfectly on DemiDevimon. DemiDevimon instantly became datas.

''Well, we're.. done?'' Henry asked with a confuse look on his face.

''Not... Exactly... Fools...'' A dark voice said behind them.

''What? You're...'' Takato gasped and was shocked to see...

Sasaz: A cliffhanger.. Bwahahaha!

Rika: You're practically crazy.

Henry: *sighs* Read & Review!

Terriermon: No, its supposed to be... R&R to find out who they met!

Sasaz: Whatever!