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Chapter 8: The Date ~ ^3^

Xx~ Normal POV ~xX

It was Sunday and Rika was nervously getting ready for her date with Henry. I mean, literally nervous. She clumsily used her toothpaste as her shampoo. She wore her shirt in the wrong way. She even ate her breakfast with forks, instead of spoons. Oh, did I mention that her breakfast was a bowl of cereals? Yea, um awkward.

''Awwww, Rika-chan is nervous for her first date~!'' Rika's mom cooed and giggled when she saw Rika blushed.

''I-I am certainly not nervous. It's just a stupid date. Nothing e-else!'' She was cursing mentally at herself for stuttering in front of her mother.

''Oh! It's almost 10! Henry-kun must certainly be here in just a few~!'' Rika's mom totally ignored her and got ready to open the door. As if on a cue, there was a gentle knock on the door.

''Aa, Henry-kun! Welcome! Rika'll be here in a minute!'' Rika rolled her eyes when she grabbed her dark blue sling bag and dragged Henry by his collar out from her house. Terriermon hopped down from Henry's head while Renamon sighed and disappeard, obviously she's gonna be on the roofs.

''My mom is embarassing me! Why oh why did she...'' Rika started to blabbered on and on and on. Yea, she was being out of character because she was freaking nervous. O-kay, she seems to forgot about our blue haired fella who is currently suffocating due to lack of air... ._.

''Ri...ka...need...air...'' Hearing his words, Rika snapped back to reality. She let go of his collar and looked at him worriedly when he collapsed on the ground, gasping for air.

''Uh, gomen?'' He gave her a small smile, and shook his head.

''It's okay, I understand that you're kind of nervous...'' He said as he stood up, dusting off the invisible dust from his black jeans. As he regained his composure, he eyed Rika's outfit for today. She was wearing a white coat and a dark blue long-sleeve shirt along with white pants. She also wore a dark blue converse. To match with her outfit, she brought her dark blue sling bag.

''What are you staring at?'' Rika glared at him for staring or... is it gazing, at her.

''You look beautiful Rika.'' He smiled so warmly at her, Rika started to feel herself melting under his gaze along with his charming smile. She noticed that he was wearing a green shirt along with a black jacket. He had black jeans on and he wore a pair of dark green converse. She could only think of one thing, he was beyond perfect for her.

''Well, thanks. You don't look so bad, I guess.'' Henry's warm smile turned into a teasing one. He simply gaze at Rika, again. She blushed at his action and hit him lightly.

''B-baka! J-just... let's... I mean, let's just go!'' Rika stomped away from him, going to the direction of their destination for their first DATE :D

''Moumantai Rika, moumaaantai!'' Terriermon said as he flew beside her using his long bunny (what?) ears.

''Ano... Rika, chotto matte!'' Henry quickly caught up with a blushing Rika. She tried not to show her face to him as she was embarassed, he might tease her again.

Twenty minutes later, they were in the Le`ChaMeh Cafe. A cafe that just opened a few days ago. The cafe's surrounding was peaceful, calm and also romantic at the same time. Both of them seem to like this place, that includes Terriermon who hopped cheefully on one of the bean bags there.

Rika fidgeted nervously as she waited for Henry to take their orders. She had order a slice of cheesecake and a cup of hot chocolate while Henry ordered a slice of chocolate cake and a glass of orange juice. Terriermon didn't stop budging him about ordering two whole slices of chocolate cheesecake for him, so Henry ordered it too. Renamon wasn't interested in eating sweets at that time.

''Thanks Henry.'' She muttered as they were walking to the theme park nearby. The moment they had at the cafe was sweet and also... kind of confusing. Why? They realized that Ryouku was there, with a girl. Rika and Henry glanced at each other. Both sighed in relief, they thought that Ryouku had finally given up on Rika. She beamed at him, totally happy about what they had seen although it seems a tad bit suspicious.

''Aa, don't mention it.'' Henry was also thinking about who the girl who was with Ryouku, but he shrugged it off.

''C'mon Henry, Rika! LET'S PLAYY ! :D'' Terriermon yelled and laughed joyously. Rika and Henry laughed along with him, Renamon just smiled. The day went perfectly fine with them, but they didn't know that Ryouku was spying on them, planning the most murderous plan that he could plan.

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