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Whaddup! Okay, so I'm excited for this! This is the first chapter of a new crossover that AJ is working on! Hope you enjoy it!

Danville is an amazing place to live; and I should know- I've lived there for most of my life. In fact, I was born there. Ever since I was a little kid, me, my mom, and my older sister Candace had lived on Maple Drive. When I was about five or so, my mom married my stepfather, Lawrence Fletcher, and that's when I met my stepbrother, Ferb. And me? My name's Phineas. Phineas Flynn.

Ferb and I- we aren't like other kids our age. We build the craziest things in our backyard; roller coasters, shrink rays, teleportation devices, planes- the list goes on and on. Our sister doesn't really like this about us. She's always trying to get us in trouble for stuff like this. I've never been sure why. Her boyfriend, Jeremy, seems to like all of the things we do and she typically just goes with whatever he says.

Anyways, it has forever been a controversy that Ferb and I don't know our "other parent," or, in terms you might better understand, Ferb's mom and my dad. There were never any photos of them for us to remember. Names never came up. Our parents didn't even talk about them. Ever. It was like a forbidden topic that we weren't supposed to pursue or something. Whenever we asked, the answer was always the same; 'Another time, boys, another time.'

We'd spend hours on end discussing who our mystery parents might be. None of our friends, save for the ever-interested Isabella Garcia-Shapiro, saw it as something to be curious about. Both Baljeet, the Indian nerd that helped us with our inventions, and Buford, the bully who followed Baljeet, knew both of their parents. Irving, a kid so obsessed with me and my brother it's creepy, well, we don't even know his parents.

I placed my hands on my hips and smiled wide. Ferb and I had just built the most amazing solar-powered display. It was technically a step down from our usual water slide or time machine, but it was perfect for this evening. The light show would be a drive-through attraction at a theme park, where one could view lighted items of all different kinds without having to walk. Soon, our friends, as well as several others, would be enjoying this ride for free.

"Ferb, nice job with the neon lighting," I gave him a thumbs up. He returned it with his usual unreadable expression. "Have you seen Perry?"

Ferb shook his head. Perry was our pet platypus. He has a strange habit of vanishing in the middle of the day to who knows where. It is a little bit odd, seeing as platypuses don't do much. But we let him do whatever he wants. He always comes back and he's only come back hurt one time. (Somehow, he'd managed to scrape most of his fur off. Mom took him to the vet and he had to wear a cone for the day- I think it looked like a satellite dish. Of course, Perry really hated that thing and ended up knocking himself silly on something and hitting the self-destruct button on our invention that day. We reconsidered the use of self-destruct buttons after that.)

"Hey, Phineas," Isabella walked into the backyard and stood next to me, batting her eyes curiously. "What'cha doin'?"

"We built a neon lights show attraction," I smiled at her.

"Cool," she commented. She usually liked whatever we were doing. "Can I ride in your car?"

"Sure," I nodded. "I'm sure Ferb won't mind an extra person in our car. He doesn't usually mind you being with us. Ferb's cool like that."

"Oh, okay," Isabella said blankly. I found it interesting how she always seemed less enthusiastic when I mentioned including Ferb. What is it she didn't like about Ferb? He's the most interesting person I know. There's no room for dislike where Ferb is concerned.

"Is…something wrong with that?" I asked, suddenly realizing that I might have treaded in dangerous waters by doing so. "I mean, if there isn't that's okay, or if there is you don't have to tell me."

"N-no," Isabella lied. I decided that it wasn't necessary for me to continue on with that conversation. Ferb came up behind me and showed me that Baljeet and Buford had just shown up. Smiling wide, I ran over to greet them with Isabella trailing silently behind me.

"Hey, guys!" I said, waving at them. "You're just in time!"

"For what? Dorks: The Ride?" Buford said flatly.

"Nah, we can do that tomorrow," I waved the comment away. Buford glowered at me. He hated how I could turn anything he said into something positive. "Today, though, we have a neon lights ride! And Ferb and I made cool outfits to wear under the neons so that we look awesome while we do it, too!"

"Hooray!" Baljeet exclaimed. "Neon is my favorite element on the Periodic Table next to the ever-handy hydrogen!"

"You're kidding me, right?" Buford frowned at him.

"No," Baljeet cowered.

"Hmm, neon's my second favorite, too," I encouraged him. "Right after zinc."

"I like uranium, myself," Ferb threw in.

"What about calcium?" Isabella chirped. "It's so useful, and it's in milk and broccoli. And now I'm thinking of cows."

"Broccoli makes you think of cows?" Buford asked, looking confused. "You guys are blowing my mind. Should I get here earlier or something? Did I miss another musical number by Clay Aiken?"

"Nope, I'm pretty sure he hasn't been by today," I shook my head. "You did miss an amazing performance by Bowling for Soup, though."

"That was our theme song, Phineas," Ferb pointed out.

"Oh, right!" I snapped my fingers in realization. "Well, you didn't miss much, then."

"I am tingling with excitement!" Baljeet changed the subject. "When do we get to ride this contraption?"

"Right now!" I told him. Ferb handed out the black suits that were covered with reflectors. "Here, put these on and we can get started!"

"Is this gonna make me look stupid?" Buford demanded.

"No, it's gonna make us look totally awesome!" I insisted. "When you stand under the neon lighting, the reflectors literally make you glow in the dark. Everything inside looks like the suits, except instead of reflector tape, it's neon lights. Suit up everybody!"

The entire gang cheered and they ran inside to change their clothes. Buford took the downstairs bathroom, Isabella took Candace's room, Baljeet claimed the upstairs bathroom, and Ferb and I went into our own room. We were lucky that Candace wasn't inside, because she would probably flip to know that our friend was in her room.

I ran out to the backyard first and waited for everyone else. I couldn't wait to get started with the ride- it was going to be awesome! Today was going to be a great day, and I knew it from the bottom of my heart. What I didn't know was what would happen once we found Perry…

:O who else is wondering what Phineas means by that last sentence? Well so do I because I don't even know yet!