Listening to a song with a lyric that can be Nepetized on endless repeat and this ensues. I don't own Dave Strider or Nepeta Leijon or Homestuck or any related characters. I don't own the song this is based off of.

All rights respectively go to Hussie and Cat Power.


arsenicCatnip [AC] has begun trolling turntechGodhead [TG] (idle for 27 minutes)
[AC] :33 come with me!
[AC] :33 my furrend!
[AC] :33 to my sea,
[AC] :33 where ships do sail!
[AC] :33 i want to tell you...
[AC] :33 how much...
[AC] :33 i ship you! :33
([TG] is no longer idle)
[TG] wait what
[TG] are you trying to hit on me or something
[TG] cause thats kinda creepy nepeta
[TG] especially since you ship me with like every living thing in this universe or the next
[TG] wait
[TG] thats what you meant isnt it
[AC] :33 do you remempurr?
[TG] remember what
[AC] :33 when we furst met?
[TG] barely. why?
[AC] :33 thats the day i knew you wurr all my pets! :33
[TG] this isn't in any way shape or form creepy
[AC] :33 i hope you know how much i ship you! :33
[TG] yes
[TG] i do
[TG] with like every single fucking person you know
[AC] :33 dave im trying to be sentimental here
[TG] its like a motherfucking ship party up in here
[AC] :33 makes it kinda hard when yurr acting like that
[TG] oh look a rock
[TG] lets ship it with dave
[TG] because he'll be down with it totally yeah
[TG] acting like what

[AC] has ceased pestering [TG].

[TG] nepeta did i say something wrong?

... wow unexpected fluff at the end I didn't plan it like that I swear to god.
Still cute as fuck though.
I had to write that because NOBODY WOULD RP WITH ME AS NEPETA.

Hope you liked =33
Also I don't know if the Greater than Less than signs that Nepeta uses as her prefix is still blocked on FFN. Haven't been posting anything recently =S

I love you guys but I'd love you more if you reviewed ;w;